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Re: Samwel and Andrius chat about working together

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Samwel and I continued our chat. He told me his key concept Motivation through sacrifice and his investigatory question: How I can find for Myself and live
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 29, 2005
      Samwel and I continued our chat. He told me his key concept "Motivation
      through sacrifice" and his investigatory question: "How I can find for
      Myself and live Comfortably while helping others?" I related that to
      various projects that he might work on for us. So we're quite on track.
      Andrius, http://www.ms.lt


      Samwel: Remember to send me the things or ideas you nwant me to
      focus while their at the Africa source

      Andrius: ok

      Samwel: What went wrong?

      Andrius: Wrong?

      Samwel: weather Or what?

      Andrius: Yes, it's cold here :: I had to move to a second place
      closer to my parents. :: So the temperature drops here :: almost to
      freezing and it is hard :: to get it warmer indoors. :: When I come back
      to do some work from here. :: Anyways, I want to work with you :: but I
      think I need to focus on what you care about :: because otherwise we can
      waste a lot of energy :: and I don't have that energy. :: So, if
      possible, I would like to know your "key concept" :: and also, an
      "investigatory question" that you care about, :: a question that you
      don't know the answer to, but want to answer. :: Because then I can
      structure our work accordingly.

      Samwel: I am also raedy to work with you

      Andrius: Great. :: Also, then we can hold you accountable to
      yourself :: because I have no interest in holding you accountable to me.
      :: So I need to know what you care about, :: so I can understand how you
      want to think. :: At least, I think this would be easier for me. :: But
      I know these questions are hard. :: Maybe you don't know, that is OK.

      Samwel: you know Andrius as amatter of fact you are smarter than me
      and your exposure and understanding is more than mine why then strive
      but what remains is understanding one another

      Andrius: We need to be equals. I think we can be equals if we find
      what you care most about. Then you will be stronger than me.

      Samwel: I ahve to know what we are putting at hand and what we are
      going to do and I will concent your Idea

      Andrius: What is it that you care more about than I do? Than
      others do? :: What do you care most about? :: Think about that and let
      us know. :: Then you will be very strong :: and you can do very
      important work.

      Samwel: You know i sometime think on adiversity but what I am to
      you will depend on my integrity and accountability to a joint Understanding

      Andrius: Adversity? :: or diversity?

      Samwel: This mean we have to be at the equal ends where the loss or
      profit befits us all

      Andrius: yes :: which word did you mean, diversity? or adversity?

      Samwel: some person might be thinking differently while the other
      wished another!!

      Andrius: hmmm

      Samwel: eh :: [:D]

      Andrius: yes :: I understand you just a little

      Samwel: That is a diversity

      Andrius: I see :: yes

      Samwel: different thinking

      Andrius: diversity of interests?

      Samwel: what is your wish to work together? :: Yeah :: ...of interests

      Andrius: Is that what you care about, Diversity of interests? :: or
      something else?

      Samwel: You have to be specific towards your interests and compare
      them with mine then combine efforts to work together

      Andrius: That's very helpful :: What can we call that? :: Relating
      our interests?

      Samwel: come up and give details of how we are going to work and on
      what line of interests :: yaap

      Andrius: Can we say that "relating our interests" is your key
      concept? :: or something else?

      Samwel: concepts will be differing always and changing

      Andrius: they may change... :: do you have a deeper one?

      Samwel: depending on issues :: Look i have Ideas and You have ideas

      Andrius: My experience is that they don't change very much, they
      just become clearer. Yes?

      Samwel: Suggest one I had the options of working with you and your
      concept of this is what :: If you say sustainable idea or investiment it
      becomes a concept :: so a concept which brings motivation is
      comfortability and sustainable ideas

      Andrius: We have a page with many concepts - each person has their
      own: http://www.openleader.com/index.php/MinciuSodas/KeyConcept :: so
      please think about your own concept. :: If you could choose any concept,
      which is most important to you? :: Which one guides your heart in all
      things? :: Which one is deepest in you?

      Samwel: Let me compare but I have mine which I had told you before

      Andrius: Tell me again

      Samwel: Sacrifying for greater values to motivate oneself and the

      Andrius: yes

      Samwel: Keep it and put it in my Key concept

      Andrius: excellent

      Samwel: can it suit you?

