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Re: Jeff-Sam (proposal)/Benoit-Andrius: thanks for the notes! (Cameroon-Kenya-Tanzania...Zimbabwe, Uganda, Zambia, India!!!)

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  • Benoit
    Dear Janet, Tthe State of Prayer is with you to go on as an arrow from God, pointing us all to where we need to be....all blessings be with you and above
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 5, 2006
      Dear Janet,

      "Tthe State of Prayer" is with you to go on as an arrow from God,
      pointing us all to where we need to be....all blessings be with you
      and above all, safety and personal joy from deep within, throughout
      your month offline. I look forward to hear of your experience!

      ...with love...

      --- In holistichelping@yahoogroups.com, "Janet Feldman" <kaippg@...>
      > Dear Jeff, Sam, Andrius, Benoit, and All,
      > Hello and great to see your posts! I wanted to acknowledge them
      now, and hope to respond more fully within the week, before I take
      the rest of August for offline activities. I've been working on
      International AIDS Conference preps (that conference starting in abt
      a week) and to beat a few other deadlines, so apologies for any
      delays in my "uptake".
      > Jeff and Sam, I think Sam needs to look at what you sent--your
      suggestions--and see how he wants to proceed, based on them. I agree
      with you abt starting more small-scale, with one learning center,
      while "thinking big(ger)", in terms of a longer-term vision for how
      this one center can extend its reach and help more people and
      communities accordingly.
      > The bottom line is to work towards getting this set up. So where
      will the equipment come from, what kinds are needed, and other such
      questions are important now to ask.
      > You have mentioned COL in your other note, Jeff, and I looked at
      their site to see if they have grant opportunities listed. They
      actually do not, which I find a little surprising, as I thought they
      held the COL-Protein contest yearly. Perhaps they are in the process
      of getting the info on that up (I think proposals were or are due in
      December), or perhaps they are not funding new projects at this
      time. I will write to Krishna (Dr. Krishna Alluri, an education and
      food-security specialist at COL) who is working with GRASSUP--
      sometime this month--and ask him. I do think that the ideas you have
      for Kibera would fit with COL's mission, though I believe COL has
      focused more on rural than urban development. Nonetheless, I'm sure
      COL understands the importance of addressing development in one of
      the world's largest slums, so hope they would consider funding a
      > Benoit, thanks so much for your ever-present spirit and
      encouragement, and for linking us to Helen (hello Helen, and so
      happy you met the marvelous Maria!). And greatest appreciation to
      Andrius for your welcoming, caring note to our friends in Cameroon,
      Tanzania, and Kenya! I plan to write, and hopefully make some
      linkages between, all of these wonderful folks, as well as Charles
      in Uganda, Masimba in Zimbabwe, and Jinan in India, among others.
      > I do hope Tom Ochuka of Deaf Impact Ministries will join us here,
      though he may not have the box capability to handle regular mails
      from the forums. In any case, I will discuss this with him, and it
      would be great if people in the forums have ideas to address the
      kind of situation he describes. These are very tough cases he is
      posting about, and it's hard to know what to do that will be
      sustainable, especially without regular infusions of funding. But we
      have some brilliant brains here, so hope we can figure something out!
      > Tom himself needs help re communications for and with people who
      are deaf. He has mentioned several types of things, including a
      learning center, learning materials specifically geared towards the
      particular needs of those who are deaf, and making videos so that
      people understand what it is like to be deaf in Kenya, and also as a
      way for the Deaf to communicate with the hearing world (and get them
      to "hear" the message!). Andrius, we have discussed flash cards for
      literacy (something visual, which is helpful), and there are ICTs-
      related measures which might address some of these needs, so working
      on those possibilities is a start.
      > With greatest thanks and all best wishes and blessings, Janet
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