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Samwel's projects and my own update

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Samwel, Thank you very much for your excellent work! I share my reply with our Bosnian-Serbian-Croation-Slovenian group, as there are several new people there
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 14, 2006

      Thank you very much for your excellent work!

      I share my reply with our Bosnian-Serbian-Croation-Slovenian group, as
      there are several new people there who care about Africa. I also share
      with our new working group "Learning From Each Other" led by Pamela
      McLean who is traveling soon to Zambia. She is investigating "How do we
      use ICT to enable an educational system that lets self-directed learners
      be agents of their own learning?" Send a blank message to
      learningfromeachother-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to join her!

      Samwel, you asked for a laptop. I am delighted that Agnese will bring
      you one! This is a terrific example of "ask and you will receive". Or
      as some say, "it doesn't hurt to ask". Agnese, thank you for your
      beautiful example of knowing yourself, what you want to do, taking steps
      to do it, and caring for others along the way. I am also very happy to
      hear from Charles Loku in Uganda! Please write more what you are up
      to. I have tagged your "kind words" to Maria at:
      http://del.icio.us/AndriusKulikauskas/KindWords They are very important!

      Thomas Kalka in Germany suggested that you and Kennedy consider setting
      up a WiFi network in your area. Perhaps there is a place in your area
      that would be willing to share it's Internet bandwidth. Then it is
      possible to set up a WiFi transmitter that can make the Internet
      available through electromagnetic waves for several kilometers. It is
      possible to relay the signal further. We can find people here who know
      more about this. Your map will be very helpful.

      Thank you also for your excellent report on bird flu. I hope that Lucas
      Gonzalez Santa Cruz might respond. We can find your report at:
      http://www.ms.lt/?thinker=samuel+kongere It is the letter from July
      12th. As you can see, George Christian Jeyaraj and I are working on a
      new interface for our lab's website. We're using the database of our
      letters that we get with RSS feeds. I want to hook up with a "social
      ping" system which I will develop with Thomas Kalka. I also would like
      to show text from our ProWiki pages at the left hand side of the
      www.ms.lt page when we select the relevant person.

      Samwel, Please think about Agnese's wish to support local publishing of
      textbooks for primary and secondary school children. What is the nature
      of the book shortage in your area? What are logical solutions? In
      Velenje, Slovenia, Stanko Blatnik introduced me to Lidija Crnko. She is
      a librarian who is raising money (2,000 euros) to purchase and ship
      books in Ghana from the cities to the remote villages. She is in
      Slovenia and she has been to the villages with her husband. They have a
      Slovenian friend who lives there and is helping with this project. We
      can learn from each other and help each other.

      Samwel, Yes, please keep "thinking out loud" about the bigger picture.
      I think that your plans for a computer network might include:
      * A strategy for assembling as much as possible at your location. For
      example, building your own cases, learning how to assemble computer
      parts (it is not so complicated), learning about local prices and
      telling us so that we can decide what to buy locally and what to ship,
      learning about agencies that can provide computers, parts and help.
      Thinking about how to earn money such as resale of computers, various
      work that you can do for the local and international markets. Learning
      how to make the best use of your Internet access such as the WiFi
      ideas. Also, making good use of computers that are offline.
      * Priorities for what would be most helpful to respond to aids/hiv,
      malaria, malnutrition and other health matters in your area, including a
      possible bird flu pandemic.
      * A plan for local publishing. Our lab is serving a publisher Harald
      PĆ¼schel http://www.umbau-verlag.com who is interested in the Public
      Domain and might be interested in what we could do in Africa. Also,
      Thomas Kalka has ideas on making electronic books available globally by
      scanning them and hosting them from a server in Africa. There are moral
      and legal issues but it might make a lot of sense. If we could solve
      the moral risks I would be willing to take some legal risks.
      * Our lab grows strong when we focus on independent thinkers. So let's
      make increasing contact with the independent thinkers you have been
      introducing us to. And let's involve them so they write about what is
      important to them. Perhaps you can pair up the elder thinkers with
      young students who might write down their thoughts and enter them in a
      computer. This will help more people in the world be interested in
      Ruslinga Island. Thank you!
      * Keep thinking out loud. As your plan develops we can share it with
      more and more people who might help. Agnese, thank you for your
      wonderful hope which you give us!

      I am back home in Lithuania!

