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  • Kennedy Owino
    Find the the attached press release, and give in comments asap, before we publish it Tommorow Saturday. Ken owino ... Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2008
      Find the the attached press release, and give in comments asap, before we publish it Tommorow Saturday.
      Ken owino

      Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.
    • Andrius Kulikauskas
      Welcome to all leaders of Pyramid of Peace! Please join Janet Feldman s working group Holistic Helping http://groups.yahoo.com/group/holistichelping/ which is
      Message 2 of 2 , Feb 1, 2008
        Welcome to all leaders of Pyramid of Peace! Please join Janet Feldman's
        working group Holistic Helping
        http://groups.yahoo.com/group/holistichelping/ which is the center for
        our online work. Send a blank message to

        Kennedy Owino and all, I'm very happy with your press release. You've
        written a clear and bold statement. (Thank you, John Barbieri, for
        grammatical edits, they would help, too.) Also, I'm glad you have
        included leaders and telephone numbers. You are well organized.

        Rachel, have you heard any news from Wesley Chirchir? and the roadblocks
        near Eldoret? any progress reaching the youth there?

        I didn't see Wesley or anybody on the list from Eldoret. Is that an
        oversight or are you not in touch? I think it's crucial to show that we
        are inclusive and successful at that, as we are, but especially because
        the Kalenjin are key here. "Love your enemy" has us be extremely
        flexible. If now the Mungiki in Naivasha are our friends, then we must
        embrace the Kalenjins at Eldoret and honor them and understand why they
        might want to free the roadblocks there. Also, we certainly differ in
        many ways, but it's essential to include all who have contributed, as
        Wesley did with the roadtrip with Rono, or to discuss any problems so we
        can learn.

        Wesley, I hope you are well and please write!


        Andrius Kulikauskas
        Pyramid of Peace http://www.pyramidofpeace.net
        Minciu Sodas http://www.ms.lt ms@... +370 699 30003

        1st Feburuary 2008
        Posted to the Nation media
        Nairobi, Kenya

        Since the elections took place, violence has claimed hundreds of Kenyan
        lives and displaced hundreds of thousands from their homes.

        This press release carries a statement from the Naivasha Youths gathered
        in a meeting facilitated by a number of Kenyan Youth Organizations all
        united under the umbrella of “PYRAMID OF PEACE”
        Pyramid Of Peace (P.O.P) was an idea conceptualized after the post
        election turmoil that erupted in Kenya.

        It was thought by independent thinkers through their online networking
        forum called Minciu Sodas laboratory (M.S.L) http://www.ms.lt

        The idea initially was to send phone airtime to affected Kenyan M.S.L
        participants which they could later trade for food, cash, medicines and
        other necessities.

        Later as the network grew the idea further developed into sharing the
        airtime with others who were equally affected, and also encouraging
        sharing between the fighting communities in the spirit of “embracing
        ones enemy”

        The P.O.P leaders in Kenya have visited Eldoret, Nakuru, and Naivasha
        areas affected by the crisis despite the insecurity to meet their fellow


        Do a fact finding and reality check, and dialogue on an active non
        violence with the victims and with the real fighters unleashing terror.
        Youths are being used in the violence.

        Below is the statement from the Kikuyu youths from Naivasha.

        They are willing to negotiate for Peace and Justice and to show this
        commitment, they agreed to unblock the roads from 30th February and for
        the next 7days with request that;
        * Kalenjin youths should desist from violence immediately
        * Rift valley leaders to go back to the ground and talk to their
        constituents on what exactly devolution of power means.
        * There is no justice in causing injustice to others (killing innocent
        people, arson, and terror )
        * Willing for dialogue between Kikuyus and the Kalenjins.
        * The leaders of Kenya should recognize the youths in leadership and
        involve them in decision making.

        P.OP is requesting leaders concerned to stop saying that they are going
        to go to the ground. We have taken the initiative and risked our lives
        on voluntary basis to reach out to the fighters and the affected who are
        all willing to dialogue.

        Our leaders, please go to the ground, talk while walking, and also
        support peace initiatives on the ground.
        Kenyans, please embrace your own enemy, and put Humanity before politics.

        The Pyramid Of Peace Kenyan leaders who are drawn from various Youth
        organizations all connected together by the online forum, and their cell
        phones include;

        Rachael Wambui 0721626389 Voluntary Youth Philanthropists-Nairobi
        Kennedy Owino 0723568251 Nafsi Afrika Acrobats-Nairobi
        Dennis Kimambo 0722388275 REPACTED/ACTALIVE- Nakuru
        David .N. Mutua 0720462559 CAWD - Kenya/ Returned VSO Volunteer- Nairobi
        Samuel Kongere 0725600439 Udogo Youth Development Group-Mbita
        Tom Ochuka 0725678641 Deaf Impact Ministry-Kisumu
        Edwin Nyandisi 0722587836 Voluntary Youth Philanthropists-Nairobi
        Richard Kipore Rono 0723732617 Volunteer Elder-Kuresoi
        Perpetual Warutere 0720737693 Volunteer V.Y.P -Nairobi
        Charles Kilel 0727-281419 Volunteer Elder
        Collins Oduor 0721-637457 REPACTED - Nakuru
        Esther Ogema 0722-211126 REPACTED - Nakuru
        Ronald Odhiambo 0722-240088 Saint Egidio_ Nakuru
        Dorcas Wairimu 0727156557 Red cross volunteer
        Emmanuel Were 0721938340 Nandi hills youth group-
        Jacktone Arija 0724167280 Udogo Youth Development Group-Mbita
        Hannington Onyango 0721533985 Voluntary Youth Philanthropists-Nairobi
        Ronald Omondi 0722480811 Nyando District Youth initiative/ACTALIVE- Nyando

        For further information, link up on http://www.pyramidofpeace.net
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