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Re: Asif, Andrius, All: Important Issues, Different Timing

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Asif, Janet, Thank you for your letters. I look forward to reflecting and ongoing learning how to work together and organize a shared culture. Andrius
    Message 1 of 15 , Feb 1, 2008
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      Asif, Janet,
      Thank you for your letters.
      I look forward to reflecting and ongoing learning how to work together
      and organize a shared culture.

      asif.daya@... wrote:
      > Janet:
      > You are right. This should be aired after the conflict. I was just
      > angered by the statement that cut me down and had to respond. It was
      > part of a long e-mail buried within. Anyways - there is always tension
      > when a large group works and people are doing their best to assist and
      > it's all going so fast that it gets lost in the noise. We have been
      > having an extra huge amount of e-mail to contend with and there is a
      > lot going on - all for the betterment of Kenya and it's people. This
      > organization has done a lot of good for Kenyans.....and I am moved by
      > that.
      > We at TrainersPod are doing other projects in Kenya and they involve
      > using local NGOs and Churches etc. e.g We provide them with the latest
      > news so that they are aware where they need to go to get people that
      > are needy and using my connections at Hospitals and Pharmacies to get
      > them the right help. So our focus is very different. It was like when
      > I sent connections of a Hospital and a Pharmacy that Sam could get
      > to.....although he choose a different route. That's what TrainersPod
      > is involved in.
      > Asif
      > http://www.trainerspod.com/CMS
      > http://www.trainerspod.com/community
      > http://www.trainerspod.com/info
      > Please consider the environment before printing this message.
      > "In times of change, learners inherit the earth while the learned find
      > themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer
      > exists." - Eric Hoffer
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      > *From:* Janet Feldman [mailto:kaippg@...]
      > *Sent:* Friday, February 01, 2008 3:19 PM
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      > *Subject:* [holistichelping] Asif, Andrius, All: Important Issues,
      > Different Timing
      > Dear Asif, Andrius, and All,
      > This email exchange has somewhat "strayed" too--as did the letter
      > Andrius wrote to me--but I regard what is being said here as highly
      > relevant and important, though for a different time, when urgencies
      > have somewhat eased. It may be that a different context would be good
      > too, at least for some of the discussion.
      > Some of the issues being brought up I can relate to myself. We do need
      > to have some discussions about how our mutual work, time, energy, and
      > caring are framed, encouraged, tended, utilized, and acknowledged.
      > Some of the structural issues are crucial to our future as a large and
      > growing entity, one which encompasses both individual focus and group
      > endeavors.
      > As a woman and as a social activist who has long dreamed of and worked
      > in "alternative" settings, I find I am challenged by some of the way
      > our work is framed and structured. There are other concerns and
      > considerations too, and it would be good to air them.
      > In a strange but human way, some of what we are feeling and
      > experiencing is akin to what is happening in Kenya. This is the
      > territory of conflict, which can yield "opportunity" as well as "risk".
      > Thanks very much for the wonderful work everyone is doing, and
      > blessings to you all! Janet
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      > *Subject:* RE: [holistichelping] Re: Janet, may I call you? My story
      > Andrius:
      > This communication could have been done privately, but you did not
      > want it, and besides I found you speaking ill of me in a section
      > to Janet, I could NOT find that e-mail that it was taken out from,
      > hence, it must have been a private e-mail.
      > I have my own business to run and can not do your leadership for
      > you. But when you say that you had to take it on your own since I
      > provided no ideas of worth, that is when one becomes defensive of
      > what they have contributed, and not for credit as you indicate.
      > That must be made very clear. I have dealt with organizations in
      > Kenya and it does not take the amount of money you are spilling in
      > - you have no idea of the cost of living in Kenya.....and what it
      > takes to encourage people to get things done there. So I would
      > stop as soon as possible to compare leadership styles.......yes,
      > you have one, and I have a different perspective. I have and
      > always will credit your organization - that is the people that
      > make up the organization for the fine work they have done. I did
      > not take on this project since I have matters going on from
      > TrainersPod. Hence, I hate being the subject of your e-mail where
      > you describe what a wonderful job you have done but at the expense
      > of cutting me down. If you want to pat yourself on the back - go
      > ahead - but don't try to cut me down in the process. As for not
      > offering Elluminate - it was a matter of the contract being made
      > available - and that is between me and Pamela.
