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Samwel and the map of Rusinga Island

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    I share some letters that Samwel wrote to me regarding his need for a laptop and also the possibility of shipping computer parts and assembling them. He also
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 3, 2006
      I share some letters that Samwel wrote to me regarding his need for a
      laptop and also the possibility of shipping computer parts and
      assembling them. He also sent me some maps of Rusinga Island in Lake
      Victoria where he lives. I have posted them at:
      Samwel, try to upload the next version there. You will need to login
      and then click on the Update link at the bottom of the page. Please let
      me know if you have any difficulties. Andrius, http://www.ms.lt


      Thanks Andrius,

      For your comments I wish to say that is well thought but buying a lap
      top here to help me work successfully is good than shipping. Shipping is
      exepensive but I will talk to those who assemble them In Nairobi like
      the Baobab communications, they can also train me to assemble comps and
      this can help me work in the future.

      I just wanted to tell you that I also don't have internet access and I
      carry my documents after completion in CDs and disks for tranfers to the
      internet at Ken's place. I pay for internet services too often and this
      can not allow easy storage and this bring the case for alp top , but Ken
      promises me to have my own portable computer to help me access Internet
      with it daily. I don't have internet at Home also.

      I am attaching this map to you and Hope send you more maps before the
      final one is through, the map is of rusinga Island......and the dot on
      the mainland is where Ken's Place is. but the attachement cann't come I
      will send it later.



      Dear Andrius,

      I have converted the maps and I am sending them again to you and mark
      you the final map for the signspots for internet access and for Video
      Bridging is coming after completion later in the month of July, there
      are five hotspots, I just wanted you to see the Area where I live and
      Operate from. Call the area Rusinga Island With it's Township as Mbita
    • samuel kongere
      Dear Andrius, Thanks for that page for me and my home area, I am working on some modalities and would want you to get infomation about Rusinga Island. I have
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 4, 2006
        Dear Andrius,
        Thanks for that page for me and my home area, I am working on some modalities and would want you to get infomation about Rusinga Island. I have also tried to login but it is not coming my way, give me further Instuctions and how to make it possible for me to Upload later. I like that page and I need to give you more Information about Rusinga because many activities are going on which is through created by the open leader forum here.
        Thanks for the kind interest you have shown on us. We count it all joy and this is one of the most privileges I had never had ever. Please let’s take you through our Island and where we are…
        We live in Kenya , the western part of the country. We are in one of the eight provinces of Kenya called Nyanza Province . In Nyanza we live in Suba District, Mbita division and in Rusinga Island . Rusinga Island has two locations with a total of 6 sub-locations.
        The island is one of the 16 Islands in Lake Victoria . The island is connected by a causeway to the main land. The causeway was built in the year 1982. The island is 43KM² in size with a rapidly growing population of approximately 20,000 people. It had an intermittent rainfall of less than 1000mm p.a. The Island has one season for planting each year with always poor harvest now for the last five years. The major crops grown include sorghum, maize, beans and cowpeas. The major economic activity of the Islanders is fishing and small scale horticultural farming. The majority of people cannot farm at the lake shore because of the hippopotamus menace.
        The Island has a serious disease burden and malnutrition. The major diseases in the island includes Malaria (45% prevalence rate), HIV/AIDS with 30% prevalence rate among other tropical diseases. There are 17 primary schools and each has a kindergarten, one village youth polytechnic and 5 secondary schools. The Under Five Mortally Rate in the Island is 165:1000. The Island has 76% people who live below the poverty line (get less than 1US$ daily for their basic needs). The Rusinga Island people speak Luo as tribal language, Kiswahili as national Language and English as the official language.
        The island is challenged with the high number of the orphaned children; this is characterized by at least two burials of parents every week. The HIV/AIDS pandemic and its effects are seriously felt in Rusinga Island . Suba district is known as leading in Under Five Mortally Rate, and poor immunization in the country.
        Lack of Information centres and lack of market information makes it very hard to go through development and creating a technology hub can make the community informed and can raise the Education Levels.
        Thanks so much and this forms our first trip to Rusinga Island . There is a lot about Rusinga Island in terms of myths, stories e.g. proconsuls, animals and other interesting stories that can be said when requested. Feel free to ask any other information about us and our surrounding.


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