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Samwel's work and projects

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Samwel, Thank you for your detailed letter about your work and projects. I share with our Holistic Helping working group and also with Helmut Leitner. My only
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2006
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      Thank you for your detailed letter about your work and projects. I
      share with our Holistic Helping working group and also with Helmut Leitner.

      My only suggestion now is that you "think in parallel". Consider
      different scenarios:
      A) you get no support from outside,
      B) you get a little bit of support (as you are now),
      C) you get a lot of support

      If you think out loud on several tracks than you are making it easy for
      us to help you.
      Also, your description of the situation at Rusinga Island was very
      helpful and quite dramatic.
      It's clear that you and your neighbors are already living the kind of
      hardship that is our worst case scenario for a bird flu pandemic. I
      will try to keep responding.

      Thank you for being with us! Andrius, http://www.ms.lt

      samuel kongere wrote:

      > Dear Andrius,
      > I believe you are getting many emails from me, are you tired? I still
      > have to praise some Queries and I would want you to send the cc to Helmut.
      > I hope by now yo have a set mind and the way forward for our project
      > of technology Hub we have a head of us with you.I making some
      > suggestios to enable us have a plan and succed on the Idea, As I am
      > making preparations to send the map with the signspots for Internet
      > with video bridging which will cove 10 km radius of our ring road.This
      > was A suggestion you told me before, it should be a radius of waking
      > distance,
      > I have to do some zoning and community entry process to see if they
      > are for the technology Hub and what kind of Multipuorpose centre they
      > need, I am proposing eight zones where I will hold meetings to find:
      > How to get the Message to them and do translation of the phrases I
      > received from Helmut. I thought of smaller working committees in the
      > Zones co-ordinating information and for Video bridging process, The
      > Zones will be named according to topography and the Sub-location.
      > There are seventeen Primary schools in the Island and four Secondary
      > schools and I am making much efforts to make the committees inform
      > them about the new found Venture.There will be one steering committee
      > which will be co-ordinated by me all through.I will work as the leader
      > and when the steering committee is formed the chair will take the
      > responsibility of the meetins and organization. This will be phase one
      > of the project and this will mean translation is completed within July
      > and August.
      > The second phase which might form the climax of the plan will commence
      > immediatly the committes are in place and operating , when they are to
      > collect the shared information which can be posted in the wiki Page
      > like on issues and opinoin on Bird Flu, Nutrition, HIV/AIDS,Fishing,
      > Agriculture,Environmental issues, arts and crafts etc.This will form
      > our mode of interaction in the wiki, in the furthest end we will need
      > continuous internet accesss,server if possible, computers, and other
      > technology hubs to furnish the Telecentre.
      > The internet access points or spots will spread in such a way that
      > every contributing member becomes informed 24/7 weekly, I suggest the
      > spots will form the video bridging venues.I wish to place them at
      > Mbita point where Ken Is, Nyamuga School, Kaswanga shopping
      > centre,Kolunga Beach and Christian children's fund, within reachable
      > locations.
      > Finally, I am now working in christian children's Project where there
      > is Electricity being installed ...and I can be based there as a pick
      > up office for information and these are the reasons why a lap top
      > would favour my work, the project is already working with the
      > community on primary health care, Hiv/aids, Agriculture,Nutrition,
      > Sponsor relation and I 'm just Collocating with them because they have
      > a community entry point where I can start From.
      > When all the above is In place as the basement for the whole project
      > we will need a budget plan and further action plans.
      > Therefore, your input is always needed, expound on the suggestions and
      > send response to these thoughts and send Info as the two months I will
      > be busy.
      > Have A pleasant evening.
      > Samwel
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