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Lucas and Andrius chat about Samwel and bird flu

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Lucas: hi Andrius - news about Samwel and how I might send him 100 euros? I m glad about your networking with Kirchbach (spelling?) Andrius: Hi
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2006
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      Lucas: hi Andrius - news about Samwel and how I might send him 100
      euros? I'm glad about your networking with Kirchbach (spelling?)

      Andrius: Hi Lucas :: Samwel is offline until the 30th

      Lucas: hi!

      Andrius: Hi :: Do you want to wait until you come back so that
      you could work together? :: Or do you want him to work while you are gone?

      Lucas: ah, ok - so we might do two things - either i send him/you the
      money and we'll see, or we wait - i think it's best if he moves on
      without me - it's a full month!

      Andrius: Also, does the work plan in my letter sound good?

      Lucas: he'll be doing things in any case, so i leave it to his
      judgment which is probably better than mine anyway :)
      :: yes it does

      Andrius: ok, great :: but what's very helpful is building the
      relationship between both of you

      Lucas: so how do i send the money operationally? do you have the data
      for that?

      Andrius: yes I can send it to you

      Lucas: yes, but i think we'll have time - we have chatted already and
      we'll go on :: but we'll have something to talk about if he works
      without waiting :: in any case, i'm taking a laptop to my holiday and
      have collected a few things to try and draft "the" booklet - maybe - i
      need to rest before i think ;)

      Andrius: yes you should rest! :: you may have a busy year!

      Lucas: i hope it will be busy because i want to and not because i'm
      forced to ;) :: top-down may get some things down, but grass-roots may
      be more productive

      Andrius: what do you mean?

      Lucas: panflu prepping :: i hope i'll be busy but not because there's
      a pandemic!
      :: and i hope to move from the grassroots and not just helping the

      Andrius: yes

      Lucas: i'm starting to understand jeff buderer more

      Andrius: yes? :: in what way?

      Lucas: integration of things is a thing in itself :: like the nervous
      system is an organ too - sort of :: so we need to look into how to
      create projects in prowiki - i'll try when i come back and i may also
      ask for some handholding if needed
      :: projects as in "a set of related wiki pages"

      Andrius: yes I'll help :: I'm wondering, how active might we
      be in the Canaries? :: I'm thinking that we have some "hot spots" around
      the world :: Rusinga Island/Mbita, Lithuania, Vienna-Kirchbach ::
      potentially Dorset & Wales in the UK

      Lucas: not sure - just today i talked to a friend who was interested
      in small windmills and who - to my surprise - "studied electricity" - so
      there are people who i might give information to - same with wireless
      and videobridges - i'm nagging my linux friends and will try to move
      more in that area :: yes i would like us to join that network :: i
      personally don't have the muscle but i can talk, talk, talk :)

      Andrius: I wonder if there might be an opportunity for me to
      work from Canarias for a few months during the year? :: much like I
      proposed to do at Kirchbach :: I could get fluent in my Spanish

      Lucas: who would pay and who would you work with? i'll think about it,
      yes - but so far i don't think we have a network to speak of :-?

      Andrius: I imagine you do have a network locally? :: I would
      come to help organize

      Lucas: or maybe we do - we have stella in the island of La Palma -
      permaculture - with "students" in other islands - who by the way i
      shoudl try and contact in august

      Andrius: Yes, that's a good idea, she is very experienced.
      Perhaps we could work more together? Also, I think it would be good to
      make a list of global village technologies that we'd like to invest
      ourselves in. Perhaps a top ten list.

      Lucas: not much of a network - linux people focused in linux,
      permaculturers focused in their own thing - there's need for some
      networking but not sure if things are mature enough yet - maybe i might
      "prepare your coming"

      Andrius: yes

      Lucas: yes, that list sounds great - i've already mentioned two
      (communications and permaculture) and we could move some more

      Andrius: Perhaps we could find a way to register our interest,
      a form of voting :: Like just ranking our interest in the technologies

      Lucas: yes, but there's also a few criteria to select the top ten -
      jeff would have some ideas in this regard, i bet :: some technologies
      are more basic, easier, more integrative, or whatever those criteria are

      Andrius: yes, certainly :: I'm not the one to decide! ::
      except perhaps locally here

      Lucas: and some will be easier to the local people involved - but a
      "commented menu" would be a good thing to have

      Andrius: yes

      Lucas: sure! you're a local too :) :: (right now i've started asking a
      friend who will be near in august, for a "tech network" :))

      Andrius: a tech network? :: oh yes, I wanted to ask, who do
      you think might hire our lab to work on bird flu preparedness? or who
      would be the best people to work for?

      Lucas: a network of people who want to learn to build their own small
      windmills, solarcookers, wireless connections - and also talk to each other

      Andrius: yes

      Lucas: some people are more into doing than into thinking - or so they
      believe ;) :: a hands-on network :: re flu - hire someone to work for
      us? or we work for others? hmm - needs some thinking, that one does!

      Andrius: we work for others

      Lucas: i'll think about it - we'd work where? in all our locations?

      Andrius: sure :: primarily I'm looking for work for myself ::
      but certainly leveraging our lab

      Lucas: the question for me is - what does panflu preparedness needs
      that we could offer as a piece of (probably distributed) research? is
      that it? :: offer while we gain and strengthen ourselves, of course

      Andrius: yes that would be good :: yes

      Lucas: i hope i'll have time to think! :)

      Andrius: for example, research in redundancy risks :: as we'll
      do with Samwel

      Lucas: "redundancy risks"?

      Andrius: I mean lack of redundancy

      Lucas: ah, i see

      Andrius: the weak points in our systems if somebody gets sick
      or leaves town :: perhaps we can find ways to help build redundancy into
      our systems

      Lucas: Samwel might be looking at that in his place - but that has
      been researched - aparently - in richer countries - but nobody wants to
      look into that too directly :: yes, that would be great! :: i think the
      main strategies go way beyond what fluwikians suggest

      Andrius: how do volunteers take over

      Lucas: they equate prepping with stocking up

      Andrius: yes I think prepping up is preparing ourselves and
      then :: we want to be ready to help others

      Lucas: yes, that's something Jody Lanard http://www.psandman.com has
      suggested: setting up ways to recruit volunteers among first-week survivors

      Andrius: yes

      Lucas: in a way, the more intense a wave is (in terms of more people
      falling ill quickly) the more survivors you have - all conditioned to
      severity of disease in survivors, of course

      Andrius: yes

      Lucas: so if we want to look into volunteers, we need to look into
      Volunteers for what? How do we protect them? etc :: How do we
      crosstrain them (accelerated learning)?

      Andrius: My thought is to identify volunteers now

      Lucas: will you save this? i have to go, sorry! and please send me the
      details so i can send 100 euros to Samwel - and trust his judgment on
      what he'll do

      Andrius: peace :: I will share our chat

      Lucas: yes, identify them and strengthen them and gather around them
      :: please do! :: see you! lots to think about! :: saved this in case
      you lose it :)
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