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re: [holistichelping] Press release by youths in Nakuru

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  • Maria Agnese Giraudo
    Dear Denis , Joy and all, I agree with Joy this message has a very positve content and it s very clear. So I would like we make an effort to send to newspare,
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 30, 2008
      Dear Denis , Joy and all,
      I agree with Joy this message has a very positve content and it's very clear. So I would like we make an effort to send to newspare, radios...it would be great if it could reach  youth all over the country!
      Maria Agnese

      Joy Tang <joy@...> ha scritto:
      Dear Dennis,

      Thanks for your energy and great courage advocating for peace and unity.

      I posted the Press Release to Global Voices as I do feel the positive energy and actions from this workgroup need to be spread!
      1.  http://www.globalvo icesonline. org/2008/ 01/11/kenya- bloggers- seek-to-heal- a-wounded- nation/

      2/  http://www.globalvo icesonline. org/2008/ 01/24/kenyan- bloggers- back-to-almost- normal-life/
      "Kenya's road to peace is yet to come alive. I am part of a global effort and network to keep the communication going on the ground through human network for peace resolution. The network's effort is Pyramid of Peace which treads together real time stories from the deep land of Kenya from tribe to tribe. We need Global Voices to connect with the effort by building peace through storytelling on the ongoing basis. The work group is http://www.worknets .org/wiki. cgi?HelpKenyans
      Please join us in any way you can. We need the stories to be told and people connected."
      with Peace and Unity,

      From: Denis Kimambo <kimambodenis@ yahoo.com>
      Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2008 2:30 AM
      To: andrius <ms@...>, help group <holistichelping@ yahoogroups. com>
      Subject: [holistichelping] Press release by youths in Nakuru

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      <!--[if !supportEmptyParas]-->We the Youth Ambassadors of Peace and Unity from Rift Valley in solidarity with youths from all over Kenya express our deepest condolences to the bereaved families and our heart felt sympathy to all displaced families affected by the recent chaos and mayhem in the country. <!--[endif]-->
      We recognize and appreciate all the humanitarian assistance accorded to the affected Kenyans by various organizations and all citizens and friends of good will. It is our humble appeal for more assistance as the Nation finds a lasting solution to the present crisis.

      As a result of the Lawlessness witnessed our country has severely suffered in all sectors, especially ; Health Education, Food and Agriculture, transport and Infrastructure and tourism, setting back all the development gains we had achieved in the country.

      We strongly condemn the senseless violence, bloodshed and displacement of innocent Kenyans. We also condemn any acts that hinder the restoration of peace and calm through manipulation of Youth, irresponsible statements by politicians, religious leaders and media.

      • We urge our fellow Youths not to engage themselves in acts of violence, but involve themselves in development oriented projects.
      • We passionately appeal to our security forces to be impartial and responsible in carrying out their duties.
      • While we appreciate the role played by the media, we strongly  advice against airing statements that will agitate and incite people especially, into acts of violence. This also applies to the politicians especially during this time of crisis and we strongly urge them to be the symbols of UNITY AND PEACE.
      This statement has just been read to the press with a mixture of youth Kalenjin and Kikuyus and Luos in the front while the rest of us stood behind them, i am hoping i will have some impact to the youths who watch Telly.

      Humanity Before Politics.

      +254-722-388- 275
      PO BOX 13361 20100

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