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Re: [learningfromeachother] Re: [holistichelping] Chat about Rising Voices microgrants, Saturday, 1:00 London time

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  • David mutua
    Dear Andrius, David Sasaki, Maria, Sam and others. Thanks Andrius for this info, this comes at the rigth time for our Teachers Talking Kenya. TT Kenya is aimed
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 25, 2007
      Dear Andrius, David Sasaki, Maria, Sam and others.
      Thanks Andrius for this info, this comes at the rigth time for our Teachers Talking Kenya. TT Kenya is aimed at raising their voices about education and community needs of where they work and live through all possible technologies, we started with community consultation meetings thus are F2F - this time there was no other technology like cameras or internet that can be used to record and communicate the happenings, only written reports from the meetings were available , this grew to online meetings and reporting after COL support for the TT training and online meetings, later during the workshop CAWD through Pam donated a digital still camera to be used for evidence pics and a team is working on that.
      As we believe in talking or raising our voices, we are exploring all opportunities that can meet our needs, the Raising Voices initiatives fits in well with our aim and interests.
      How can we build the video work in Kenya that the Minciu Sodas laboratory members have helped to establish? The skills that the Sam and Ken team in Kenya have gained that can be shared with other groups like ours (TT).

      Sam and Ken what do you think?

      I would suggest we look at this possibility together for a better way forward, such like a collaborative video skills and making your presence on the web training for the groups (through joining neworks,blogging and wikis).

      Please advise.

      David Mutua
      TT Kenya Project Manager and Coordinator.

      --- ms@... wrote:

      > David Sasaki leads Rising Voices
      > http://wiki. rising.globalvoi cesonline. org
      > "Rising Voices aims to help bring new voices from
      > new communities and
      > speaking new languages to the conversational web, by
      > providing resources and
      > funding to local groups reaching out to
      > underrepresented communities. "
      > They are inviting all to submit ideas for
      > microgrants of up to $5,000 for
      > citizen media outreach projects to teach the skills
      > of citizen media to new
      > users. They seem to be especially interested in
      > helping people learn to
      > create blogs, podcasts, videos in local languages.
      > I invite everybody to work together on our proposals
      > as we chat this
      > Saturday, November 24 at 4:00 pm Kenya time, 1:00 pm
      > London time, 8:00 am New
      > York time. I expect we will chat for at least 2
      > hours and probably more so
      > you can come later if you need to. Join us here:
      > http://www.worknets .org/chat/
      > At our own Minciu Sodas laboratory http://www.ms. lt
      > I think of the work of
      > Uyoga in Tanzania to teach computer skills to youth
      > in Kiswahili, and the
      > worker of Teachers Talking in Nigeria and Kenya to
      > teach computer skills to
      > ICT teachers, and also our regional network in Kenya
      > that works with video.
      > Our work seems very relevant and we should write at
      > least one microgrant
      > proposal and possibly several. Especially because
      > it is a chance to get
      > feedback and to support the interactive grant
      > process at the wiki. And there
      > may be more microgrants in the future. That is
      > important because the chance
      > of winning any particular contest is not very big.
      > I earlier submitted a proposal
      http://wiki. rising.globalvoi cesonline. org/Marginal+ Internet+ Access
      > and I'm asking Sasha Mrkailo of Serbia to lead that
      > and rewrite that.
      > David, I look forward to your help and feedback. I
      > and others at our lab
      > have many ideas but it's a matter of knowing what
      > might be possible.
      > For example, I would like to set up an SMS system in
      > Africa for activating an
      > emergency response network. Typically, we would
      > work with a local church or
      > organization, giving them at least $20 but offering
      > $100 if they collect 100
      > cell phone numbers from participants for the network
      > who agree to reply to an
      > SMS message. The SMS message would have a fun test
      > question on some topic
      > like flu pandemic or AIDS or flooding, etc., and
      > they would reply with their
      > answer, primarily to ensure that the network is
      > active. But also this would
      > encourage discussion at church or at the
      > organization of a sensitive topic.
      > And it would have a ready list of people to call in
      > the event of an emergency
      > and a growing sense of leadership by those who
      > participate. We could combine
      > that with local information sharing and a website
      > explaining how to set this
      > up and providing the information materials needed
      > and perhaps allowing the
      > registration of participants. But would it make
      > sense to write a grant
      > proposal for this?
      > I would like to see each of our African participants
      > have a proposal that
      > describes what they would like to be doing. And so
      > they could submit it
      > here, get feedback and attention, and submit it at
      > other places as well.
      > Also, we're interested to connect with others around
      > the world.
      > David, I appreciate very much your open leadership
      > and networking. I imagine
      > that I myself can't benefit directly from these
      > microgrants but yet if our
      > lab's participants can win that would be a great
      > support.
      > However, I confess that we live in a very small
      > world in which I and others
      > may not be included for somebody's personal reasons.
      > In 2003, Jeff Buderer
      > met with Alan Gunn ("a long time partner of Tactical
      > Tech")
      > http://www.tactical tech.org/ asiasource2_ partners
      > who told him that I was "blacklisted" . Indeed, I
      > attended the 2002 Tactical
      > Tech Summer Source Camp where Alan and another
      > organizer Marek Tuszynski
      > forced me to leave early because I was "too
      > intimidating" . In particular, I
      > had made Ethan Zuckerman feel embarrassed when I
      > publicly challenged him that
      > he hadn't answered my question, a question voicing
      > doubts raised by African
      > participants about Ethan's faith in "leapfrogging
      > technologies" , which they
      > were too afraid to raise. They wanted me to leave
      > the island of Vis at night
      > with nowhere to go, but finally they allowed me to
      > stay until the early
      > morning ferry, so long as I stayed alone away from
      > the others. Furthermore, I
      > was told by the organizers that I must never tell
      > anybody what had happened.
      > Rising Voices is made possible by Ethan Zuckerman's
      > important work and works
      > closely with Tactical Tech, who is also doing
      > important work. Certainly, any
      > public letters from them how they would like to work
      > together publicly with
      > our Minciu Sodas lab would be great. They have not
      > responded to my online
      > participation over the years. I simply appreciate a
      > forthrightness in
      > letting me and others know what is possible and also
      > helping with
      > alternatives to make sure all can be included. I
      > appreciate special efforts
      > to include our Minciu Sodas laboratory because of
      > the extraordinary efforts
      > in the past not to include us. I am very interested
      > in "working openly" in a
      > culture that lets us overlap our work as much as
      > possible. The world is
      > growing smaller.
      > P.S. My webmail won't be recognized by the Rising
      > Voices google groups so if
      > I have trouble posting my letter, then please do so!
      > Thank you!
      > And please spread our invitation to chat!
      > Andrius
      > Andrius Kulikauskas
      > Minciu Sodas
      > http://www.ms. lt
      > ms@...
      > http://www.worknets .org/wiki. cgi?HolisticHelp ing
      > Please note our rule: Each letter sent to the
      > Holistic Helping group enters the PUBLIC DOMAIN
      > unless it explicitly states otherwise. Thank you!
      > http://www.ethicalp ublicdomain. org
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