      I will just mention several projects I need to work on:
      * Write down notes of a proposal that I spend 12 weeks in the coming
      year at http://www.kb5.at in Kirchbach, Austria as an organizer for a
      group of 20 to 30 business people who would use that building as their
      base. It seems quite likely that there might be 5,000 euros for my work.
      * Sketch out next steps for an online learning environment and pattern
      language for community currency. I also want to do something similar
      for "new energy", including in German, and for "online leadership
      development" to share what we're learning.
      * Share my new thoughts on pattern languages, especially the distinction
      of "high energy" vs. "low energy" modes that people live in. Apply this
      to social housing. Nikos Salingaros is starting to write his paper. I
      want to make a business strategy for promoting pattern languages
      further, as well as Nikos's books.
      * Start work for Andrea Mills on a "global village" regional strategy
      for the Piacenza region.
      http://www.findbetterways.info/wiki.cgi?FindBetterWays/Innovation I
      agreed that we would do one project for free, in the Public Domain, and
      meanwhile he would look for paid projects in innovation that we might
      work on for modest income, as we did with the Chocolate project for Greg
      Wolff of http://www.chocolatedividends.org
      * Share Pamela McLean's request to help with finding information about
      processing ginger requested by Veronica Bahago in Nigeria. This could
      be a test case for how our response might lead to a self-learning
      program that builds and builds.
      * Share Eluned Hurn's news about her trip with John Rogers to march for
      peach in Sri Lanka this October with a million people. Eluned leads our
      new working group Fighting Peacefully
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/fightingpeacefully/ George Christian
      Jeyaraj is keen to help. He is translating Helmut Leitner's ProWiki
      into the Tamil language.
      * I need to share our notes from our discussion on "open content" at the
      workshop in Como. And I need to write my paper!
      * Graham Stewart has asked for feedback to his http://www.gameofnow.tv
      networking event which kicked off my trip. And I want to engage those
      who came to http://www.BeTheChange.co.uk

      Lots more to do, but especially look for new clients!

      And here's a bit of news:
      * Steve Cayzer of Hewlett-Packard got my proposal (to make a conceptual
      map of "key concepts") but has not yet read it. I saw they are looking
      for a contractor for six months in Bristol, UK so I applied for that:
      * Alan Heeks was happy to get my proposal (to help layout his
      eco-village) and will look at about a week from now.
      * Els Reynaert and Lorenzo Vinci thanked me for my proposal (to help
      organize the social entrepreneur center in Rome). It's not the right
      time for it, but they directed me to Erika Lombardi and I will contact her.
      * My paper was not accepted for http://www.blogtalk.net

      I invite us to reply at any of our groups. Please write what you are
      thinking about, or simply think out loud! We will find a way to support
      you as an independent thinker!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 (699) 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania

      samuel kongere wrote:

      > Dear Andrius,
      > Did you receive this email from me? I am already through with my
      > mapping and hope to send it next week, and I am hopeful If things goes
      > well Maria Agnes could get me one Laptop and this will speed up our
      > research work in the network and I thank Janet and you for putting her
      > my way to visit me In Mbita-Kenya and this will see us coming closer
      > to the rest of the world.
      > I believe you are getting many emails from me, are you tired? I still
      > have to praise some Queries and I would want you to send the cc to Helmut.
      > I hope by now yo have a set mind and the way forward for our project
      > of technology Hub we have a head of us with you.I making some
      > suggestios to enable us have a plan and succed on the Idea, As I am
      > making preparations to send the map with the signspots for Internet
      > with video bridging which will cove 10 km radius of our ring road.This
      > was A suggestion you told me before, it should be a radius of waking
      > distance,
      > I have to do some zoning and community entry process to see if they
      > are for the technology Hub and what kind of Multipuorpose centre they
      > need, I am proposing eight zones where I will hold meetings to find:
      > How to get the Message to them and do translation of the phrases I
      > received from Helmut. I thought of smaller working committees in the
      > Zones co-ordinating information and for Video bridging process, The
      > Zones will be named according to topography and the Sub-location.
      > There are seventeen Primary schools in the Island and four Secondary
      > schools and I am making much efforts to make the committees inform
      > them about the new found Venture.There will be one steering committee
      > which will be co-ordinated by me all through.I will work as the leader
      > and when the steering committee is formed the chair will take the
      > responsibility of the meetins and organization. This will be phase one
      > of the project and this will mean translation is completed within July
      > and August.
      > The second phase which might form the climax of the plan will commence
      > immediatly the committes are in place and operating , when they are to
      > collect the shared information which can be posted in the wiki Page
      > like on issues and opinoin on Bird Flu, Nutrition, HIV/AIDS,Fishing,
      > Agriculture,Environmental issues, arts and crafts etc.This will form
      > our mode of interaction in the wiki, in the furthest end we will need
      > continuous internet accesss,server if possible, computers, and other
      > technology hubs to furnish the Telecentre.
      > The internet access points or spots will spread in such a way that
      > every contributing member becomes informed 24/7 weekly, I suggest the
      > spots will form the video bridging venues.I wish to place them at
      > Mbita point where Ken Is, Nyamuga School, Kaswanga shopping
      > centre,Kolunga Beach and Christian children's fund, within reachable
      > locations.
      > Finally, I am now working in christian children's Project where there
      > is Electricity being installed ...and I can be based there as a pick
      > up office for information and these are the reasons why a lap top
      > would favour my work, the project is already working with the
      > community on primary health care, Hiv/aids, Agriculture,Nutrition,
      > Sponsor relation and I 'm just Collocating with them because they have
      > a community entry point where I can start From.
      > When all the above is In place as the basement for the whole project
      > we will need a budget plan and further action plans.
      > Therefore, your input is always needed, expound on the suggestions and
      > send response to these thoughts and send Info as the two months I will
      > be busy.
      > Have A pleasant evening.
      > Samwel
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