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Re: A bird flu project by Samwel for Lucas

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  • lgs0a
    Andrius, thanks for shaping this so well - I really only had the vague feeling that I d like to be there in order to understand what direction to take in
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 22, 2006
      Andrius, thanks for shaping this so well - I really only had the vague
      feeling that I'd like to "be there" in order to understand what
      direction to take in order to improve things. I daydreamed of someone
      in Kenya carrying a "webcam on a helmet" just like motorbike champions
      do. :)

      Seriously now, I may add that it might be useful to see who Samwel's
      contacts are in turn in communication with - i.e. if they work with 5
      mothers or 200 youngsters or what.

      Please tell me about Samwel's decision, and if positive, then about
      the "money details" in time, as I'll probably leave by the first days
      in August, and I'll be a bit busy before that so I need some time (not
      much, but some).


      --- In holistichelping@yahoogroups.com, Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...>
      > Samwel,
      > I spoke today with Lucas Gonzalez Santa Cruz. He's excited that you
      > help him with an investigation. He agrees to send you 100 USD at the
      > start of work. If you agree, then this would be work for the months of
      > August and September. We need to discuss the details.
      > Lucas's investigatory question is: How can the people in Samwel's area
      > best strengthen themselves in preparation of a possible bird flu
      > Lucas understands that you are already dealing with bigger challenges:
      > HIV/AIDS, Malaria and more. However, a bird flu pandemic, one that
      > spreads from people to people, would make things even worse. As you
      > know, Lucas is a public health administrator and medical doctor who is
      > expert on the bird flu pandemic and is passionate to help. We want to
      > find ways to help people in your area prepare for a possible bird flu
      > pandemic but also address the existing challenges.
      > Lucas's hypothesis is that we should know who the key individuals are
      > whose illness would cause great disruption (for example, regarding
      > water, food, health, energy, travel, safety, economy, etc.). So we
      > would like you to find 4 key people and talk to them about the bird
      > flu. Ask them what do they know about the bird flu, and educate them
      > about the facts. Ask them what they would do if there was a bird flu.
      > Would they leave? If they got sick, who could replace them? What are
      > their plans in the event of any kind of emergency? Write up their
      > answers and get their permission to share with us online.
      > Also, my hypothesis is that in the event of a crisis it is important to
      > know and encourage individuals who are willing and able to volunteer as
      > leaders to help wherever needed. We would like you to find 8 people
      > would be willing to help as volunteers in the event of a bird flu
      > pandemic. Educate them about the bird flu. And then discuss with
      > how they imagine that they might best be able to help. Also, ask them
      > what are the most important things that people locally and globally
      > could do regarding existing challenges in the area, such as HIV/AIDS.
      > Write up their answers and get their permission to share with us
      > online. Also, it is always helpful to note their "key concepts" in
      > Samwel, what do you think? Would this be meaningful? How could we
      > improve such a project?
      > Please note that you do not need to be online very often to do this
      > project. Once a week would be fine. Also, Lucas will be away for most
      > of the month of August.
      > My thought is that this would strengthen your existing community.
      The 8
      > volunteers you identify are people who we can very likely work with on
      > existing problems. Also, I think that in the future we might help you
      > prepare further by making sure that each of them is well educated and
      > has the proper equipment that they might need such as masks, etc. You
      > might all meet in the future. They are people who it makes sense for us
      > to invest ourselves in. They are "working for free" by talking with
      > and by risking their lives to help others.
      > Samwel, do you have Masimba Biriwasha's phone number in Zimbabwe?
      > Please send it to me if you do.
      > Also, I want to mention that I think that another possible project for
      > the future is that you do a small experiment of Professor Chan's
      > Integrated Farming and Waste Management System. Perhaps Jeff Buderer
      > could work with you as an investigator on this. We might be able to
      > find someone who would fund our work on a very small pilot project for
      > you to understand, test and showcase the technology. I suggest we
      > up a small budget for that, including your travel to visit Dr.Chan in
      > September, the technology, your work, Jeff's work and perhaps even my
      > work.
      > My general feeling is that with your continued good work as an
      > "independent thinker" we might be able to do in your area a whole
      > of small experiments that our lab members are interested in. It's
      > important that the experiments be as small as possible, but also that
      > they have some positive impact locally. This is because we want to
      > the most out of our few resources. In this way you are helping us
      > greatly as you know.
      > Samwel, thank you for your excellent letters.
      > Andrius
      > Andrius Kulikauskas
      > Minciu Sodas
      > http://www.ms.lt
      > ms@...
      > +370 (699) 30003
      > Vilnius, Lithuania
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