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Fantastic News Abt Lenny, Maria!/your meeting is Mbita and Kisumu (KENNEDY)

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Maria and All, So delighted and relieved to hear from you, the latter because of your wonderful meeting with Lenny. He is the most amazing person, and is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2006

      Dear Maria and All,
      So delighted and relieved to hear from you, the latter because of your wonderful meeting with Lenny. He is the most amazing person, and is the youth activist I would like to be when I grow up, haha!  Yes, he will be in Toronto--a wonderful opportunity to showcase his talents and to allow him to network with others--and he and Sam in Mbita do have one connection, as they are both submitters to the African Youth HIV/AIDS Best Practices Handbook, about which you can read below:
      The African Youth HIV/AIDS Best Practices Handbook is a compendium of 95 youth-led and youth-focused HIV/AIDS projects from 25 countries in Africa. It is intended to showcase the outstanding work of African youth to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, and to provide best-practices examples which can be replicated locally in Africa, and hopefully globally. This should help to encourage further education and prevention efforts, promote African youth leadership to curb the pandemic, and create as well as sustain opportunities for the participation of African youth in local, national, regional, and international efforts to halt the spread of HIV/AIDS.
      This will debut in Toronto in August, and is available in PDF and CD-ROM now, and in published form soon, I hope. The Handbook is a collaboration between ActALIVE (www.actalive.org), Development Partnership International (www.developmentpartnership.org), and the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (www.ifmsa.org).
      I look forward to hearing more abt your visit with Lenny, and also please see below a smaller but hopefully more "readable" version of the mail I posted the other day (which for some reason was a bit broken up). I hope that Kennedy will help to network everyone (is that possible, Kennedy?), and I will write one more mail to all of the interested parties, hopefully finding a way to bring all or most together.
      With greatest thanks and joyful journeys, and rest assured that you are making a wonderful and lasting contribution to intercultural communication in your own right, Maria!!  Janet

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      From: Maria Agnese Giraudo
      To: holistichelping@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: 7/30/2006 1:40:57 PM
      Subject: Re: [holistichelping] Meet Maria Agnese Giraudo: Thanks Bernadette, Dominic, Charles, Henry, Kennedy, Lenny, Masimba!

      Dear Janet, Samuel, Kennedy and all,
      I met Leonard  Boniface yesterday and I thank you Janet to put us in touch with him. I appreciate a lot what  Leonard is doing for youth, he is expanding his projects of  Teenage Life Programme, Oxfam international Youth parliament, Tanzanian Youth Network, Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS.  I hope he'll find more support in Mbita and by  friends all over  the world. Tomorrow I'll partecipate at a meeting of his association.  Of course i'm available to collaborate with him, in supporting youth education, as I can.   I asked him to come with me to Mbita. Unfortunately now he has to go to Toronto.
      All the best!
      Maria Agnese Giraudo
      "kaippg@..." <kaippg@...> ha scritto:
      Hello Dear Maria and All,

      It's terrific to hear from you, and I want to thank you once again in a
      most heartfelt and appreciative way for the gift of the laptop you will be
      giving Sam, which will really help the whole community there, and also all
      of us!!

      There are several others in Kenya who have responded to the message I sent
      out, including Charles Aboge (Kisumu Children's Centre) and Bernadette
      Otieno (St. Rita's) in Kisumu. Brenda Martin, a volunteer who Bernadette
      mentions, I will also cc, as I had a nice correspondence with her some time
      back, abt volunteering for KAIPPG and St.Rita's!

      Henry Njage (where are you now in Kenya, Henry?) has responded too, and he
      has worked as part of our GRASSUP NOW project, so knows Kennedy. I think
      your time in Kenya will be most agreeable and rewarding! And Dominic
      Mutinyu is with a media org in Kisumu, so he would like to meet with you as
      well. Kennedy (edteckenya@...)  has kindly responded to several of
      these mails, originating at the African Regional Youth Initiative listserv,
      and Henry and Lenny Boniface in Tanzania responded via ActALIVE. I'll cc
      Sam Kongere in Mbita too, as he is the one Maria first contacted and made
      plans to meet (skongere@...).

      I will be delighted to network you more widely in Tanzania too: I'm
      thrilled that you and Lenny have been in touch (immense thanks, Lenny!),
      and I have others who would be equally happy to meet with you, or work with
      you, whether you can meet up now (ie are you still in TZ?) or online. Let
      me know if I can do that for you now, or how else I can be helpful. Lenny
      (who is at bonnylenny@...)  is a wonderful "bridge", being an
      international traveller and citizen, and also an activist at home, still
      close to the grassroots. The same can be said for the Kenyans I have cc'd,
      so some of the connection and communication issues you have experienced
      should not occur.

