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Nafsi Afrika Acrobats peace pyramid will be broadcast

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Kennedy Owino just sent this report which I share. It start with the grim, improving reality where shortages loom and it is still very relevant that we raise
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2008
      Kennedy Owino just sent this report which I share. It start with the grim, improving reality where shortages loom and it is still very relevant that we raise funds. His letter is great for an appeal and people can be directed to our link at the top of http://www.ms.lt where they can donate.

      The human pyramids will be broadcast and clips will be available at http://www.africapeacepointkenya.org and we can spread them, translate them, create works based on them.

      Meadowlea has been making calls and text messages including to Dennis Kimambo he writes: Hello Things are still not very good though calm is slowly returning to some parts of the country now Nakuru is becoming home to all those fleeing the affected areas coming here for refuge we are assisting where we can with food where we can i have a few pictures that i can send tomorrow once i get them from the camera, we have the local daily on the net www.nationmedia.com though it does not tel :: l is, i will be happy to answer any qusetions that you have. Mostly what we need is food supply Red cross here is helping with medicine we are working together, also airtime (credit for those in affected areas) so that they can call for police and be escorted to safety water is scarce also but i have just bought some with the last money that i had, also we have sent credit to some people but more are still in need.Humanity Before PoliticsDennis :: bye Fred! :: Message from Dennis above. :: I told him I would relay comments from the chat.

      Pamela and Maria Agnese and Fred and Josephat have also been helping at the chat room. We are all learning the basic skills of online help during an emergency and we can learn from each other so join us and you will see how much you can do! http://www.worknets.org/chat/ and just say Hi and about yourself and we'll try to respond.

      We need help to get reports like that out to the news media internationally and in Africa. Help us collect links at http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?KenyanCorrespondents and there are some good places to contribute information such as the CNN page for I-Reports breaking news:
      but it would be good to organize ourselves.

      Here is Kennedy Owino's report:

      The situation our country-Kenya- has succumbed into is grave and a
      worse state witnessed since Independence, our image has been raped.
      Relative calm is returning with just a little bit of minor cases of
      violence here and there within the estates in particular.
      Today there was a gathering making procession towards the Town
      center in demonstration but they were quickly dispersed by the
      police and sanity restored.
      Hunger continue biting, scarcity of suplies and inflated prices on
      Rumours are continously doing rounds throwing people into confusion
      and panic.
      The town centre is regaining back life, with the usual hustle and
      Illegal road blocks on roads leading to Nairobi are still evident
      hampering access.
      Most people are still stuck in various cities and supplies can't
      reach Nairobi.

      Today i ventured into town, being a weekend most shops remain
      closed, banks closed and i wasn't able to find any western union
      opened to retrieve the Money Andrius sent.
      However i managed to use the earlier money that i received to
      purchase phone credit cards and sent to Jacktone, Amos, samuel
      Kongere and Steve owino.
      Amos is still stuck in Eldoret and needed money for transport, i
      adviced him to translate the phone credit into hard cash.
      Sam and Amos can't get to any Western union to receive the money
      sent to them, businesses and banks remain closed in most Nyanza and
      Western provinces towns and transport completely frozen or difficult.
      I sent Ksh 2000, Ksh 1000, Ksh 500, Ksh 500, to Amos, Jacktone,
      Samuel and stephen respectively.
      I alo called all of them to confirm their situations and assured
      them to keep in touch incase of any urgency.
      I also confirmed that they had ealier on received credit cards from
      Dennis Kimambo
      Kimambo called me and we chatted on the situation.
      I hope to retrieve the 200 dollars sent by Andrius on Monday and use
      it for any emergent situations arising.
      Also i will send some more Credit to Tom Ochuka of Kisumu which he
      can translate into cash.
      I haven't heard of people residing in Kibera like Fred Ouko, and
      also need to be kept informed of any deserving cases.

      Today we had an amzing meeting of almost 70 acrobats, dancers ,
      children performers and activists.
      The media was there too to capture our plea.
      Nafsi Afrika Acrobats and dancers collaborating with Sarakasi Trust
      and Africa Peace point (A.P.P) managed a performance that will be
      edited into a documentary.
      We sang songs, made pyramids, flew flags, gave talks, tumbled, and
      drummed the beats of peace.
      The message was clear, "we are not politicians, we are artists from
      different tribal backgrounds united for only one purpose,
      livelihood, but one similar thing in all of us is that we are Kenyan
      Artists with one color, the color of love".
      This is what all Kenyan communities should embrace, "one people, one
      The footages we hope will be broadcast over the three local stations
      ( K.T.N, K.B.C and Nation T.V)
      Also some footage will be sent to Rai T.V for international
      Our next step will be to stage a sit in , a very peaceful sit in, to
      put Hon. Kibaki and Hon. Raila to task.
      The message will be "Let Raila and Kibaki talk".
      I am planning to upload some clips onto u-tube once ready.
      For images, pictures and stories on the crisis please log on

      I conclusively thank everybody for your concerted efforts, ideas and
      We are here for each other.
      Love and peace,

      Ken Owino,
      Nafsi Afrika Acrobats


      Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, ms@...
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