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Pyramid of Peace and our Long Term Work in Kenya

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    I searched my heart and consulted with Pamela McLean, Markus Petz, Dennis Kimambo, Graham Knight. We re amazed at the great stature of our Kenyan friends and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2008
      I searched my heart and consulted with Pamela McLean, Markus Petz,
      Dennis Kimambo, Graham Knight.

      We're amazed at the great stature of our Kenyan friends and
      international supporters in this time of crisis. (See our letters at
      http://www.ms.lt) We're shining as individuals and we've shared
      achievements. We've shown that:
      * We can overcome a media blackout by sharing our knowledge gained from
      sporadically operating telephones, text messages, Internet and from
      friends in neighboring countries.
      * We can help our friends and their friends who are isolated in grim
      situations (robbed, without food, surrounded by killers) by sending
      money where it can be picked up, then converting it into phone credits
      to be sent out where they can be exchanged for food, medicine, transport.
      * We can halt and prevent genocide by reaching out and sharing phone
      credits with those within opposing tribes who let us publicly post their
      telephone numbers and who are willing to reach out further to encourage

      In Kenya, we are happy to know, witness and imagine countless heroes.
      Elsewhere, we could do much more, but we have done what is most
      important, which is that we have shown our heart and our example.

      Kenya is well, but the world is sick. In Kenya, we are distributing
      phone credits out in increments as small as $1 by which Kalenjins,
      Kiyuku, Lou, Pnu and other tribespeople are helping each other reach out
      to the helplful, the vulnerable and the furious. Our Kenyans are zoning
      in on the greatest dangers to peace. Thank you for your work which is
      stamping out the embers of genocide that can flare up with any political

      Currently, we have the capacity to distribute $5,000 per day so that
      opposing tribespeople engage each other for peace. Sadly, I have no
      such funds to give out. Truly, I have no income and about $90,000 of
      debt, but I could share the cash that I have borrowed, and yet I am
      postponing such action. Instead, I will be sending $200 per day to keep
      alive our system for halting genocide, our Pyramid of Peace, "enemies
      embracing enemies". Thank you to all who might help us send more.

      We know how to reach out to the most helpful, vulnerable and furious.
      But I don't how to reach out to the most powerful, unfeeling and
      selfish. I will lead our international efforts to learn how to do
      this. We will better organize our wikis so people can find all the
      amazing stories and contacts and ways to help. We will engage
      bloggers, especially from various parts of Kenya, so they are aware of
      those who need, those who can help, and ways to help. We will help move
      those stories, values, lessons, actions so they are visible to more
      people so they might help, too. We will engage them to take action and
      to work together. The key pages are:
      http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?KenyansToCall and

      We will engage and help other groups that might like to work together.
      Today I spoke with Mina in The Netherlands, she has raised some money
      for a school near Kisii, and she learned of us thanks to Dante
      Gabryell-Monson and Steve Bosserman. She will call Samwel Kongere +254
      725 600 439 who will advise. We're also working with Wesley Chebbie
      +254 722 992 107 in Eldoret and many new people who I hope will join
      our groups.

      Minciu Sodas will be funding small research projects for $100. Today I
      spoke with Graham Knight http://biodesign.webeden.co.uk and I will look
      for a Kenyan who would like to experiment with his Do-It-Yourself Solar
      panel kits that can be used to power radios, LED lights and electric
      phone chargers. We can learn electronics skills and how to start a
      business. Graham has joined Kiyavilo Msekwa's working group Kim's
      Success http://groups.yahoo.com/group/kimssuccess/ where we'll work as
      well (in Kiswahili) on building PCs and designing the Includer
      http://www.includer.org Please join us (send a blank message to
      kimssuccess-subscribe@yahoogroups.com) and let us know if you might be

      I will also be engaging businesses and foundations who might give us
      work or who fund our Pyramid of Peace.

      In Lithuania, January 13th is the anniversary of the Soviets' massacre
      in 1991 at the Vilnius television tower which killed 14 people but
      failed against the human shield of volunteers. The years 1988-1991 were
      memorable for the outpouring of civic energy that we see in Kenya
      today. Therefore I am starting the tradition of dedicating January 13
      to helping a people's movement somewhere in the world, starting with
      Kenya. I spoke yesterday with Lithuania's Foreign Minister Petras
      Vaitiekunas. Let's work so that around the world this be a day of
      learning how to help Kenya.

      We have shifted rapidly from objective to objective. I am writing this
      letter to show how I will try to support our work of immediate
      consequence (the Pyramid of Peace) and pursue that as steps in our long
      term work of fostering independent thinkers. Let's think that the
      centers of rage that we're investing ourselves will grow into centers
      for independent thinkers.

      I am accepting my frustrations with the bigger world and am preparing
      for a long study in how to engage our own "opposing tribes" as
      successfully as Kennedy Owino, Dennis Kimbambo and hundreds of others
      are with the Pyramid of Peace. Who are my enemies? Are they the
      people who hired me for work, but never paid me? The city that bullied
      David Ellison-Bey so that we had to cough up $2,300 to get his truck
      back, and put me in jail ? The city that displaced me from our
      headquarters, then let the rennovators render the building unusable?
      The local community organization that does not let me participate? The
      country that made it impossible for Fred Kayiwa to get a visa? The
      country that jerked around George Christian Jeyaraj for ten years and
      never embraced him? The people who kicked me out of groups or places,
      who shunned me, ignored me, did not reply, did not speak up or simply
      didn't care?

      I seem to have a lot of enemies. But is it because I care about a lot
      of people? And who are the enemies in our society? How do we find them
      and engage them? I think they are the ones who refuse to settle with
      me, to include me, to care about me or those who I am one with. I want
      to talk to my enemies and help them engage their enemies. Kennedy
      writes us, "One can't make peace with a friend but with an enemy."

      Dennis writes, "Humanity before Politics".

      Thank you for all who link with us in this great humanity. Welcome to
      all who might join us.

      I invite all to join our Pyramid of Peace and send money by PayPal to
      ms@... or through the link at the top of http://www.ms.lt or directly
      to Dennis Kimambo +254 722 388 275 or Kennedy Owino +254 723 568 251


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania
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