      Andrius: yes :: is there a shorter way to say it? :: Motivation
      through sacrifice ?

      Samwel: find one but the words carry my value

      Andrius: yes :: that's very helpful :: it's very clear :: if we
      find a shorter way to say it, that will also help :: Now, is there a
      question that you don't know the answer to, but want to answer? :: A
      question that you care about? :: That you will answer, and we can help you?

      Samwel: (Motivation through sacrifice) let me think

      Andrius: What is more important to you, the motivation or the

      Samwel: How I can find for Myself and live Comfortably while
      helping others? :: The value and rewards of sacrifying

      Andrius: Sacrifice as Inspiration ?

      Samwel: may be not sure here

      Andrius: Good question: How I can find for Myself and live
      Comfortably while helping others? :: Excellent.

      Samwel: Change my saved concept with one above

      Andrius: which one?

      Samwel: Motivation through sacrifice :: ...but with success

      Andrius: Motivating Sacrifice ? :: Moving Sacrifice ?

      Samwel: you had got it before don't confuse your excelency ::
      Motivation through sacrifice

      Andrius: great

      Samwel: not whatever but that

      Andrius: It's quite similar to what you had before, which was
      "Motivation" :: so now it is just a bit clearer. :: That's very helpful.
      :: And your investigatory question is: How I can find for Myself and
      live Comfortably while helping others? :: yes?

      Samwel: yaap

      Andrius: OK, so that's excellent :: I suggest a few projects. ::
      One is our Open Leader network

      Samwel: go on :: ok

      Andrius: you can be building our network and finding ways to both
      help yourself and to help others

      Samwel: ...........and

      Andrius: and that's very useful :: Another is the Literacy project
      because you can focus on Motivation

      Samwel: great

      Andrius: How do we structure the literacy games so that people are
      able to motivate themselves :: to teach themselves

      Samwel: you will give me the Ideas you superb

      Andrius: At Africa Source II the most valuable thing you can do ::
      is get people's permission to sign them up for our working groups. ::
      Most important is Janet Feldman's working group Holistic Helping.

      Samwel: excellent

      Andrius: But also Franz' for Global Villages, and Lucas' for

      Samwel: the idea is good

      Andrius: You need to ask people and make sure you get their
      permission. :: Also, very helpful is to have them fill out the Open
      Leader survey :: because then we can include them in our network :: and
      we can know that their work is in the Public Domain. :: Another project
      is that we want to set up Online tutoring for programming and other
      online skills like using wikis. :: So we'll try to set up a webchat page

      Samwel: in which these I am a member and would like to get all the
      other deeper I deas for these forums

      Andrius: and related wiki pages. :: And then we can try to organize
      African software developers for business projects to get work for us all.

      Samwel: This what you can elaborate on and get me the applicables

      Andrius: If you sign them up for our discussion groups and our Open
      Leader network :: then we will be sure to be in touch with them in the

      Samwel: vefore going there without

      Andrius: That is why that is most important. :: So these are my
      general ideas.

      Samwel: these

      Andrius: It would be good if you could work part-time on them until
      the end of February. Is that OK? :: You could choose to work on what
      you find most useful to yourself. :: For the Literacy project we would
      focus for now on experimentation.

      Samwel: Do you think I can get the Template for all these to make
      then understand our group's ideas

      Andrius: Also, we'll try to get you some materials so that people
      may have ideas at Africa Source II. :: I will try. :: Yes.

      Samwel: great in power point or what?

      Andrius: No, just maybe print out some of the flashcards. :: And
      some of the surveys. :: And I will try to put up more survey answers at
      our PmWiki :: and then you might put up the rest. :: I will try to work
      on that this week.

      Samwel: and print :: printing the flash cards

      Andrius: Samwel, I'm glad that we could chat, it has been very
      helpful. What you have done today was very hard, but I think it helps
      us know what to work on together. We know what you care about, so we
      know how to invest in you. :: Yes :: and start practicing with them. ::
      And also I will try to set up pages with answers to the surveys :: so
      people can see how we can use that information.

