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Re: [holistichelping] Support to Uyoga for Internet Access

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  • Maria Agnese Giraudo
    Dear Wendi and all, sorry for delay in answering you but I was in the countryside and I couldn t go to the Internet cafe . I would like to communicate with
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 1 11:18 AM
      Dear Wendi and all,
      sorry for delay in answering  you but I was in the countryside and I couldn't  go  to the Internet cafe'.
      I would like to communicate with you and I prefer  to chat than to share  email. So, I suggest you, if you are interested,  to arrange  an appointment in the chat room. I like to communicate and  to share openly, although often the issues shared  are too technical for me and  I'm tired... 
      I would like to explain you  (because of  course you don't know me) what I do, my aim and commitment in Tanzania and Kenya inside  the MS Lab. I have a personal commitment  with William Wambura for his education and his family since  2004, then I  met Helen Mahoo, Mwanaidi, Josephat and many members of Uyoga  association. I’m in touch with them and I  really enjoyed to encourage  the collaboration between  Samwel Kongere and  Uyoga members also before the constitution of the association. I  feel very close to them although my support to the UYOGA has been since the beginning limited to cover the costs of Internet access and the travel of Samwel To Dar es Salaam every 6 month. 
      As you know they have only one laptop  they have received from Andrius relatives during their travel to Tanzania .  I have also contributed to the travel  to Italy of Ken and James of the group NAFSI Afrtika Acrobats  last July and to  the arrangments their performances here.
      Now I ‘m very interested in a collaboration inside the Mincius Sodas Lab, with  Binario Etico and other associations  in Kenya , or whatever in Africa to get expertise about  computer recycling, how to get  tools and components and how to arrange courses in Europe and in Nairobi. I hope we join our energy to work together not only to get computers but to learn how to fix and  provide assistance and  to create new products, as Includer.
      I wish you and all a positive and constructive 2008!
      All the best!
      Maria Agnese

      ACTWID KONGADZEM <actwid_k@...> ha scritto:
      Hi Maria Agnes Giraudo,
      We all in our rural women and youth organisation
      working for HIV/AIDS infected and affected people and
      orphans in Bamenda, Cameroon wish you and all
      holistichelping members a happy ,peaceful and
      prosperous New Year 2008.
      We all are worried to hear that Uyoga is already
      enjoying computer facilities and you have also
      promised to give them an internet connection while our
      organisation that started crying out loudly to all of
      you at holistichelping to join hands with us and
      help us to have some computers and an internet access
      for more than three years now since we identified a
      very felt-need of our organisation to be having
      internet connection with a computer centre as our
      rural women and youths really need these tools to
      solve our rural exodus problems.
      When Andrius and your group promised us since three
      months ago to solve this our felt-needs, we went and
      rented a large room at our commercial centre here to
      get ready to sign agreements with you for some
      computers, then internet connectionetc We even
      remember that weparticipated in a chat where we
      discussed the interst to even sell flash sticks and
      other accessories through your arrangements. Now, we
      get so worried not hearing any concrete arrangements
      for these plans and our highly rented room up till now
      is still empty. We equally went as far as discussing
      some possibilities of having one of us actively
      participate in a training earlier earmarked for
      January 2008 . We are still very interested in your
      assistance like the Ujoga people and are longing for
      you you to come in to help us too.
      We will be grateful to hear from you our stand as of
      now in the whole project.
      Immense thanks from all of us while waiting for your
      Sincerely ,ACTWID KONGADZEM women/youths
      in Cameroon led by Wendi losha Bernadette, national
      president /cooordinator.
      --- Maria Agnese Giraudo <mariaagnesegiraudo@ yahoo.it>

      > Dear Helen,
      > I would like to chat with you but I'm in the
      > country side and now i'm in Internet cafè. I
      > supposed to meet you last friday. I confirm that
      > want to go on to support Uyoga to get Internet
      > access. I enjoy to know that Uyoga is chatting in
      > Kiswahili together , but I would like we share some
      > issue together.
      > I'm very happy to know that Kims is collaborationg
      > in MSLab. Please Kims keep in touch with us about
      > computer recycling and Includer!
      > Heave a constructive and peaceful 2008!
      > Maria Agnese
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