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A laptop for Samwel? and our work together

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    ... Samwel, Thank you for your letter. Maybe somebody has a laptop they can send you? I am writing a proposal to Hewlett-Packard that we might do some work for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2006
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      samuel kongere wrote:

      > Dear Andrius,
      > I am getting down to work and have the pleasure to tell you that I
      > collected the money yesterday and it was 90 Euro kes 7874.00, It was
      > good to receive all the info and the transaction was smooth this time.
      > have good time there and I really need a lap top for my personal use ,
      > What do think? I would as well thank you for doing the connection.
      > Janet had the opinion of me working for her and hope you will do some
      > negotiation when she comes back from the break, Lukas is also
      > promising to Help Me out, do something I still value the project ahead
      > Of us and Helmut can send the 420 phrases in MS-WORD to me. I have
      > informed Him.
      > Thanks,
      > Samwel

      Samwel, Thank you for your letter.

      Maybe somebody has a laptop they can send you?

      I am writing a proposal to Hewlett-Packard that we might do some work
      for them. Perhaps they will be able to send us laptops for our work.
      My first concern is that we get a laptop for Markus Petz because he
      doesn't have Internet at home and he is driving twenty miles or more to
      use the Internet for one hour at a library each day. If Markus has a
      computer, then he can help us in our work with Hewlett-Packard.

      Samwel, perhaps we can practice sending less expensive items first? For
      example, the cost to ship packages from the United States to Kenya is $6
      for 1 pound, $13 for 3 pounds, $34 for 10 pounds. (Delivery takes up to
      six weeks.) Air mail (Delivery up to two weeks) is roughly 30% more.
      This means that we may be able to send computer parts which you may be
      able to assemble. If you are able to assemble a computer, then it means
      that you will be able to fix it, which is very important. Can you make
      computer cases locally? This should not be too difficult, I think. You
      may also be able to innovate and even build special cases that you can
      export. Finally, are you able to purchase monitors locally? How much do
      they cost? If you can make a price list of various parts at our wiki,
      then we can see which parts it makes sense to send. You may be able to
      make a business assembling computers and selling them. As you develop a
      plan, we can look for connections with people who are working on
      "trashware", such as Stefan Matteikat
      or Davide Lamanna in Rome http://trashware.linux.it

      Samwel, I am glad to see your good connection with us. Each of these
      projects build our relationship and makes more possible:
      - You will translate the 420 phrases for the interface for Helmut
      Leitner's ProWiki. Then it will be possible in the future to set up
      ProWiki in the Kiswahili language. People in your region can share
      content with each other and the world.
      - You will make a map for us as we discussed. Then we will know more
      about your region and we will be able to work on more projects with you.

      Meanwhile, we can also start thinking about other projects that may help
      you get work for the future:

      - Lucas will work with us in July to help us get ready for a possible
      bird flu pandemic. We would like to do a project in your region in
      Kenya. We will need contact with one or more health professionals in
      the area. We would like to know what are currently the biggest health
      problems (such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, etc.) and what kind of help would
      be most useful? We think that there is a real chance (perhaps 30%) of a
      major bird flu pandemic that might someday soon kill hundreds or
      thousands of people in your region (and many other regions in the
      world). We think that there are simple things we can do to so that many
      lives are saved. This includes sharing information in Kiswahili and
      English. http://www.ms.lt/pandemic/ There is also perhaps business
      opportunity, for example, in creating making masks that can slow the
      spread of the disease. We care about current health problems, too. So
      we are especially interested in steps that we can take that will be
      useful for existing health problems but also in case of a bird flu pandemic.

      - Janet Feldman is doing fantastic work. Many people come to her asking
      for help. So we're very interested how you and all of us at our lab can
      help out. Let's practice helping her and set up a system.

      - Jeff Buderer and the One Village Foundation are encouraging us to
      organize unity centers. When you draw your map it will be important to
      show where the existing Internet access points are. This includes
      Kennedy Onyango's center. Let's ask ourselves, what are the places that
      are already like unity centers? And how can we help transform them so
      that they work even better to unite all kinds of initiatives? I believe
      that it is helpful for us to think of all kinds of unity centers and
      global villages as a matter of degree.
      Here are some questions for such a center:
      * How intensely do you (your local circle) develop a shared vision?
      * How do you nurture and enjoy your own creative culture?
      * How do you help each other address personal needs, crises, challenges?
      * How much do you help the disadvantaged in your neighborhood?
      * How much are you a base for social entrepreneurs?
      * How much are you self-sustaining economically?
      * How thoughtful are you ecologically?
      * How actively do you participate in the global world?
      * How transparent and sharing are you in social networking?
      * How active are you in local political matters?
      What else is important for a unity center or a global village?
      We can help unity centers get stronger in all of these areas. Then they
      will be able to unite a wider variety of people and projects. I think
      that is a big part of "holistic helping".


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
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