      Samwel: this will be very useful to me also :: WHAT DO YOU THINK

      Andrius: we can give you an email samwel@... if you like

      Samwel: ..or hosting such becomes expensive?

      Andrius: or get a gmail account

      Samwel: let it be Kongere@...

      Andrius: I suggest that you wait for a few months before getting a
      domain :: You would like that?

      Samwel: domain for my email or web

      Andrius: Yes I think you should have your own domain :: but wait
      unit :: until you know what you want to call it.

      Samwel: I will wait

      Andrius: Let's try to chat Saturday :: and I will try to have our
      wiki set up with your Open Leader questionnaires by then.

      Samwel: What time?

      Andrius: I'm not sure, :: maybe this time is OK. :: Also, try to
      print out the flash cards at

      Samwel: It is evening Here and Ihere is usually closed two hours later

      Andrius: ok

      Samwel: good time time what do think Janet is asying about the
      purchase of the comps?

      Andrius: I don't know. :: Maybe wait until you come back. :: Maybe
      they will have ideas at Africa Source II on getting a computer.

      Samwel: I have spared something for paying deposit to one when I
      come back

      Andrius: yes

      Samwel: ok :: Are you living In America Or lithuaniA?

      Andrius: Can you work for me until the end of February for the
      money that I gave you? :: I am living in Lithuania.

      Samwel: I did Get money biut I was very troubled when I fill a form
      but the money originated from USA

      Andrius: oh :: I used a credit card from the US :: I was born in
      the US.

      Samwel: You will Channel the work

      Andrius: channel?

      Samwel: do get me the adress from US as this will make be somebody
      who is fully understand ANDIUS?

      Andrius: ANDRIUS :: 6726 S Parnell Ave, Chicago, IL 60621 :: that
      is my mailing address in the US :: but I am here in Lithuania.

      Samwel: I was about to be caught and a lady said I am the owner
      because of my ID card

      Andrius: oh, I am sorry :: I am glad you tell me. :: I am sorry.

      Samwel: ..and this saved My day :: and you didn't send me the codes
      and that

      Andrius: Yes, I forgot.

      Samwel: no worry this was to clarify

      Andrius: That's important. Thank you.

      Samwel: I am planning to have A bank account and later we will
      change right away

      Andrius: Here are the flashcards:
      http://www.openleader.com/selfeducation/singleclub.png ::
      http://www.openleader.com/selfeducation/clusters1.png :: see if they can
      make sense :: and I will try to explain more later. :: You should cut
      them up with scissors. :: And pair one with another.

      Samwel: Thanks again for mbilizing funds for me and the children
      will something to eat and I will start working on them

      Andrius: Samwel, thank you for approaching us :: You are a great
      encouragement. :: And your children encourage us, too.

      Samwel: I also thank you I only have one Gap left to have me stay
      comfortable :: that is where the ends of connections and internet
      payments :: but these will be solved by time :: ilove your insights

      Andrius: yes :: thank you :: you make our work very meaningful ::
      it's a great privilege to work with you!

      Samwel: I think we can talk later and remember our agreement and
      send what me to do

      Andrius: yes :: Thank you, Samwel!

      Samwel: ....and inform Janet to connect me there before... I also
      met an entertaiment troupe in nairobi and they are going to work with me

      Andrius: Great!

      Samwel: I can sign them in our Open leader forum :: They are arts
      Expets and working with them will give us more talents in arts

      Andrius: yes

      Samwel: Another group from our main group are going to hold arts
      exibition In Mombasa-Kenya

