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From David Sasaki/Rising Voices: Grant Deadline Extended to DEC 3 (fantastic!!)/Tawanda-George-Andrius-Sasha

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  • Janet Feldman
    Hello David and All, Fantastic news about the deadline, and for everyone applying, please share your proposals (if possible) AT THE WIKI for Rising Voices
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2007

      Hello David and All,
      Fantastic news about the deadline, and for everyone applying, please share your proposals (if possible) AT THE WIKI for Rising Voices (George and Tawanda, take note!).
      I'm delighted to see proposals by Andrius Kulikauskas (Minciu Sodas and ActALIVE) and Sasha Mrkailo (Minciu Sodas), and to see mention in David's note (below)  of Tawanda Chisango, who is the assistant moderator at ActALIVE, as well as being the Zimbabwe national focal point for the Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS (www.youthaidscoalition.org), in addition to his other work (with the Patsime Trust, SAfAIDS, and more).
      I encourage everyone reading this to apply!  We have so many people in the forums cc'd who are using media generally--and some with a "citizen" focus already--so here is an excellent chance to expand what you are doing already, or to become involved in this particular use of media.
      With excitement and artistic affections, Janet
      Dear All:

      I have now left feedback on all of the applications that have been posted to the wiki. Many more applicants have chosen to submit their proposals privately via email and so I wanted to take a few minutes to explain why I was hoping that more proposals would be submitted via the wiki.

      One of the frequently shared values of those of us who are enthusiastic about citizen media is that a group of people know much more about any given topic than just one person, and that blogging helps great ideas rise to the top. Although there are about eight of us who look through the majority of the Rising Voices applications, much of the initial evaluation of the proposals is left up to me.

      Throughout my three years of experience with Global Voices I have gained insight into what factors often make for a successful citizen media outreach project. But I would never claim to have as much knowledge as, for example, Tawanda Chisango about what could help strengthen the power of online participation in Zimbabwe or Arafatul Islam about the development-related issues facing rural South Asia. Rising Voices aims to help support the best ideas of citizen media activists from around the developing world, but I need the combined expertise of the entire community to help understand what those best ideas are. Furthermore, if we share ideas and share advice, the collective impact of the Rising Voices community will be far greater than if we all try our own separate experiments in isolation.

      Those of you who have submitted proposals to me via email will soon receive responses asking for your permission to post them publicly to the wiki. If you submitted a proposal to me via email and you don't receive a response in the next 48 hours, that means I never received your email. Please re-send it at your earliest convenience.

      The deadline to finalize proposals has ben extended until December 3rd to allow everyone time to glance through the proposals on the wiki and offer their feedback. You may still submit applications via email and the deadline to do so is also extended until December 3rd.

      Below is a list of active proposals (in no order whatsoever) that are currently available for your feedback and commentary. You can read the feedback I have left on each proposal by clicking the "Comments" button on the top of each page. I encourage you all to also leave a comment on as many proposals as you are able to read.

      You can always access the newest list of available applications on the front page of the wiki:

      As always, thank you for your support and patience.

      Best Regards,


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