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Re: [holistichelping] Re: URGENT: Ken, David, Andrius, All//Warden Sheltering 800+ People of All Ethnicities Needs Help

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  • Denis Kimambo
    Hi All I jst seen this mail and called william Kimosop he is happy to have received credit and would like more i have talked to the chief there also and this
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 1, 2008
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      Hi All
      I jst seen this mail and called william Kimosop he is happy to have received credit and would like more i have talked to the chief there also and this is his number +254720 812855 they are extremly happy, RedCross has reached them and they have been given 40 bags of food, just a quick update.
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      Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:
      Janet, I spoke with William Kimosop. Thank you for bringing this to us.

      William said the people are all out of danger now. They managed to walk
      away in groups from the area. He said it would be helpful if we sent
      some air time, 5,000 Ksh or 10,000 Ksh (about $100 or $200). I ask our
      Kenyan leaders to send at least 1,000 Ksh and to contact him. He
      doesn't have email, but perhaps we can work together. They are in the
      eastern side of the Rift Valley.

      Andrius Kuilkauskas, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms. lt, ms@..., +370 699

      Janet Feldman wrote:
      > Dear Friends,
      > A friend in the Kenya Sistahs organization (Boston) sent me this
      > today. Does anyone know how to reach the Kenya Red Cross directly, or
      > the UN in Nairobi? William's phone is listed, so I wonder if we can
      > call (Ken, David?). I thought I'd try to send him some airtime, and
      > can do the same for whoever reaches and talks with him.
      > I'm tracking down some possible leads on the Red Cross now, but if any
      > of you know someone he can call who could provide help, please let
      > us--and William--know.
      > Thanks so much and blessings to all, Janet
      > ps Andrius, thanks for your lovely note! I am just getting back
      > online after a couple hrs away, and will respond later if I can...on a
      > call, how abt tomorrow or Sat? That would be great!!
      > William Kimosop is the Warden for Bogoria and all the surrounding
      > areas and he has spent the last two days trying to get people to
      > safety. He now has 865 people of all ethnic groups from the Solai area
      > hiding in a ravine where he is trying by himself to protect them.
      > Three babies have been born in the last few days and there is no food
      > and water. He
      > needs UN help urgently!
      > He himself is feeling threatened to the point where he has had to
      > remove his government number plates off his car for
      > fear of attack. His telephone number is 0720 317 760. William is
      > reluctant to report it to the police or army because he feels they are
      > now divided in that area and he does not want to report it to someone
      > on the "wrong" side. He has tried the Red Cross who are overstretched
      > and cannot help him for some time.
      > If this is not your area please could you forward this information
      > onto the right department or person? Or have someone contact William.
      > With thanks and best wishes,
      > Mia Collis
      > Viewfinders Ltd
      > P.O. Box 14098, Nairobi, 00800, Kenya

      PO BOX 13361 20100

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