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we need messengers and ambassadors to fertilize the global villages process

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  • Franz Nahrada
    Dear all, while I am also very excited about the happenings in Mbita, Kenya, I also would like to forward a call from our frieds in Cameroon. There was quite a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 15, 2006
      Dear all,

      while I am also very excited about the happenings in Mbita, Kenya, I also
      would like to forward a call from our frieds in Cameroon. There was quite
      a traffic "behind the curtain" and I am very happy that we now can bring
      it in the open. The story is always the same: it is not wrong to ask out
      loud for what we need, but it is also very important to find ways that
      strengthen us all. Thanks very much to Janet for her wisdom and
      experience. I feel very much we need a miracle to happen here...but why
      not ask for it? We need messengers and ambassadors to fertilize the
      GlobalVillages Process, and we must show the efficacy of this process.
      Whoever has an idea for resolving this urgent matter, please write to

      ACTWID KONGADZEM <actwid_k@...>


      1. Urgent message of ACTWID KONGADZEM in Cameroon to ensure the last
      missing piece of support for participation in a very important conference
      on AIDS in Belgrade

      Our Dear Franz,
      How are you? We are sorry that we just had an
      emergency problem to solve as one of our youth
      leaders has been given a full scholarship to attend
      the 10th International "STOP AIDS Summer School" that
      is scheduled to take place in BELGRADE FROM July 30th
      to August 8th 2006. The scolarship covers every other
      expenses as you will see in the attached letter from
      Judith Fiss,Program Director. You may contact her
      directly to find out the details from the attached
      letter from her awarding the scholarship to WENDI

      (personal data ommited)

      ...but anything you have to support us
      will be appreciated and God will bless you.
      We shall be very grateful to you if you can possibly
      mobilise forces to raise money for her ticket which
      is approximately suming up to a total of ONE
      own end here. We ust found out and we got details of a
      flight to leave NSIMALENE AIRPORT ,YAOUNDE on July
      29th 910 pm local time and arrive ZURICH AT 6.25AM
      ARRIVE AT 1.55PM.

      Our dear Franz, this is the only opportunity that our
      youth has been given this scholarship although without
      including the travel expenses. We know that you are
      some one to whom we can cry out loudly as a special
      friend,so kindly try to see how you can help us raise
      money for her ticket ,so that we donot miss this
      international chance given to our rural youth for the
      first time. In this conference, she is going to make a
      presentation on THE RURAL YOUTHS AND THEIR

      We are pleading to anyone who can support with any
      amount of money for the ticket ,no matter how smallit
      may be as little dropps of water will make a mighty
      ocean. If it is support with a ticket from any
      airlines that can leave Cameroon to Belgrade it is
      still very much appreciated as one hand cannot tie a
      bundle.We know that God loves a cheerful giver.
      We shall wait to hear from you on this appeal issue as
      the days are near and we were only informed of the
      partial scholarship last evening.

      Sincerely ACTWID KONGADZEM BOARD MEMBERS led by Wendi
      Bernadette ,Njua Geraldine, Tohnyanga
      Celestine,Ambijeh Therese,Tabong Godlive, Eugene
      Berka, Helen Lonla,Pascaline Ngoran,,Fon Brigit and
      Bongfen Irene.

      2. Response of Franz Nahrada

      Dear Ones of ACTWID KONGADZEM in Bamenda,

      I have well received your mail below and all the forms belonging to it
      although I am currently travelling through Germany as one of the rare
      opportunities to evangelize the Global Villages idea, and I very much
      regret that I am not able to support you right away. As you may have
      noticed my economic situation has even worsened in the last years,
      allthough I am running a hotel it means that I am almost totally its slave
      without much disposable private income. Even here and now in this rare
      moment of freedom I have to partly rely on people giving me little pieces
      of support, and I am stretching beyond my possibilities to get that much
      more important job done.

      But I must say I am very touched by the fact that you do not give up in
      the face of the terrible disease - but you spend your energy, time and
      dedication to gather knowledge and connections from all around the world.
      Young Wendi is a wonderful example of what we need in Global Villages -
      people that act as "ambassadors" and "messengers" within their own
      communities with worldwide ly accumulated practical advice, well-tested
      knowledge and a living world - wide network of support.

