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We are helping Kenyans

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    I share news about steps our Minciu Sodas laboratory is taking to help our friends in Kenya. I spoke this morning with Samwel Kongere. He is in Rusinga Island
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2008
      I share news about steps our Minciu Sodas laboratory is taking to help
      our friends in Kenya.

      I spoke this morning with Samwel Kongere. He is in Rusinga Island and
      is safe. He says that in Kenya there is now a tribal situation and the
      next two days or so will be unstable. Kennedy Owino is safe but is not
      in Nairobi and can't get home because there is no transportation. I
      will be in touch with Samwel by phone and in a couple of days he thinks
      he should be able to send email. He has curtailed his activities for
      now. He will think of how we can help and alert us if there is somebody
      we should send money to in Kenya. I told him Agnese's concern. Agnese,
      Sasha, Janet motivated me to take action.

      I also spoke this morning with Davis Weddi in Kampala, Uganda.
      http://www.ms.lt/?thinker=Davis_Weddi I share his letter below. He will
      do a small project for our laboratory which we will think through
      together. I would like him to see how we can help the refugees, how can
      they help us help Kenyans, what information do they have and also report
      to us and the world. Is there any way that we can encourage a network
      of SMS and mobile phone connection? (I assume that these channels will
      open up soon.) Davis works for the news media, perhaps we can build on
      that? Thank you to Fred Kayiwa for introducing us to Davis.

      I am also interested that we do a small project with Kiyavilo Msekwa in
      Arusha, Tanzania which is near Kenya. Kiyavilo, are there refugees or
      travelers coming to Arusha from Kenya? Could you work with them for us?

      Thank you to Sasha Mrkailo of Serbia for collecting helpful links our
      wiki page http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Kenya Sasha knows the
      hateful logic of media blackouts and ethnic strife. Sasha, please, can
      you choose some short texts or excerpts (each should be one page or
      less) that would help take nonviolent action or overcome ethnic hatred?
      I ask our Uyoga participants in Tanzania, could you translate such texts
      into Kiswahili for us? and then publish them online at our wiki and our
      groups? and perhaps print them to help send them into Kenya? Also, can
      you check the Dar es Salaam bus station or other places and speak with
      travelers and refugees and report the situation to us?

      I ask for help at Rising Voices, what can we do to help reports get out
      of Kenya and information get into Kenya? (And congratulations to Dennis
      Kimambo and all of the winners of the recent microgrants.) Thank you to
      Global Voices for the news at:

      What else can we do? I invite us to send money by Pay Pal to ms@...
      and we will use that to fund more small projects.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania



      As we all plan and think about the situation in Kenya, I must hasten to
      note that Uganda has been seriously affected by the events in that country.

      Ugandans can no longer drive their cars as the fuel supply that comes
      through Kenya is now cut off.

      Worse still Kenyans have started fleeing into Uganda. Some of us who
      have relatives across the border, are now hosting some of those who
      managed to cross in time to escape the violence.

      But those who arrived are in dire need of help. The refugees are
      increasing by the day. Each hour, a new groups arrives on foot at least
      according to eye-witnesses including journalists.

      One story like the one I have attached below tries to explain, but the
      situation is really very worrying.

      We think that if the fuel situation continues like this, our mobile
      phones will soon not be able to call up-country where the base stations
      are diesel powered. And yet transport has already been paralysed.

      Davis Weddi

      Kampala, Uganda

      +256 752 697575



      SashaMrkailo January 2, 2008 2:20 CET I am afraid that there is not much
      that I can do from here with my meager means. I can only offer some
      ideas and links. I think it is very important for our Kenyans to have
      acurate and timely, informations. I persume that there is a media
      blockout in Kenya. Its just the best way that dictators political
      manipulants use to control public opinion. So I se they have immediately
      bocked sms and cellhones. veryy convinient. I think it is good to have a
      shortwave radio , they can be cheap and reliable because you can folllow
      international uncensored informations. Here is a link to e-bay with some
      prices : http://global.ebay.com/gbh/search?browse=0&Query=shortwave

      There is knowledge on the internet how to build simple cheap ham radio
      like this person does
      I used to listen the almost only oposition radio station on a car radio
      powered by car battery ( both taken from my old Yugo) during blackouts.

      Second idea: teach people how to peacefully demand their rights. This is
      very important and the only viable resistance , and the most powerfull
      one. read civil disobedience: http://thoreau.eserver.org/civil.html
      Briliant text, I had inention to ranslate it to Serbian whenwe had out
      problems with the local dictator, very powerfull reading and empowering.

      Professor Brian Martin from Australia is an autor of many non violent
      resistance books Here is his text on communications used in non -
      violent situations.

      Another idea and I think it could be quite dangerous is to use those
      digital cameras and picture what is happening. This is a way that can be
      used to put a serious pressure on the rulling structure.

      This is what happens when problems are building up and no one works
      tosolve those same problems. Poliicians an ruling wlites manpulate
      peeple into mutual warring a slotering instead of searching and working
      on harder problems. Meanwhile criminals (which often are serving as help
      for the elites) are doing what they are doing. This brings terrible
      condition to whole people.

      Kenyan blog updated yesterday on January 1 http://blog.thinkersroom.com/



      Asif, Sasha, Janet, Agnese, Thank you for your concern and help
      regarding our participants in Kenya and the post-election violence there.

      I spoke with Maria Agnese Giraudo and she says the situation is very
      grave, especially in Kisumu (where Tom Ochuka is) and in Nairobi's slum
      Kibera (where many of the Nafsi Afrika Acrobats are) based on what she
      heard from a Kenyan colleague in Italy and from news reports. Also, she
      has received no replies to SMS and has not been able to call anybody by
      phone. We also have not received and emails from Kenya. There are
      reports of a media blackout in Kenya. This means that we may have
      access to information on the Internet that may not be available to
      people in Kenya.

      Asif Daya, because you grew up in Kenya but now are in Florida, and are
      well informed, I ask you to lead our efforts to help, if you agree. If
      you can, please also send me your telephone number so I might call you
      if there is a need.

      Currently, we can think how we might prepare to help when we do have the

      - We can share information that we learn about our participants.
      - We can organize some money, even a few hundred dollars, to send as
      needed where needed by Western Union.
      - We might prepare some information that we're able to collect here,
      depending on how bad the media blackout is in Kenya. We can then have
      it ready to send when the opportunity arises. I have set up a page
      http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Kenya Sasha, please, can you help there?
      - We can write letters and sign petitions to the foreign ministries in
      our various countries.
      - We can make a list of organizations and contacts that are able to help.
      - We may be able to organize help from Tanzania and Uganda (please advise!).

      Asif, What do you suggest?

      Just for clarity, my understanding is that Samwel and Kennedy are of the
      Lou tribe, as are most of the people of Rusinga Island where Samwel
      lives. Kennedy lives in one of Nairobi's slums. Raila Odinga, the
      presidential challenger, is a Lou and Mwai Kibaki, the incumbent
      president, is a Kikuyu.
      And here's a Kenyan newspaper that's online: http://eastandard.net

      Fred, Agnese and I decided that you should not travel by bus to
      Nairobi. Soon she will learn about the visa and then we will discuss
      further about buying your ticket to Rome.

      Asif, I have changed your settings at Mendenyo so that your letters go
      through directly and you can write as many as you please.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
      skype: minciusodas
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