      > Asif
      > http://www.trainerspod.com/CMS <http://www.trainerspod.com/CMS>
      > http://www.trainerspod.com/community
      > <http://www.trainerspod.com/community>
      > http://www.trainerspod.com/info <http://www.trainerspod.com/info>
      > Please consider the environment before printing this message.
      > "In times of change, learners inherit the earth while the learned
      > find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no
      > longer exists." - Eric Hoffer
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      > *From:* Andrius Kulikauskas [mailto:ms@...]
      > *Sent:* Friday, February 01, 2008 5:12 AM
      > *To:* holistichelping@yahoogroups.com
      > *Subject:* [holistichelping] Re: Janet, may I call you? My story
      > I reply to Asif, but otherwise it's not a very important letter. It's
      > tangential. Andrius
      > ----------------------------------------------------------
      > Asif,
      > Yes I also recommend collecting cell phones. Who would like to do
      > that?
      > It's a great example of an independent project that one can do at
      > their
      > own pace, have a wonderful impact one month from now, and not have to
      > worry about the immediate day, who is going to be killed or saved.
      > Asif, we have been caring about the "invisible folks" since early on.
      > Indeed, since we started working with Samwel Kongere. They are the
      > end
      > recipients of the help that goes out. We have participants who are
      > transporting refugees, feeding them, delivering food to the rural
      > areas.
      > I estimate that for about 10,000 USD we have organized and
      > provided some
      > resources for at least 100 peacemakers. We have a list of
      > telephones at
      > http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?HelpKenyans
      > <http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?HelpKenyans> of at least 70
      > people who
      > have understood the point of the Pyramid of Peace and I am sure there
      > are more. I imagine each of them as involving perhaps 10 people to
      > whom
      > they send airtime or of whom they ask for help for local projects,
      > surely this is how it's done in formal or informal organizations like
      > REPACTED, Nafsi Afrika Acrobats, Uyoga, ACTWID KONGADZEM. And when
      > you
      > count everybody who got a meal or a ride or attended a community
      > theater
      > event that got them through the day after they had been traumatized,
      > surely it is 10,000 people or more. Surely every person loved
      > radiates
      > that out to 10 people or so, and that's reenforced by the news that's
      > carried by the radio shows or the people who rode on the roads we
      > freed
      > but especially the word-of-mouth networks, maybe we touched 100,000
      > people, and the gift of our love grows as we pass it onward. It's a
      > tangible percentage of the 300,000 who have been displaced. And it's
      > among the most vulnerable that we are reaching if you consider
      > that we
      > are organizing road trips to the Kalenjin areas or to Naivasha
      > where we
      > are often the first to go, we are their "first impression" of the
      > help
      > they might receive, and when you consider that our distribution
      > decisions are made locally by people who have always worked with
      > fewer
      > resources than they merit.
      > Asif, you imply that the money we go is used by our leaders. I have a
      > cruel streak by which I give them just enough so they would have the
      > strength to give to others. They have placed their lives at risk,
      > have
      > lost brothers, have risked their homes, have been robbed of their
      > phones
      > and cameras, have neglected care for their own health, have surely
      > eaten
      > irregularly because I know that I have. I also have a pious streak
      > whereby I don't touch money that isn't meant for me and so
      > typically I
      > end up absorbing the Western Union fees or part of them. I am a giver
      > of first resort and last resort. Do you think our leaders are any
      > different? That is why I have to command them to use a decent portion
      > for themselves, and in that sense I am a commander. I can't
      > imagine how
      > we could be distributing better and why would anybody listen to
      > you or
      > me or anybody on this matter except as we are able to show that by
      > our
      > example. I read in your sentences a lack of empathy for me and
      > others.
      > If you loved me, then you would command me to get more sleep and find
      > more money for myself, and not haunt me with "invisible folks".
