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Re: SPAM-LOW: [holistichelping] Response to Jeff and Sam/proposal development

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  • Jeff Buderer
    Samwel, Janet, Just as follow up on this. I sent both of you a version of the proposal several weeks. Possibly we should consider how we now stand in regards
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 5, 2006
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      Samwel, Janet,

      Just as follow up on this. I sent both of you a version of the proposal
      several weeks. Possibly we should consider how we now stand in regards
      to this proposal.

      I also identified areas where I thought the report needed to be improved.


      > Dear Jeff and All,
      > Great to see all of the posts during the past few days, and to "meet"
      > new people who will add so much to these discussions and our activities!
      > What you have suggested below is very important, ie that there needs
      to be
      > a plan, both a "business" plan and a "processing" plan. Sam does have a
      > good start at a proposal, by which I mean a statement of the needs of his
      > community and area which his plan is meant to address, and a first
      draft on
      > the goals and visions. This we have edited and Sam has indicated he will
      > have a budget soon.
      > Kennedy, myself, you, and others have a good deal of experience abt the
      > other issues and items which need to be addressed, and in fact in GRASSUP
      > alone we have a good model--as well as idea of the challenges and
      > which need answering--for a possible way to approach this particular
      > project (ie re processing and also proposal formulation and
      > I love the idea of OVF becoming involved in the set-up of a learning
      > ("Unity Center") in Mbita--you have roots in that area anyway, due to
      > previous work with CISSO--and Sam has conceptualized his project as a
      > possible model for other parts of Kenya, or first of a number of such
      > centers, so that's a great fit re establishing a "series" of Unity
      > This could be linked to what you hope to do in other areas and on other
      > subjects: in Kibera, Ogiek, and elsewhere. And possibly w/regard to
      > GRASSUP too.
      > Sam, how abt sending Jeff your proposal, or I can do that, with the one I
      > have. And then thinking-discussing-acting on your questions and the way
      > forward from there. What is needed to set up such a center, and then the
      > crafts business Sam envisions? Since this is a big project--one with
      > several or many parts--where is starting point? I agree that there are
      > some "pre-cursors" which need to happen before a proposal is
      developed and
      > plans turn into on-the-ground realities.
      > However, there are also things which can happen in tandem, ie working out
      > "who does what" while the concrete realities are developing on the
      > So, for instance, you don't have to answer all of the questions which
      > come up re administration before you would get some computers and start
      > getting a basic set-up together (in fact, getting some of the latter in
      > place might be incentive to address all of the other questions and keep
      > going). However, before you are able to fully implement your project,
      > clearly more processing will be needed.
      > In other words, at every step along the way, there is an evolution
      and fit
      > between "thought" and "action", "administration" and "project
      > and the like. GRASSUP is a good example: we had several months of prelim
      > discussions and developed a concrete proposal, then took a small
      > chunk--identified as Phase 1--in which we attempted to accomplish certain
      > pieces, meanwhile working out some of the administration and other issues
      > we encountered along the way. We were given some funding and other
      > resources--after those few months of prelim--to get the ball rolling on
      > concrete actions. And then, when Phase 1 ended, we evaluated our progress
      > (and were evaluated by others too), and have made adjustments within the
      > context of negotiating about Phase 2 (yet to be concluded).
      > With all best wishes and excitement abt the future, and look forward to
      > further processing and plans put into action! Janet
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      > From: Jeff Buderer
      > To: holistichelping@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: 6/19/2006 11:37:13 AM
      > Subject: Re: [holistichelping] Know
      > Sam,
      > I am preceeding here in terms of offering suggestions about how it might
      > be best to proceed in terms of how best to organize your effort in a
      > effective way (this is not to say that I actually do it this way but
      > that I would probably be more successful if I did). Regardless there
      > needs to be some process of planning. In many cases the pattern I see is
      > that groups simply throw together a proposal. Increasingly I seeing this
      > as an ineffective as many questions need to be asked and discussed
      > before any work is done on a prospoal. In any project there should be a
      > starting point and series of steps to get there in terms of making
      > decisions about how and when to start and why. I there needs to be a
      > workflow process organized BEFORE any proposals are put together. This
      > includes asking every question you can imagine in terms of developing a
      > realistic proposal to set up your project. I am by no means an expert on
      > this and by no means should the below be taken to be the LAW of writing
      > proposal (just a potential example):
      > - Who is going to be involved and at what levels?
      > - What are the goals to be considered in this project?
      > - What is the region of intervention and will or can it be expanded? and
      > how?
      > - What is the plan for sustainability in terms of organizational,
      > financial and social/community considerations?
      > - How could and should the project be scaled or phased...considering
      > various scenarios.
      > - Consider the key deliverables and task to complete and a realistic
      > timeline to complete them (including the phasing of a process to answer
      > these questions to start)
      > - Write a compelling summary statement about the project that suits you
      > needs and aspirations as well as the community needs.
      > - Consider various options for funding and begin research (who will do
      > this and when will it start and be completed. then how will it be
      > incorporated into the project planning).
      > - Site location (what possible sites are there how will this be decided
      > and when will the site selection process be initiated and a final
      > decision made)
      > - What about the parnters?
      > - Organizational documentation (are you part of a registered org and is
      > it a fully accredited NGO or a CBO? if not you need to register one or
      > get one to support your work). All this needs to be properly documented
      > in a template/format that is familar to foundations.
      > Sam, I will do my best to help in developing a workable plan to get this
      > project moving and I know others here want to help but utlimately it
      > will be in your hands.
      > Kennedy is quite well versed not only in this process but also the key
      > ecovillage concepts. He also was one of the key people that enabled
      > GRASSUP to be funded in 2004.
      > I suggest you and Kennedy and the rest of your team make a list similar
      > to the one above and then also develop a process for making decisions as
      > the process evolves (possibly you have done this already). You also need
      > to come up with a values statement that should govern the process and
      > help keep the focus from beginning to end. This deliberative group could
      > be the board of directors itself or a implementation group of
      > organizational officers that reports to the board. It might be a good
      > idea to proceed step by step down the list of things after prioritizing
      > the proposal development tasks. Once all the information is collected
      > you can then put together the proposal and supporting documents and then
      > take the steps to promote your project to relevant groups.
      > Jeff
      > > Dear Jeff, Andrius, and all,
      > >
      > > I have the pleasure to inform you that I am Kenyan Citizen and living
      > > in mbita. I am working in more trans-sectional community information
      > > and technology improvement in mbita and Rusinga Island. I am working
      > > with Rusinga Island Youth development forum initiative(RIYDFI). I am
      > > an FOSS activist.
      > >
      > > I also wish to tell members that I know Ken Onyango and I am ready to
      > > work with Jeff in the community multi-Learning Center.This Is a
      > > project we wish to explore many thoughts on ECO VILLAGE ideas .
      > >
      > >
      > > Jeff go ahead and have us plan for this and you can have the plan
      > > proposal for the Mult-learning center.
      > >
      > > Thanks,
      > > SAM
      > >
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