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Response to Samwel/Steve (conference)/Happy 2006!!

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Samwel and All Members, Hello and terrific to hear from you! Greatest thanks to ALL members who have contributed towards helping Samwel to attend this
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 29, 2005
      Dear Samwel and All Members,
      Hello and terrific to hear from you! Greatest thanks to ALL members who have contributed towards helping Samwel to attend this conference, and also to purchase a computer. I see that you also have connection issues, and will need a few more machines to make for an effective business engagement.
      It is possible you will get some leads re computers at the conference, but the issue always is funding:  even computers which are "free" (Computer Aid International) have shipping costs and in some case import charges, so in all cases some funding will be needed. You may be best off focusing locally in terms of acquiring them (and presumably you may be able to get service more easily for the inevitable upgrades and breakdowns).
      Other ICTs are equally important, though:  mobile phones and radio in particular. I can share with you in more detail what KAIPPG is doing in that regard, Samwel. We did need a grant or 2 to develop this aspect of our programs, so that is something to be on the lookout for, by our members here and others.
      On the conference, Dorothy Okello, head of WOUGNET is the person I know, and since they are among primary organizers of the meeting, it would indeed be great to meet her, so I will write an intro note. I am not sure, since she must be rather overwhelmed with the holidays and conference preps, if she will respond, but do look out for her while there, and perhaps you can even discuss some Uganda-Kenya connections re programming, which she and I have discussed (esp. for radio and agricultural/nutrition related work). For everyone, see more abt WOUGNET (Women of Uganda Network) at www.wougnet.org.
      As for the sessions, the tracks you have opted to engage in sound excellent for your organizational purposes, and also for those connected to our mutual endeavors. It seems that the most important things for you to do are:  1) get info related to how you might set up a business or income-generation project (w/both local and international focus), using open-source methods (note there is mention of phones and PDAs, ie other types of ICTs)  2) figure out how to apply the communication tools presented during the sessions to your business and educational needs (personally, organizationally, community-wise), and the literacy project we have been jointly discussing. This should have a spillover effect re social mapping, networking, and creating communication channels for grassroots individuals and communities.
      As to what Steve B. has mentioned (brilliant suggestions as always!)--how to document your experience and convey that to present company and others, and finding ways you can get the most of the conference--I would suggest doing as much networking (meeting) people as possible, and making sure you exchange contact info. If you can write up a short synopsis of each day or two, that would be very helpful, though easier with a laptop probably, and you may not have the time or energy. However, to make some short-hand notes for yourself even a few times during the conference will be helpful, and doing a longer write-up as soon as it's over. Make sure you get as much info as possible in printed/written form, or whatever is offered to participants re handouts or take-aways.
      I think you should concentrate and focus on learning as much as you can, and how to apply that knowledge to your own purposes, especially that of local communication, income-generation, and sustainability of whatever you design and develop, based on the knowledge and tools you acquire. It would be good to keep in mind other like-situated orgs--in Kenya, Cameroon, and elsewhere--which might benefit from the info and tools, and hopefully you will be able to add this info and some tools to our knowledge databases at MS, so we can collectively draw upon that to help both you and others.
      Have a marvelous time, and I know it will be a rich and valuable experience for you. I will write an intro mail early next week, and hope you will meet Dorothy there, if not online before the meeting. To all, immense apppreciation again, and all best wishes for a "key" new year, in which creative conceptualizations and conversations will flourish, and activism will flow freely therefrom!  Janet
      Dear To all open leaders, holistichelping Group Members,
      I wish to take this opportunity to thank all the members for striving and taking there valuable resources to contribute towards my travel costs to the Open source workshop in Uganda. I was very much grateful to that effect and hope that this forum has just began and will to continue to greater heights.
      I will be happy to work to the group and have just saved something to deposit for th computer I wanted, immediately from this workshop I will commuinacte and tell the members my stand with the purchase with the comp.
      Andrius, send me the required information about the literacy business in regard to media handling I will taking presentations on information handling and advocacy, citizen's media; below is what we will be doing and hope to get your great version for our social mappaping for Networks, Literacy education etc
      (Participants of the information handling and advocacy track will look at a variety of open publishing and communicationstools as well as the creative use of other hardware such as mobile phones and PDAs. The localisation track will be focused primarily on internationalisation/ localisation and interaction with society and its benefits. Furthermore, these sessions will cover open standards and their implementation for local needs, taking into account the peculiarities of the local languages. Localisation project management along with a technical understanding of this process are also some of the most significant issues in promoting effective localization, and will also be discussed during the track).
      To Janet.
      I would like to get the connections to the organizers and this will make me have the information prior to meeting them there, I am glad i will be attending due to the efforts you have put together to see the good results of my attending. I hope we will communicate after the event and look into ways of connecting with the group in Mumias Kenya Or What is your suggestions?
      I do thank all the members for their generous contributions towards this course and I will be ready as always to help where possible.
      Have A pleasant NEW YEAR .................BRAVO 2005 BYE ............>to  2006 WELCOME!!!!!!
      Best Regards from,

      Samwel Okech kongere
      Nyamuga primary school
      P.O BOX 191,
      MBITA  040305-KENYA.
      Computer specielist
      Community Development diploma student
      UDOGO youth development group-coordinator


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