      > That's
      > why we publish phone numbers, so that nobody is invisible, or at
      > least,
      > we keep getting closer to them.
      > Here is how I think life works in Kenya, even though I have never
      > been
      > there. I believe that when we rally around Samwel Kongere, we lift
      > his
      > entire village, even his island. Hundreds of people benefit from his
      > good health. If anything should happen to him, then it would be a
      > calamity to his region. Surely he has a churchful of people
      > praying for
      > him. These are the invisible folks who I imagine.
      > By definition, Minciu Sodas serves the independent thinkers, the
      > people
      > who are pushed aside by the system, who are the marginalized, the
      > isolated, the excluded. Just look around. Who do you think we
      > identify
      > with? Samwel was an "unemployed volunteer" when we came to know
      > him. I
      > know several for whom that expression spoke a lot about his mind, his
      > heart, his soul and his circumstance.
      > Asif, I think at the heart of this is that you want some kind of
      > credit. I understand that feeling. I give you credit for establishing
      > Trainerspod and for dedicating your life to staying connected to
      > Kenya
      > and not letting Kenyans be abandoned by the rest of the world. Yet
      > you
      > seek credit for an idea. An idea is like a seed, it is dead by
      > itself,
      > and has trillions of copies that are basically the same, and most of
      > them stay dead. The wind scatters them and who is the one who
      > cares to
      > count which exactly was the seed that sprouted? Can't all the seeds
      > rejoice together? Isn't the glory to the wind that placed them? I
      > know
      > the wish for credit, it is perhaps healthy. I asked Rachel, when you
      > went to Naivasha with your team and engaged the Mungiki, did anybody
      > else help? Who do we share credit with for our victory? We must be
      > sure to credit them. And she said there was nobody else. We know who
      > did it: her team, the Mungikis, her local contacts in Naivasha,
      > and all
      > of us together. And we know it is true because Dennis rode safely to
      > Nairobi when just shortly before he had to consider so many costly
      > alternative routes. We didn't raise money for a helicopter ride for
      > Dennis, and we didn't raise money to save Ron Odhiambo's house. We
      > raised money to talk to the Mungikis and share it with them and their
      > "invisible folks". And I sent the story to dozens of journalists
      > in the
      > world and in Lithuania, and thousands of people, but it didn't get
      > picked up.
      > I will share my story how our distribution system got started. We
      > got a
      > letter from Jackton Arija that his family was without food. And what
      > could we do? My mind churned and churned. The logic was pretty simple
      > - 1) we were able to send money to Dennis in Nakuru, 2) I think he
      > had
      > mentioned that he was sending airtime to others, 3) which reminded
      > me of
      > a post back from 2005 by Earl Mardle:
      > http://www.kn.com.au/networks/2005/11/time_is_money.html
      > <http://www.kn.com.au/networks/2005/11/time_is_money.html>
      > "The latest wrinkles come via Andrius Kulikauskas and the folks at
      > Cyfranogi We see the emergence of a mobile derived electronic
      > currency
      > in Malawi where mobile phones are already must-have devices."
      > Which is
      > to say, "emergency community currency" has been on our minds for some
      > time at our laboratory's working group Cyfranogi led by John Rogers.
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cyfranogi/
      > <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cyfranogi/> John created a currency as
      > part of his post-tsunami relief work in Sri Lanka, and Stephen
      > DeMeulenaere worked on that as well, and Kevin Parcell has dedicated
      > enormous energy to such a concept
      > http://homepage.mac.com/forever.net/
      > <http://homepage.mac.com/forever.net/>
      > So it was a natural conclusion 1-2-3 for me to explain to Dennis that
      > "hey, Jackton can trade cell phone minutes for food". It's natural
      > but
      > as I have found in speaking with Kenyans, it needs to be explained to
      > people because most of us, even in Kenya, aren't used to thinking as
      > traders. Asif, it's strange for me that you want credit for this
      > idea.
      > It's the kind of idea that I was hoping you would lead us with, but I
      > had to take the lead myself. So what if you came up with it? Where
      > were you?
