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Helping each other in Cameroon, Tanzania, Kenya

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    I want to write a letter on how we can work together to help each other, especially in Africa. Wendi and Njua of ACTWID KONGADZEM in Cameroon, I am very glad
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2006
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      I want to write a letter on how we can work together to help each other,
      especially in Africa.

      Wendi and Njua of ACTWID KONGADZEM in Cameroon, I am very glad to hear
      from you! I look forward to your letters. Yes, perhaps we can help
      each other. Please write more about your activities.

      I lead Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, a laboratory for serving and
      organizing independent thinkers around the world. We're very
      interested to have the widest variety of thinkers. So it's very
      exciting to get letters from Cameroon! If you can write about what you
      care in life, then you are helping us. Also, you are helping us
      understand who you are, and by publishing your thoughts on the Internet,
      perhaps you will meet somebody who can help you, too. I think it is
      important that we show each other what we can do without money. For

      * Write to us your concerns for yourself and for others. Help us
      understand how you think. What is your deepest value in life, that
      includes all your other values? What is a question that you don't know
      the answer to, but intend to answer? How can we help you so that you
      can help others? What is a project that you are working on? Why is
      that project important to you?
      * Create web pages with this information. We can help you create such
      pages at our wiki. Or do you have your own website?
      * Respond to other people's letters. If you can respond, then we know
      that we can have a working relationship with you.

      If you do these things, then more people can find you and understand
      you. This also helps us to learn to work together. I want to see that
      you have your own thinking, your own values, your own questions, your
      own activity. Then I can understand how I and others can connect with
      you. This has worked with us and Samwel Kongere in Kenya. Once we get
      to know each other's values, and see what we do without money, then we
      can try to find resources for small projects. I hope we might try this!

      Helen Mahoo of Tanzania, Thank you for your letter and chat! And thank
      you to Benoit Couture for introducing us. I am excited that you met
      Maria Agnese Giraudo. Thank you for your news! I invite you to join
      our laboratory's groups, including
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/holistichelping/ led by Janet Feldman for
      helping people in every way (especially with the challenges in Africa,
      send a blank message to holistichelping-subscribe@yahoogroups.com) We
      also have a group where Benoit is especially active
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lovingGod/ to foster God's leadership as
      an independent thinker in our midst (send a blank message to
      lovinggod-subscribe@yahoogroups.com) Please write more about
      yourself! Do you have "a deepest value that includes all your other
      values"? Do you have "a question that you don't know the answer to, but
      intend to answer"? These help us understand how we might work
      together. We have collected a list of answers here:

      Dear Tom Ochuka of Deaf Impact in Kenya, Thank you for your important
      work and for alerting us to Achieng. I imagine that the best way for us
      to help is by connecting with you. Our lab works as a network of
      independent thinkers. We all "care about thinking" and that helps us
      understand each other's values and hold each other accountable to them.
      I invite you to join us at Janet's group Holistic Helping (send a blank
      message to holistichelping-subscribe@yahoogroups.com ) Please help us
      learn from you what kind of help is most effective. Samwel Kongere
      lives on Rusinga Island and he can tell you more about our lab.

      Thank you to all for including us in your thoughts!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 (699) 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania

      helenmahoo wrote:

      >Dear Adrius,Lucia,Janet and all,this week i was having a guest that
      >is Maria Agnese Giraudo,she is a charming women for sure we had some
      >talk and and a chance to meet Leornard Boniface who involving in
      >youth organisation it was good time for me,on this saturday we gonna
      >meet again before she left to Nairobi.
      > I have to thanks very much Benouit for the herbs he sent to me for
      >my mom sickness,my mom is disturbed with high blood Pressure and high
      >blood sugar and she got stroke in one side of her hand is not working
      >well,am sure this herbs will improve my mom Health i really thanks
      >Benouit and all who share my problems.
      > My vision for now is one day to have a chance to work in Canada
      >and help my family,relatives,people from my village and Tanzania in
      >General,Am sure i will get support from you,May God bless you all and
      >stay in Peace.Here is the chat i made with Benouit
      >helen mahoo: hello
      >helen mahoo: hwr you
      >Benoit Couture: Salut dear sister, how are you?
      >helen mahoo: am so fine today
      >helen mahoo: more than fine
      >helen mahoo: Oh thanks very much for the herbs i got it today,thanks
      >very much may God bless you
      >Benoit Couture: Halleyluyah...
      >Benoit Couture: Praise be to the aAll Mighty, Creator of us all.
      >helen mahoo: Amen
      >helen mahoo: and yesterday i meet Maria agnese the one who came from
      >Benoit Couture: You are making me fly on my chair sister
      >helen mahoo: really am so happy
      >helen mahoo: yes we had a talk with her she is a charming woman i
      >never meet before
      >helen mahoo: and she was happy to meet me
      >Benoit Couture: This is the beginning of a beautiful vision of the
      >world coming together in the simplicity of God's love
      >helen mahoo: Yes i can see it
      >Benoit Couture: Two days ago, I received my starting package to help
      >people with Chinese Traditional Medecine
      >Benoit Couture: So, your receiving the herbs means that we are trult
      >touching globalisation of everyone's wellbeing
      >Benoit Couture: I meant "truly"
      >helen mahoo: yes,really when i got it i didnt beleive it now i know
      >things will be ok
      >Benoit Couture: did your mom begin to take them?
      >helen mahoo: not yet i think this evening will start to take
      >Benoit Couture: Strat with one capsule with warm water and see if
      >there are any adverse reaction(which I have never heard of yet) but
      >just for precaution's sake, have her begin with one and in the
      >morning, if all is ok, then start giving her 2 capsules twicw a day
      >with warm water
      >Benoit Couture: After a few days, I will begin to ask you questions,
      >so I can share with you, the tricks that I have learned along the
      >way, to help myself and my love ones.
      >Benoit Couture: The questions I will ask you, will be about your mom
      >of course.
      >helen mahoo: ok you can ask me no problem
      >helen mahoo: so how is everything doing there in Edmonton
      >Benoit Couture: Yes, they are; it is scarry to watch and not to know
      >if it is goig to heal or just become a cycle. On TIG, I joined a new
      >group that was started by a young Australian woman of 18 years old.
      >The group is for those interested in making movies abroad. I think
      >that your story is now one evolving story, worth all the attention of
      >documentation and to reproduce within the docu-dramatization
      >of ...cleansing our vision of Crown...
      >Benoit Couture: ...cleansing our vision of the Crown...
      >helen mahoo: Yes i pray that
      >Benoit Couture: Do you want to post this morning's chat on Loving God
      >along with wathever else you might like to tell every one? I'm sure
      >that it will be of great inspiration to all!
      >helen mahoo: yes no problem you can post it
      >Benoit Couture: I meant, you post it, along with your thoughts
      >helen mahoo: ohh i didnt get you well ok i wil do that
      >helen mahoo: but i have to open www.ms.lt?
      >Benoit Couture: Usually, you can work with both window open. Can
      >you? I will also be leaving you for now. I need to do other work
      >before going to get Josiah. So I wish you good evening, good night
      >and I am praying for those herbs to bring a complete source of relief
      >to your mom's stroke left overs. Bye for now and talk again
      >soon...bless you...
      >helen mahoo: ok thanks,and i have checked with the website of
      >catholicservice in Edmonton which you gave me
      >Benoit Couture: Do you see a way for you to get connected in a
      >meaningful way to your situation?
      >helen mahoo: but they say they wish to help me but its not possible
      >Benoit Couture: Did they tell you why it is not possible?
      >helen mahoo: they say they are working with residence and immigrant
      >who are in Edmonton and some area there
      >Benoit Couture: and what? That makes them too busy for you?
      >helen mahoo: yes,but they said they are in prayer with me even they
      >cant help me
      >helen mahoo: ok let me leave you for now so you can have a time to
      >helen mahoo: let us still pray for my dream
      >helen mahoo: stay in peace and greet your family for me
      >Benoit Couture: Ok but now the prayers need to focus so that the Lord
      >can fill the gap from Edmonton Catholic social services, from you to
      >Canada...I ask You now Lord and until You make it happen Your way, in
      >Christ-Jesus name I pray, thank You, Amen
      >Benoit Couture: ...salut sister Bright Light...
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