      Maria, I think you and Masimba (simplexbiri@...)- -who I'm so happy to
      see posting, and will write a response soon!!--would enjoy "talking" too,
      and possibly meeting at some pt (he's in Zimbabwe), because both of you
      love books, and are in similar fields. I am in the USA; I wish I was in
      Africa or Europe, so we could meet! I see that you responded to a note
      which I wrote linking Maria with Elizabeth Ziegler, Masimba, and wonder if
      you've heard from her? I'll do more networking on this and related

      Thanks to Jeff for addressing your frustrations, and I think we can all
      relate--no matter where we are from--because this is a common challenge,
      even within our own societies, let alone ourselves! Each instance of not
      being able to make human connections, or to forge understanding, can
      hopefully be learned from and be used as a springboard for changing one's
      perceptions, approach, way of communicating, even expectations or hopes.

      Having said that, you will find plenty of simpatico spirits here, and this
      should allow for as many successes as there may be failures (and more
      successes the more one learns!). With greatest thanks and I look forward to
      working, sharing, and growing with you all! All best wishes, Janet

      ps all email addresses are below, and cc'd, for ease of networking!

      Dear all,
      Thanks Janet for your message, I would like to meet you, where are you now?
      I thank very much everybody, at first Andrius, for this great creative work
      in sharing ideas and collaboration together. I would like to share with
      you some basic ideas of our collaboration. I'm very frustrated because of
      failure of a project in Tanzania. I' m not very experienced although I'm a
      middle aged woman. I want to learn from this experience and I want to stop
      prejudices between local people and people like me coming from Europe or

      I strongly believe that the only way to succeed is mutual understanding
      and collaboration. So I would like to discuss with everybody how to put it
      in practice. I'm very happy that Leonard Boniface contacted me and I 'll
      meet him in DAR as soon as possible. Leonard is very active in working in
      different projects for youth for education and HIV/AIDS prevention , who
      sent me his project Mobile Youth Container Bus Centre in Tanzania.

      Now I'm in Sanaa and I enjoy this beautiful town and so kind people!
      All the best!
      Maria Agnese Giraudo


      Dear Maria,
      My name is Henry Njage, and I am well known to Janet Feldman, who has
      written on your visits to Kenya and Tanzania. I am involved in community
      based activity, with a particular focus to the youth in Central Kenya. I
      was on assignment in Tanzania and came back to Kenya very recently, having
      consulted with a leading HMO for about a year. I found Tanzania a very
      intriguing country, and I am glad to note you are active in propagating
      reading/printing at a Youth level.

      Kindly let us know when you come here so we could meet up and explore
      possibilities of propagating the same here in Kenya.
      Warm regards,
      Cell no. +0754 724 808093

      From: Dominic Mutinyu dmutinyu@...

      Hello Janet, Charles, Kennedy, Maria and all ARYI members! I am looking
      forward to meeting Maria and yourselves in Kisumu. Since our organization
      has a media desk, we hope that this visit by an experienced librarian will
      be of great help to us. Let us know how we can meet in Kisumu. Is the
      meeting still on the 8th of August? Kindly please keep us posted on the
      date, time and venue.

      Dominic Mutinyu
      Martens Africa (0733-770 566)

      charles_aboge charles_aboge@... wrote:

      I am a veteran kenyan journalist,member of ARYI -kisumu children centre and
      school in my NGO FOR aids orphans, My ancestral home is in mbita town,
      arrange to meet me on tel 0735195156 or call at the Standard media group
      regional officesin kisumu to meet me
      charles aboge

      My name is Bernadette Otieno and I work for St.Rita, a community-based
      orphan care programme that won the World Children's Prize for the Rights of
      the Child 2005 in Sweden, under St.Rita women's group. Read more on our web
      site http://www.strita.info.We are based in Kisumu, our offices are in
      Dunga opposite Covenant Home.We have hosted several volunteers through Aryi
      and currently with Brenda from Australia.

      This note is to welcome Maria Agnes Giraudo to our program when in
      Kisumu.You are free to reach our offices where details of activities will
      be explained by volunteers at the office and to share with Brenda currently
      on the ground.

      Kind regards
      Bernadette Otieno

      About Brenda Martin: brenda_ann_@...
      I have a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and have work experience teaching
      English as a second language to young children in China as well as doing
      case work and volunteer coordination in an organisation that settles
      refugees in North Queenland, Australia.

      I have a passion for working with people from varying cultural and
      linguistic backgrounds and a great enthusiasm and love of interacting with

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