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Food for thoughts and hopefully, for the universal African souls as well

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  • Benoit
    Dear Fred, Helen and all, I posted the following on TIG on May 6, 2007 | 3:45 AM, when the violence broke out in Nigeria. As you read replace Nigeria with
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      Dear Fred, Helen and all,

      I posted the following on TIG on May 6, 2007 | 3:45 AM, when the
      violence broke out in Nigeria. As you read replace Nigeria with
      Kenya, and it seems to apply.

      ------ ------- -------

      Nigieria's voice seeking Africa's pathway

      Offering made to calm down a voice of the people

      The French say:
      "Democracy is the voice of the people's hunger for justice and the
      people's thirst for freedom, seeking to cultivate liberty-equality-

      The United States says:
      "Democracy is to manage the office of the people's decision-making
      power by the people, for the people"

      The British have protected and guided the people's attention and
      view on the fact that:
      "Democracy is the pure partnership between the people and the
      Crown. Never, can we, the people who includes the monarchies,
      afford to loose sight of the Crown's bearer, as set for eternity,
      where the Queens and Kings bow their knees with the people, upon the
      ground of humanity's princehood and princesshod or else, who's realm
      of influence vanishes away, while all the people suffer"

      Globalization's ideal needs to seek out how to bridge democracy
      where capitalism, socialism and communisn may come as one as a life
      style to bond humans, to serve the intelligence that can lead us
      into the regenerative connectivity of life's eternal vitality
      between the personal destiny and the communal history's unfolding
      within the improvisation upon the currency's streams and rivers of

      What is missing then, on the shores of democracy's youth like in
      Nigieria, where the people's voice turns on itself to commit
      collective suicide, killing each other such as what the last
      experience offered the world to view?

      The Africans' Africa has a voice to offer. Nigieria's offering to
      the world in their failed attempt to "speak up" is to bring silence
      for all Africans across all of Africa, so that the voice of Africa
      may rise as one, with all other voices on the planet, who aim to
      find the Quietning Silence of Patient Wisdom, where the Creator can
      be heard by all who seek The Voice Who reveals the Path of humanity
      which comes from and heading toward eternal life's destiny, from
      home to home embracing with history...

      The voice of Africa is rooted in The Ancient Voice of Humanity's
      Youth, where the joy of song, music and dancing leads the Way...

      This is why, where most of the world seeks to preserve what is old,
      there cannot be an understanding of the kind of violence that goes on
      in Africa, until
      we see that we are dealing with a child of all times. who is
      frustrated and who will not be silenced away from the Creator's
      Wisdom 's Silent Voice of Love and Truth, far from deceit and evil of
      old humanity...

      "Dear Creator of humanity,

      I personally seek you out here openly in the Public Domain, for the
      sake of feeding in Your communion, along with Helen and
      Fred and all who care to care...
      while my wife goes on reading every post I write, feeding the
      inspiration of it all in support of Your will to get done in our
      lives with the children and neighbours here and now, as it is done
      in heaven.
      According to the bible, there is war in heaven and Your victory
      causes the evil of that war to be casted upon the earth, until Your
      Sonship returns to humanity and settles all matters of human
      conflict and all of Your displeasure to heal by the justice, peace
      and joy of Your Presence..."

      ...may all blessings be with us all...
      Benoit Couture
      -------- --------- ---------


      here'is a link to the lyrics of 2 songs that I wrote to address with
      a desire for unity, the divisions of the Canadian context that I live
      into, and which might serve to inspire a sense of direction toward a
      mature people of all people kind of songs for Kenya, Nigeria,
      Tanzania, Uganda and increasingly until all of Africa is settled in
      the justice in which grows the peace to produce the joy of living in
      serenity and sanctity!
      What we are looking for is the human texture to harmonize the whole
      spectrum of human colors ranging from black to white, from red to
      yellow, along with all the mix and variety offerd by the love Who
      makes us all one from our spirit and our heart, not our skin color
      nor the limits of cultural background!

      "If there is any wisdom in this message, I pray that You please
      extend Your light upon what You mean us to experience in this
      difficult time...amen to Your Yes in us all...

      ...may all blessings be with us all...
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