      I am also very happy that you could raise that generous support from
      Judith Fiss of the International Summer School Stop Aids (ISSSA) meeting
      in Belgrade at the beginning of August. That is a great gift that must be
      valued, and of course they have limited means so they need to say where
      they can pitch in and where not. But waiving the fees and having you stay
      for free from the moment you enter Yugoslavia is a great gift.

      I respect very much the honouring words you said - "that you are the only
      one whom we can cry out loudly as a special friend,so kindly try to see
      how you can help us raise money for her ticket" - and it of course makes
      me think a lot how we can make it possible for Young Wendi to find support
      for that very expensive ticket. It seems so incredibly crazy for me that
      we here in Europe can spend a few Dollars to get on a flight to another
      country whereas you must suffer astronomic prices for a ticket. From a
      practical point of view, it sometimes also might be possible that there
      are cheaper connections.

      Another difficulty is the urgently pressing time. You write: "We are
      pleading to anyone who can support with any amount of money for the
      ticket ,no matter how small it may be as little dropps of water will make
      a mighty ocean." - you are perfectly right, but the rain needs many
      summers and winters to fill an ocean and here we are talking about a
      matter of days. I am convinced that you see that there is quite a problem

      So what can I advise you? I think the best bet is to adress the people
      with large help funds, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other
      foundations with means to support can pay the missing amount without even
      much consideration if the feel the urgence. I think that there are also
      many foundations existing that in particular support the work on AIDS. I
      forward the material also to Joy Tang of one Village foundation who has
      many contacts to such institutions.

      But I feel there is a missing element, and I said this many times before:
      If people have the feeling that you are building an economy that
      permanently relies on external funding there will be less and less support
      coming in. Many people see the deplorable situation in Africa and they
      know it was the fault of Europe and America to plunder the resources and
      destroy the wealth and the power of Africa - but this situation will only
      be prolongued in the framework of a mindset that does not show the
      willingness for self - reliance and capacity building in every step we do.
      The New Economy of the World is entirely based on the capacity of each and
      every local community of the world to solve as many of their problems
      locally as possible - and only if such willingness is shown, subsidiarity
      comes into the game and the forces that build a cooperative alliance of
      the "Global Villages" can come for a contribution. And that also includes
      all those gatherings around the cooperative alliances.

      So I urge you - when you address those foundations - to also show the tiny
      "drops" that you could get from your community locally. Show that you do
      not just comfortably rely on external help for the total amount, that you
      do not abuse and overuse resources, that you really went for the cheapest
      flight and so on. That you even are willing to organize community work,
      pay back loans and so on. This is just a bit of advice that I can give you
      in this moment, and maybe even this little bit of advice will be
      understood by many people in your community as arrogance and another proof
      of white ignorance and boldness, maybe even a trait of dominance. But it
      is not, and some of you know that I really care for your growth as a
      community as a precious part of the Global Villages of the World,that I
      have proven this in the past, and also care for you in the present - but
      that I have had my learning curve. I know that you need this help, I know
      that you deserve this help, and I want to help make it happen. And I did
      this writing in the framework of doing the best to support you and if
      there is appreciation you will listen to my advice - not only in this
      case, but in many others.


      3. Letter from Wendi Bernadette to Franz

      Our dear Franz,
      Always a pleasure reading from you.That
      is why we said we could always count on you for
      help.Your mail has really helped us especially the
      advice you gave us and we are greatful and want to let
      you know that we will follow it.You are right in
      saying we should not only rely on external forces to
      get money for we have been trying to raise some snmall
      money through our income generating activities just
      that we were notified on a short limit.All the same we
      managed to raise 250dollarsc and are depending on
      people of good will to assist us.

      Again thanks so much for sending some copies of
      the letter to some friends of yours and we appreciate
      the effort you are making to raise the funds for us.We
      know that by some means we might be able to attend
      this golden opportunity given us.We look foward for
      your mobilisation and thanks again for the website
      addresses you gave us.It will be of great help to us
      for we will try and see what happens.Thanks so much
      for being our froend and God will bless you for the
      good work you are doing.We are looking foward for any
      useful information you might want to add to what you
      have given us.

