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Chat to help Kenyans

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    We re all invited to chat at http://www.worknets.org/chat/ to help Kenyans. Davis Weddi will help us do a small project in Uganda and Kiyavilo Msekwa of
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 2, 2008
      We're all invited to chat at http://www.worknets.org/chat/ to help Kenyans.

      Davis Weddi will help us do a small project in Uganda and Kiyavilo
      Msekwa of Arusha, Tanzania will also. We will be helping refugees and
      also help spread information. Sasha Mrkailo is collecting links and
      texts http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Kenya and Josephat Ndibalema
      will lead translation into Kiswahili.

      I share some letters from our groups at Minciu Sodas.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas

      For now I will continue feeding this list with the details I get from the
      situation from Kenya and how it is affecting neighboring Uganda. This will
      happen for as long as I still have a connection to the internet and my
      e-mail service.

      In Uganda, the immediate help needed is for the Kenyan refugee children and
      women who are now resident on the streets of Mbale, Tororo, Malaba and Busia
      Towns of Uganda. The families, who could afford, have taken over all the
      hotels in these towns. Those who could not afford have to struggle on the
      streets and by the day, it is becoming harder.

      This situation caught the Ugandan Immigration authorities by surprise and
      the there is no definite number of refugees known, yet they continue
      crossing into the country from Western Kenya. A Member of Parliament (known
      to me) from Tororo expressed fears that this situation of the refugees could
      get worse.

      Those who have relatives and friends in Uganda have also gotten some
      accommodation but given the dire situation in which Uganda's economy has
      been hit by scarcity of fuel (petrol and diesel) as a result of the close of
      Kenyan roads on which this fuel is ferried to Uganda, it is not know how
      long the current hospitality will last. Scarcity is now creating some chaos
      to the transport system in Uganda. Fuel prices shot up by over 500% in some
      parts of Uganda's capital. Consequently very many vehicles have been
      grounded. Uganda currently has no national reserves of fuel, what was there
      a few months ago had been sold to Shell and Hared oil companies. But these
      companies claim the reserve tanks had been emptied before Christmas time and
      they never thought there would have been chaos in Kenya.

      We hope the fuel situation does not lead to closure of some Mobile telecom
      base stations that are powered using diesel.

      - Davis Weddi


      Dear all,

      Actually i have been following what is happening in Kenya for about a
      week now,f according to the resent reports the most parts of Kenya are
      not accessible due closed transport, people are now fearing ,i'm afraid
      that most of the people are under trouble especially those out of
      Nairobi the capital city,it was reported yesterday that people are
      starving in areas of Kisumu and other parts out of Nairobi due to
      closing of shops and markets,and there is'nt transport in the most parts
      of the country.

      There is'nt acurate data on the whole situation e.g the number of
      people who have died in the insident,a number of those who have left
      there homes but it is estimated that at least 75,000 people have no
      place to stay after their houses being demolished due to ethinic
      violence,it was also reported that most people stay in church
      buldings.No accurate data at all due to Kenyan government restriction on
      reporting by private media in the country claiming that reporting on the
      current situation may cause further trouble in the country,the reason
      which have no sense.

      Uyoga we are ready to help our fellow Kenyans,but most important is
      to have acurate informations on the current situation,on my side i
      have'nt met one from Kenya by this time,but i'm trying to know more
      about ethinic situation in Kenya.It is said that the violence in the
      form of ethnic conflict,mostly Ruo tribe against Kikuyu tribe,Raila
      Odinga is from Ruo tribe and Mwaikibaki now the president from Kikuyu tribe.

      I belive this is an important time to look on how we can help our
      fellow Kenyans,Uyoga can help translate texts in Kiswahili.We are all

      Josephat Ndibalema-Member of Uyoga


      Fred Kayiwa, Uganda:
      Its rely bad stuation
      here in uganda am keeping my phone on 24hours 0782371003[+256-782-
      if any of our members comes to uganda please call me and will pick you
      to my room or some ones room
      and also if there is no possible ways to help you lets say you have
      money to recieve you can recieve it from me ica scrifice to travel to
      our border perhaps we can meet there and give you ur help.

      Andrius i guess it will be ok iwill not travel to nairobi as the
      trasport is closed now
      perhaps i can use Fly emirates they told me their fares are around
      920usd by jan 15th

      Yes I would like to help, Let me know if you need anything, I will
      Here is my phone Number +255 714 968 236

      Wish you all the best

      Kiyavilo Msekwa


      Maria Agnese Giraudo wrote:
      > Josepaht invites all of us to chat together at 4pm Kenyan-Tanzanian
      > time about the situation in Kenya.
      > See you later!
      > Maria Agnese
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