      > Asif, I spent an hour and a half writing this letter. Is that how you
      > want me to spend my time? And many people are spending time reading
      > this letter, including people in Kenya. But I hope it gives a glimpse
      > of how I think things happen.
      > Asif, please give us the best of what you have. Please write about
      > your
      > deepest value in life, please write about the quetions you would
      > like to
      > find answers to, please write about what you would like to achieve.
      > This would give for us a great unity that I know lurks within you and
      > that we would benefit from.
      > Yesterday I spent all day centered around the chat event which Pamela
      > set up. It went very well. Really it happened because of my interest
      > to honor your work with Pamela and support that. The Elluminate
      > meeting
      > never happened, but we did what we could and it went well. Please
      > dedicate yourself to helping me likewise. Or please focus on the
      > heart
      > that you have to offer, and cultivating your endeavors from start to
      > finish, rather than asking for credit for scattered ideas at a
      > laboratory where they are free for the taking, and which aren't
      > exactly
      > brilliant, either.
      > Asif, please let us know what you would like achieve and how we
      > can help
      > you.
      > Andrius
      > Andrius Kulikauskas
      > Minciu Sodas
      > http://www.ms.lt <http://www.ms.lt>
      > ms@... <mailto:ms%40ms.lt>
      > +370 699 30003
      > Vilnius, Lithuania
      > asif.daya@... <mailto:asif.daya%40trainerspod.com> wrote:
      > > Andrius:
      > >
      > > I still recommend that we collect cell phones to send as many don't
      > > have it and that way the money can be distributed to the poor via
      > > these cell phones. The money is only reaching those that have the
      > > money to buy a cell phone or a computer, but not those that eat out
      > > of their huts and raise their own food. Where there is only a
      > child in
      > > the family taking care of another child as is evident in HIV/AIDS
      > > family homes. These are the people you have missed through your
      > > system. Your system although as I have told you has done a lot
      > of good
      > > it has not been able to help the absolutely helpless. These people
      > > live in shanty towns and miss meals. They are the ones that need
      > the
      > > most help. I am not condemning anyone for their work - the work has
      > > been excellent, but please do not forget the invisible folks.
      > >
      > > Asif
      > >
      > > http://www.trainerspod.com/CMS <http://www.trainerspod.com/CMS>
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      > >
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      > >
      > >
      > > "In times of change, learners inherit the earth while the
      > learned find
      > > themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer
      > > exists." - Eric Hoffer
      > >
      > >
      > >
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      > > *Subject:* RE: [holistichelping] Re: Janet, may I call you? My story
      > >
      > > Andrius:
      > >
      > > I suggested we send cell phones since we had heard that one was
      > stolen
      > > from our Kenyan colleague and I was hearing stories of such.
      > They get
      > > stolen since they have "money" in them. We all have 2-3 cell phones
      > > laying around, as we change subscribers. The leadership role was
      > ran
      > > by you since you knew the players - I don't know the names of
      > ALL our
      > > colleagues and their e-mails as they are BCC:D. I suggested that we
      > > have money sent via Mama Mikes that could be exchanged for other
      > > favors. That key role was taken by you as you put out your
      > e-mail as
      > > to where you wanted the money mailed to - so I could not do
      > anything
      > > about it. So, I am sorry that my leadership never materialized -
      > and I
      > > left it to the outcome of providing suggestions rather than telling
      > > people what to do. You also did not allow me to say that it was
      > best
      > > if you ran the role since you have the dataset of people and who
      > knows
      > > whom and you wanted to collect the monies.
      > >
      > > Asif
      > >
      > > http://www.trainerspod.com/CMS <http://www.trainerspod.com/CMS>
      > <http://www.trainerspod.com/CMS <http://www.trainerspod.com/CMS>>
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      > > Please consider the environment before printing this message.