      God bless you and protect you
      Actwid members,led by president
      4. Janets response

      Dear Wendi, Franz, and All,

      Hello and good to see this reply, as I too received a mail from Wendi
      yesterday, and am at once very happy to hear about your acceptance to the
      conference, but very sorry abt the financial aspect. I think it may be
      important to apply to conferences where funds for travel might be included
      in the scholarship. The IAC is one of those, though too late for this year.

      To raise such a sum in the next couple weeks is not possible for me
      either. Occasionally, miracles do occur, so we can hope that to be the
      case, and perhaps some of the others cc'd will have suggestions. You might
      appeal to Swiss Air for free transport as a "humanitarian" gesture. There
      is also a contact I have made recently with KLM, which usually flies
      donated supplies, but--if they operate in Cameroon--might be willing to
      consider flying a person.

      The Gates Foundation would not give money to an individual for a
      conference, unfortunately, because they do not fund conferences or
      individuals--as I understand it--and not on such short notice. Unless they
      know you personally...have you met either Bill or Melinda Gates? The EU
      does have good programs to help people and orgs, but again, I don't think
      anything on such short notice. That's why greater "visibility" in eforums
      and elsewhere will be helpful, as the more people who know you, the better
      your chances of being helped. Again, however, this may apply to your
      organization, not to you as individuals.

      Grant possibilities are a better bet, again for your org and also with a
      longer timeframe. I need to respond to what Franz has said abt the larger
      foundations, as my experience is that--for something on such short notice,
      and for an individual--only fundraising by individuals (what we call a
      "harambee" in Kenya, where friends and neighbors pull together to help)
      could raise this kind of sum. Foundations and large orgs always need a
      much longer timeframe, with grant applications, paperwork, and the like.
      If you do know someone personally, though--say at UNICEF Cameroon--you
      might write to them and see what could be done (again, the "local" in this
      case, with you being a "known quantity", is the best and perhaps only way
      to raise this amount of money quickly).

      I would urge you to take advantage of the networks and the expertise--as
      well as caring--of those cc'd, and to become involved in at least one of
      our related forums, because information and help would then be available,
      if not in funding, certainly in information which could help you. I have
      several times brought up the issue of computers for you, for example, and
      perhaps we can pursue that with Lucas and others (this is someone who says
      he knows of computers which can be donated).

      I think that funds would be better spent getting you some machines, for
      example (since $1700 is abt the amount of shipping it would be), with
      which you can better interact with the forums, and also find copious
      HIV/AIDS info too.

      Along the lines of HIV info, this can also be made available at the
      "wikis" of the forums, and I would urge you to pursue contacts with some
      of the orgs I sent you info on a couple years ago (HIV/AIDS orgs in
      Cameroon), as well as PEP-Cameroon. Did you contact them? We among those
      cc'd might be able to build a small e-library--which can be used by our
      friends in Kenya, Zimbabwe, and elsewhere too--and perhaps we can also
      think abt some kind of e-course on HIV/AIDS, ie something we might be able
      to develop at a wiki or via email, if that will help.

      It would be good to become involved and make links with others locally,
      too, for face-to-face communication (hence PEP-Cameroon). I would suggest
      joining the Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS too (send a blank mail to
      gyca-subscribe@...), and see
      www.youthaidscoalition.org. I could try to network you with some groups I
      have run into lately in Cameroon, ie youth-oriented specifically.

      I think it would be especially good to work more closely together on--and
      perhaps find a way to "package" this publicly--your cultivation and use of
      artemisia, which is a natural product that not only combats the effects of
      malaria, but is supposed to help with HIV/AIDS too. This might even be a
      product which could be marketed, and the "model" of action you have
      developed along these lines.

      This is a start, and hopefully we can all be helpful in some joint and
      "holistic" way (ie helping you to find locally sustainable solutions). In
      that regard, I welcome to the forum which myself and Andrius moderate--and
      to which Franz, Jeff, Joy, and Sam belong--called "Holistic Helping".
      Please send a blank mail to holistichelping-subscribe@yahoogroups.com, if
      you are interested. Otherwise, plz join Franz and the rest of us at
      Globalvillages, if you are not there already.

      With love and blessings, and look forward to finding our collective wings,
      the better to be uplifting to all, Janet
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