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  • David mutua
    Charity for African Welfare and Development (CAWD)
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2008
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      Charity for African Welfare and Development (CAWD)

      CAWD is a 21st century charity registered in the UK under registration No. 1104228, her work is rooted in rural Nigeria and Kenya, which is developing through the information communication potential of the Internet, that is based on cross-cultural collaboration.

      CAWD Kenya

      CAWD in Kenya is developing Community Learning, Information and Communication Centre (CLICC) Programme, This initiative has developed over years through learned experiences (Knowledge acquired) and passion by the initiator (David N. Mutua) at the time he worked in Nigeria as a VSO volunteer/Project Manager with Oke Ogun Community Development Network (OCDN) and a Project Manager with Fantsuam Foundation http://www.fantsuam.org under CAWD Nigeria National Coordinator, he helped in establishing several Community Learning Centres in rural communities in Nigeria that are facilitating ICT enabled community development and education projects, example is the Commonwealth of Learning - Canada http://www.col.org funded project in Ago-Are and Fantsuam Foundation Community Learning centres these are “Answering Farmers’ Needs in Nigeria: A demand –driven information system for life-long learning and improved food and livelihood security” (for more information see http://www.farmersneeds.org and Solar Cooking in Rural Nigeria respectively.

      Vision: - ICT – enabled development and education through sharing and building information and knowledge in Kenya.

      Goal: - The CAWD Kenya CLICC Programme main objective is to develop sustainable Human capacity development and economic empowerment through use of modern ICT’s by developing environment or structures that enable access to timely and relevant information, formal or informal learning/education opportunities for career development, live skills acquisition and business opportunities that would enable these rural Kenyan communities compete globally.  


      David N. Mutua
      CAWD - Kenya/ Returned VSO Volunteer,
      ICT4D and Education Consultant.
      Tel: +254 720 462 559
      E-mail: david@... or davenzainga@...

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