      Andrius Kulikauskas wrote:
      > Samwel, Thank you for your letters and for chatting. Steve, Henry,
      > Thank you likewise! I hope to write more in the next few days. Samwel,
      > there's a lot that we can do, but it helps me greatly if I might know
      > more about what you care about. Perhaps there is a number where I might
      > call you? Or Henry might reach you? Andrius, http://www.ms.lt
      > ---------------------------------------------------------------
      > Samwel: hi Andrius :: How are you are dear?
      > Andrius: Hi Samwel! :: I'm fine :: Thank you for your letter
      > Samwel: It is good to see you online. :: can you give siome minutes
      > to thank you and imagine the future together
      > Andrius: Yes, I am free
      > Samwel: i didn't see the letter in our pulic domain, WHAT IS WRONG?
      > Andrius: which letter? :: I saw your thansk
      > Samwel: is there some other , the one i sent thanking the members
      > for the help :: did yopu see it
      > Andrius: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/globalvillages/message/853
      > :: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/globalvillages/message/845
      > Samwel: even today i tried sending it but ...... :: let me check on
      > them but I didn't see them in my mail box
      > Andrius: I have some thoughts on what you might do for us at Africa
      > Source and also afterwards :: maybe your email is bouncing?
      > Samwel: ok :: go on and tell me more
      > Andrius: Maybe first we should think more about your key concept.
      > You said it was "motivation", yes?
      > Samwel: this might be the b :: yeah
      > Andrius: What concept is most important to you, what is deepest in
      > your life, and encompasses all the others?
      > Samwel: To me and others
      > Andrius: For you personally :: so that we could understand you and
      > support you.
      > Samwel: you see Andrius I have too much on me and i have to
      > deliever to boast my family and my community
      > Andrius: yes
      > Samwel: if my community is having atleast something from my efforts
      > I can be immpressed
      > Andrius: that is why we want to focus on the right things when we
      > work with you :: we are investing in you, and I am investing in you, so
      > we need you to be a strong person :: especially strong as a leader ::
      > which means that you are able to focus on your values :: and respond to
      > them :: So it help for us to know how to understand you
      > Samwel: saying that i ahve something which benefits my family at
      > the same time benefiting community
      > Andrius: what do you mean?
      > Samwel: This will give me the exposure I want like now some of my
      > group members will be going to Mombasa for a arts exbition but they have
      > to strive much for the travels
      > Andrius: yes :: But let's focus on you
      > Samwel: I mean something which can benefit me as for of income and
      > can expand to the community
      > Andrius: OK :: That can be many things. :: But let's start with the
      > more important question. :: Because many people are investing in you. ::
      > And I am investing a lot in you.
      > Samwel: I told you that I need some business joint to expand on the
      > ones I have in selling cereals and be comfrtable
      > Andrius: So I want to know who I'm investing in. :: Yes. :: But I
      > can't be very interested in your business. :: :: I can be interested in
      > you. :: That is why I want to focus on you. :: What is important to you
      > in life?
      > Samwel: I am currently selling cereals in retail and wished that i
      > SELL in large scale which can enable the family move :: What is
      > important in in life now is media hadling and advocacy through several
      > tutorials and exposure to help others
      > Andrius: I'm not asking what's important now :: I'm asking, what's
      > important in the long run
      > Samwel: sustainable
      > Andrius: What I'm trying to say is that for me to work with you
      > takes a lot of energy. :: So I need to be able to get a lot of energy in
      > return. :: In order for me to do that I need to focus on what is deepest
      > in your life.
      > Samwel: A working plan which can be developed to give time to what
      > we are doing together and this will mean taking another way of finding
      > ways to communicate promptly and reaserch
      > Andrius: I need to focus on you as a person. Yes. Is there a
      > phone number where I can call you?
      > Samwel: This will mean I m fully connected to the internet and i
      > had told you ealier about the problem I am facing in connections
      > Andrius: yes
      > Samwel: I need more than one computer and and a connection to the
      > internet
      > Andrius: But a deeper issue is connecting heart-to-heart. :: What
      > idea is most important to you? So that I could understand you? And
      > connect with you? And work with you? And invest in you?
      > Samwel: these will be very important..... do you mean interms of
      > our operations!!!
      > Andrius: What value is most important to you? :: I mean in terms of
      > understanding you. :: For example, for me personally most important is
      > "living by truth". :: So because of that, I care about honesty. :: And
      > knowing everything. :: And independent thinkers. :: And caring about
