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RE: ACHIENG 13 YRS OLD IS THE FAMILY SERVANT GIRL (from Tom Ochuka in Kisumu, Kenya)

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Tom and All, Hello and how heartbreaking! This is a terrible situation, sadly all too common, I imagine. Has anyone stepped forward to help in the past
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2006
      Dear Tom and All,

      Hello and how heartbreaking!  This is a terrible situation, sadly all too common, I imagine. Has anyone stepped forward to help in the past week?  Thank YOU for doing all you can as Deaf Impact Ministries!
      I am ccing this to a forum called Holistic Helping, where we are discussing how these types of situations can be addressed to be of help to people and also to their overall quality of life and development. Hope we can discuss this issue in all of our forums, and try to figure out ways in which we can address both immediate needs and those in the longer-term, especially in a sustainable way.
      Tom, are you a KCA member yet?  If not, I think it's important that you are, so let me/us know. I believe you posted to MK abt Deaf Impact being able to attend the AGM this year, or somehow being able to present your work, the latter of which might be more likely. I think an agenda item related to helping people with disabilities would be a valuable one, and hope it will be considered.
      With many thanks for introducing us to this young woman, Achieng, and to her mother and family in need, and hope that--between all of us--we can be of help. With greatest blessings and all best wishes, Janet

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      From: tom ochuka <tomochuka@...>


      Dear Members,

      SO SAD...If she was your girl ..where could she be today? Katito is 43 km from Kisumu. Achieng is here with her mother, widowed by AIDS, they can't even feed themselves, the mother looks for jobs to feed the family, I have her picture for anyone interested. Acording to Obodo the father had two wives he inherited, his late brother's wife who died of AIDS, and he infected the other who died so the family is big. Since Achieng's mother is the #2 wife, she can't inherit anything in the home.

      At this time this girl needs our help, a home and if possible a school, anybody to help her please, she even has no clothes at all. Deaf Impact has just given her some clothes for a time. Anybody contact us please.

      Tom Ochuka
      PO BOX 3100
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