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Holiday Harambee for Agape Children's Home (Kericho, Kenya): $300-400 Needed by December 18th!

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Friends, This posting is from a close friend in Nakuru, Dennis Kimambo, with whom ActALIVE--the arts coalition I founded in 2002 (whose members use arts
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      Dear Friends,
      This posting is from a close friend in Nakuru, Dennis Kimambo, with whom ActALIVE--the arts coalition I founded in 2002 (whose members use arts and media to address HIV/AIDS)--is organizing a holiday party for HIV+ children at a home in Kericho.  If anyone is interested in donating, please contact Dennis directly, or send me a note. All info and contact details are below.
      With greatest thanks and happiest holidays, Janet (Feldman, kaippg@...)
      Dear Friends,
      This Christmas we welcome you to be part of a party that is taking place in Kericho, at the Agape Children's Home. Agape is run by Grace, a primary school teacher who has taken in 20 children from the community, all of whom are HIV+.  Using her own salary, she has been taking care of these children for more than three years. The youngest child is 2 years old, who she took in after the baby was newly born and abandoned in a dustbin.
      This Christmas we are calling upon friends to help support this home. Here in Nakuru, REPACTED and other grassroots nonprofits (some of which make up the ActALIVE (www.actalive.org) chapter in Nakuru) have joined together to spend the holidays with the children. We are assembling donations of food, clothes, school uniforms, and organizing a party.
      We are hoping to use some of the funds to help Grace start good farming projects, as she has just acquired a piece of land donated by a member of the community. We want to help her because, with the farm produce, the project can sustain itself.
      We are joined as a team as we look forward to your support. We hope you can attend, and if not, that you will still consider a contribution.
      We plan to have a fun day, as well as to give donations to support the work already being done. REPACTED, a youth theatre troupe (www.repacted.org) in Nakuru, will be holding Friday comedy nights up to the date of the event, to raise support in kind towards the day.
      The "Students of the World" group (http://www.studentsoftheworld.org/kenya.htm) may in their individual capacities send their support to the event. We invite you to send your support of any kind, including old clothes, sports equipment, shoes, toothbrushes and paste, and any amount of financial donation, however large or small. 
      This year's event will also involve a partnership between ActALIVE International and the ActALIVE Kenyan chapter, which is forming at the current time, and coordinating the whole event. ActALIVE is a globally-oriented nonprofit whose members in 30+ countries use the arts and media to address HIV/AIDS and issues related to the Millennium Development Goals.
      Please join in and support a wonderful cause. Donations can be sent directly to Kenya via Western Union: please send to Dennis Kimambo, Nakuru, Kenya, before DECEMBER 20th, if possible.  We still need about $400 for the Christmas party.
      Thank-you so much, and Happiest Holidays! 
      Dennis Kimambo
      REPACTED, Kenya
      Janet Feldman
      KAIPPG International
      ActALIVE Arts Coalition
      More on Students of the World:
      Students of the World (SOW), an organization conceived by college students and led by students, is dedicated to raising public awareness of and activism on social issues affecting international communities. The SOW mission is executed through teams of college students who spend four weeks immersed in, learning from, and documenting developmental issues surrounding a localized international community.
      The crux of the mission is achieved in the students' return and subsequent documentary work production and advocacy in their own university communities. Through documentary film production, photography and art exhibitions, policy studies, and newspaper and magazine articles, Students of the World works to inspire Americans toward global understanding and activism. With chapters at Brown University, Columbia University, Duke University, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and University of Texas at Austin, SOW has become a national movement.
      More on ActALIVE:
      ActALIVE (www.actalive.org) is an international arts coalition whose 300 members in 30 countries use the arts and media to address HIV/AIDS and development. Members include development nonprofits, artists and educators, social-change advocates, youth, women, members of the media. Each member--whether individual or group--has their own arts-related educational and development activities, which they share with other members. ActALIVE also engages in projects as a collective, with members and other partners.
      Some of our activities include co-creation of the first African Youth HIV/AIDS Best Practices Handbook, with many arts practices included (www.developmentpartnership.org); co-sponsorship of an HIV/AIDS-themed music CD for youth, produced by iEARN Sierra Leone (http://www.iearnsierraleone.org); co-editorship of the arts and MDGs journal, art'ishake (www.art4development.net); and partnership with the Global Peace Tiles Project (www.peacetiles.net) for World AIDS Day arts-related activities.
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