      > >
      > >
      > > "In times of change, learners inherit the earth while the
      > learned find
      > > themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer
      > > exists." - Eric Hoffer
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      > > *Subject:* [holistichelping] Re: Janet, may I call you? My story
      > >
      > > I wrote a bit more to another group and I add that below. I
      > think you
      > > can understand that it is so strange to live in one's own world,
      > like
      > > our lab, and then in this other supposedly real world, which
      > just seems
      > > more and more contrived. I guess there is beauty in that.
      > >
      > > Rachel, Ken, David, Dennis and all our Kenyan leaders, I
      > realized what
      > > to say to you: Please let us know how we can serve you. Lead us with
      > > your answer. Minciu Sodas is a laboratory for serving and organizing
      > > independent thinkers. Andrius
      > >
      > > ----------------------------------------
      > >
      > > I share a letter which I just wrote to Janet Feldman and our Kenyan
      > > leaders at our Minciu Sodas laboratory. This last month we have
      > worked
      > > nonstop, raised $10,000 of mostly our own money, and distributed
      > it I
      > > estimate to probably about 100 peacemakers, 1,000 volunteers and
      > 10,000
      > > victims. We have shifted focus perhaps a dozen times to cast out any
      > > inklings towards genocide and we have achieved what no
      > government may
      > > not even be able to do, which is to win the hopes of the
      > Mungikis and
      > > open the roads. Dennis Kimambo rode safely today from Nakuru to
      > Nairobi,
      > > there were no roadblocks. I see among us the inspiring genius of
      > > Founding Fathers-Mothers-Sisters-Brothers and I have enjoyed a
      > turn at
      > > playing General Washington at the computer. We took the
      > opportunity to
      > > prevent a Rwandan-style genocide. We have the chance to organize a
      > > national government, for example, by simply asking, In these
      > days, Who
      > > has "worked for free"? Who has called for peace? Who was publicly
      > > available? We can set the culture for an entire country. Maybe not
      > > now, but maybe someday. We are believers because we have seen.
      > Knock,
      > > knock! We are coming to your neighborhood. Better yet, come to ours.
      > > Andrius
      > >
      > > --------------------------------------------
      > >
      > > Andrius Kulikauskas wrote:
      > > > Janet if you are around in the next hour or so I would gladly
      > > strategize
      > > > with you regarding the next month or so. We had a good chat
      > today with
      > > > Rachel, Ken, David present and I was emboldened to say we might
      > > together
      > > > seek $100,000 to distribute this month. They are interested to
      > approach
      > > > Safaricom which makes a lot of sense because I suspect they
      > can "print"
      > > > that airtime at almost no cost to them and no loss to traffic,
      > either,
      > > > because these are volunteers calling volunteers, enemies calling
      > > > enemies, etc. not the usual calls anybody would make.
      > > >
      > > > I'm thinking about my own role - both as a strategy leader and
      > as a
      > > fund
      > > > organizer - and the basis for any such role (Kenyan based or
      > outside
      > > > based) and the governance mechanism for our pyramid. The current
      > > > arrangement is unusual but there is something extremely
      > effective about
      > > > it, too. I suppose it would be good to separate the person
      > (Andrius)
      > > > from the role (leader) and then have a reasoning why the
      > person has
      > > that
      > > > role.
      > > >
      > > > I am delighted by our Kenyan leaders, both those whose great
      > stature
      > > has
      > > > made itself evident, and those who have risen to the
      > occassion, and
      > > > likewise all around the world who have come together as one
      > family.
