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Fw: [GBV-HIV-AIDS] update from Kenya.. impact on people needing care and access to food..

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear All, This is news from a journalist who specializes in health and women s issues. What she says confirms some of our info, and also has an interesting
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2008
      Dear All,

      This is news from a journalist who specializes in health and women's issues. What she says confirms some of our info, and also has an interesting link to the FoodStory project, as this is one aspect we normally don't think of when addressing the subject.

      The fear and concerns for safety are so palpable. Women are apparently being raped and abused in greater numbers too, according to her research and news-gathering.

      Thankfully, the EU, Tanzania, and individuals of great stature--like Desmond Tutu--are lending their support for a peaceful resolution of this situation.

      This mail brings up questions about what we can do now, and what we can do in future. It's frustrating not to have more of that possible "future" available now, but let's try to figure out what is possible now, including redoubling our prayers and our outreach efforts (not only communications, but of love and concern).

      Thanks so much for whatever people do...anything that is positive and uplifting will make a difference! Janet

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      From: anne-christine d'Adesky
      Hello all,

      Update from Western Kenya this a.m. I spoke to Leah Okeyo in Migori, Western Kenya, who is an HIV-pos leader there in a very rural community. We spoke this morning by tel. She and residents there cannot go outside-the situation with post-electoral violence is too insecure. There is a total news blackout in Kenya and no internet access as she cannot travel out of doors with soldiers and roadblocks in many areas. Her husband is away in another area, for example, and cannot return to the family until the situation improves.

      Of course this is very difficult as she and other women do home visits to over a dozen women there who have AIDS. Some receive palliative care as they are very ill, though started on ARVs, but there is no possibility of caring/providing assistance in this situation. They also worry about growing hunger. They also have no means of getting food from stores or the market.

      She reports that in addition to the EU diplomats headed for Kenya, Desmond Tutu and the Tanzanian president are also arriving, to try to bring about an end to the violence and a peaceful path to reviewing the flawed elections. Tomorrow will be a big day, as the opposition candidate has promised a rally in Nairobi that many worry will turn more violent.

      But in a depressing update: in my own news searches last night, I found that Nairobi Hospital's Rapid Response Sexual Violence unit has reported a sharp increase in rape and sodomy of women, and also that many women are not even making it to the hospital.
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