      > thinking. :: And integrity.
      > Samwel: I had lost cell phone and couldnot buy another one up to
      > this time i don't have one
      > Andrius: OK :: So if you want to help me, then you help me in
      > "living by truth". :: So I also want to know about you. :: What idea do
      > you care about? :: So that I could learn to think as you do. :: What is
      > most important to you? :: If we understand each other well, then we
      > don't need a good connection. :: We can act on each other's behalf
      > because we know each other's values. :: But if we don't want to
      > understand each other well, a good connection won't help.
      > Samwel: I care about honestty truth and trust and more over
      > Anmdrius I was brought up A straight forwrad guy and would be very much
      > happy to get one like me
      > Andrius: Good. So, do you know yourself? :: If you know yourself,
      > then we can know you. :: And if we can know you, then we can act on your
      > behalf. :: And we can be helpful.
      > Samwel: This one means i know myself well :: ..and my interrity can
      > be found out from here :: I had lived to trust you and I am still on the
      > process of doing, so if we live to our concepts
      > Andrius: I have been very careful so that it would be easy for you
      > to trust me, to check me. :: Now I want to know you so that I could work
      > well with you.
      > Samwel: That is the meaning of a long lasting friendship and
      > knowing you once won't help us but learning to know one another :: ...is
      > very important
      > Andrius: yes
      > Samwel: you have to entrust me with an idea and find out
      > Andrius: I think if a person knows themselves, then they can be a
      > friend to themselves, and then it is easy for them to show themselves to
      > others, and for others to know them. :: It is very hard to know oneself.
      > :: But that is what is important to me. :: That is what the Open Leader
      > network is about. :: That we are open about ourselves. :: So that people
      > can support us, and we can be strong.
      > Samwel: i have seen your trust and help to some levels and I must
      > say that you have a blessed , heart , working with you is good but we
      > must agree on terms good to our knowing one another
      > Andrius: yes?
      > Samwel: Helping others to help themselves
      > Andrius: that is important to you?
      > Samwel: The ventures in both of us in this level can be of
      > paramount good to our future plans and integrity :: I mean I must be
      > comfortable to work :: not ....to beg for support always as it lowers
      > some leader's integruty...!!!
      > Andrius: I don't know. It's 5 degrees Celsius here indoors. ::
      > It's not very comfortable.\ :: As for begging,
      > Samwel: it is cold there?
      > Andrius: if a person doesn't know what they really care about,
      > Samwel: Here it is Hot :: For support :: I have to be comfortable
      > even to support
      > Andrius: then they are worse than a beggar.
      > Samwel: >>>others
      > Andrius: I would say my life is not very comfortable :: but I am
      > extremely privileged :: that I can work on what I think is important. ::
      > And I have given you such privilege. :: That is why I want to know what
      > is important to you. :: Because otherwise you are wasting my precious
      > life. :: My life is very precious.
      > Samwel: Let's hope to communicate through phone if I buy one in the
      > early months of the year and I will let you know ::
      > Andrius: For me, it's important that you think about what you care
      > about :: and write to us. :: If you know how to do that, :: then you can
      > help others do that. :: Then we can focus on helping you. :: And then
      > you don't need many things :: and you don't need a large business. ::
      > But if you don't know what you care about :: then it is extremely
      > wasteful. :: If you know, then you can help others know themselves ::
      > and then we can have a strong network. :: If you can do this, then we
      > can be strong and I can work with you. :: But if you can't do this, then
      > I can't work with you :: because it doesn't help me. :: So then look for
      > other people. :: I will share our chat. :: See what other people can
      > advise. :: Perhaps Henry Migingo can advise you. :: I know it is very hard.
      > ------------------------------------------------
      > Message from hmigingo at 2005 12 23 08:32
      > Little girl and her father were crossing a bridge. The father was kind
      > of scared so he asked his little daughter, "Sweetheart, please hold my
      > hand so that you don't fall into the river." The little girl said, "No,
      > Dad. You hold my hand." "What's the difference?" Asked the puzzled
      > father. "There's a big difference," replied the little girl. "If I hold
      > your hand and something happens to me, chances are that I may let your
      > hand go. But if you hold my hand, I know for sure that no matter what
      > happens, you will never let my hand go." In any relationship, the
      > essence of trust is not in its bind, but in its bond. So hold the hand
      > of the person whom you love rather than expecting them to hold yours...
      > This message is too short..........but carries a lot of feeling.
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