      > > > Pamela McLean is collecting our stories. My own personal story
      > is that,
      > > > thanks to us all, I have had the chance to contribute many of the
      > > skills
      > > > I have fostered at various times in my life, as if they found
      > their
      > > > purpose these days. As a youth, I was an expert chess player,
      > and when
      > > > I lived with my grandmother, I became skilled at engaging
      > gangs. I feel
      > > > engaged as a strategic leader, which is the role that I originally
      > > > intended for Asif when we faced the media blackout because of his
      > > > extensive knowledge of the Kenyan reality. I woke up and he
      > had not
      > > > proceeded, so I realized I must take charge myself. I immediately
      > > > dispatched money to Davis Weddi in Uganda and Kiyavilo Msekwa in
      > > > Tanzania and with that I started our operations. Later that
      > day I spoke
      > > > with Asif and asked him, what can we do to help? and his
      > suggestion was
      > > > that we collect used cellphones in the US and ship them to
      > Kenya. At
      > > > that moment I concluded that probably most people lack a focus
      > on the
      > > > logic of immediate solutions. I think I have taken a role that
      > was open
      > > > to take, and I have played with gusto, and best of all, I have
      > > shared it
      > > > with everybody I can, so that we have all gotten a taste of
      > it, which
      > > > delights my soul, this banquet. I have taken responsibility
      > myself to
      > > > confer with others to reevaluate our situation from scratch
      > every few
      > > > days, to reorder our priorities, and to marshal resources -
      > usually our
      > > > very own - to make the decisive moves while staying one with
      > all. My
      > > > story is the dozen or so letters I wrote by which I led
      > openly. I am
      > > > actually happy to relinquish that role, it is a good one.
      > > >
      > > > I am blessed that our Kenyan leaders have achieved great
      > victories. My
      > > > own failure or challenge is to engage the real enemy which is the
      > > status
      > > > quo. I can see and you can see the miracles that we have
      > witnessed.
      > > > But others can't see them. They can see the road that is
      > blocked, but
      > > > they can't see the road that was opened. Welcome to the
      > invisible world.
      > > >
      > > > You know and I know that we could rule a small planet like
      > this as a
      > > > paradise, an orchard of thoughts planted by God and cared for
      > by us.
      > > > You and I know that among us are leaders who can be, could be or
      > > will be
      > > > Presidents of Kenya - and there can be many - of a caliber
      > there may
      > > not
      > > > yet have been. We are today the Presidents of Kenya, a Kingdom of
      > > > Heaven, where what you believe is what happens.
      > > >
      > > > I don't think the Mungikis will disappoint us. I think we may
      > > > disappoint them. I think that the status quo can't be happy
      > with the
      > > > consequences of our work. I don't think they will fund us or
      > support
      > > > us, but I wish they would. I don't have the skill or the keys
      > to unlock
      > > > the many locks. I don't even know if it is possible for a good
      > person
      > > > to pry open those doors.
      > > >
      > > > I invite us to consider this as the first steps on the ground of a
      > > > twenty year journey to remake our world in the spirit that we live
      > > > today. I encourage us to dare to play an ever more serious
      > game, draw
      > > > an ever more serious picture, because we can. I am sorry to
      > think that
      > > > too soon we will lose, we will hit a wall or a ceiling, we will be
      > > > repelled, we will fall away. I am sorry to know that the good
      > spirit of
      > > > Lithuania's independence movement is a faint sigh. I am sorry
      > to say
      > > > that the America I grew up in is a distant place. I thank you for
      > > > lifting my heart and I listen to you for the pace at which I
      > should
      > > > beat. We have sprinted, and we will march a long ways, and as
      > I lead
      > > > our Minciu Sodas laboratory I will add our drum.
      > > >
      > > > I am glad you are in unity. I am excited to hear from your
      > spirit, the
      > > > prayer of your intentions.
      > > >
      > > > Janet, I have started by writing to you, but have drifted to
      > writing to
      > > > our Kenyans and all of us, as that is what's on my heart that
      > I would
      > > > share with you, and care to hear your thoughts. I appreciate your
      > > > recent letters which are so measured that I see in them your
      > > > investigatory mind. That is another, longstanding reason to
      > call, which
      > > > is to encourage you to take a deeper step and engage us in
      > your growth
      > > > ongoing. I think in these days we've all matured to treasure that.
      > > >
      > > > I'm still up for a bit if you are around.
      > > >
      > > > Andrius
      > > >
      > > > Andrius Kulikauskas
      > > > Minciu Sodas
      > > > http://www.ms.lt <http://www.ms.lt> <http://www.ms.lt
      > <http://www.ms.lt>>
      > > > ms@... <mailto:ms%40ms.lt> <mailto:ms%40ms.lt>
      > > > +370 699 30003
      > > > Vilnius, Lithuania
      > > >
      > >
      > >
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