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Andrius-David-All: Rising Voices chat/Emergency response system

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Andrius, David, and All, Thanks so much for this exciting letter, and I hope some of our members at Holistic Helping and ActALIVE will be able to attend!
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      Dear Andrius, David, and All,
      Thanks so much for this exciting letter, and I hope some of our members at Holistic Helping and ActALIVE will be able to attend!  David is now a member of ActALIVE, and we are delighted and honored to have him!
      I'm not sure I can make the chat because of my dad's healthcare, but I will if I can. I did want to comment that there are many members in both forums who should consider submitting a proposal, and I have spoken with others outside of these contexts too, esp those working in Africa.  Jeff also (oneVillage Foundation)  has a great proposal which we might consider. 
      I am not able at the moment to lead such an effort, but I hope there will be further rounds in future, and in the meantime I can certainly be available for feedback and other types of help.
      Andrius, I also wanted to say that your idea (snippet below) about the emergency response network is an excellent one, and I do think it could be the subject of a grant, or several, in fact.   A wide variety of topics could be covered in a "one-stop" way with such a network, and text messaging as well as mobile phones are becoming more widely available and used in Africa already, so adapting same for your proposed uses should be easier accordingly.
      I'd love to see ActALIVE members consider how to develop such an idea with a focus on HIV/AIDS, and with an edutainment approach.  One thing to consider is this:   a website for info-sharing abt this project is a great idea, and should be pursued, though I would also hope in conjunction with other methods such as radio, peer education in a face-to-face context, written and spoken-word (podcasts et al) instructions in local languages, videos which also might be in local languages.  This to reach the greatest numbers of people.
      Thanks much, and I/we look forward to developing this idea further and ensuring that the voices of members rise and shine!  With artistic affections and appreciation, Janet
      David Sasaki leads Rising Voices http://wiki.rising.globalvoicesonline.org
      "Rising Voices aims to help bring new voices from new communities and
      speaking new languages to the conversational web, by providing resources and
      funding to local groups reaching out to underrepresented communities."

      They are inviting all to submit ideas for microgrants of up to $5,000 for
      citizen media outreach projects to teach the skills of citizen media to new
      users.  They seem to be especially interested in helping people learn to
      create blogs, podcasts, videos in local languages. 

      I invite everybody to work together on our proposals as we chat this
      Saturday, November 24 at 4:00 pm Kenya time, 1:00 pm London time, 8:00 am New
      York time.  I expect we will chat for at least 2 hours and probably more so
      you can come later if you need to.  Join us here:

      For example, I would like to set up an SMS system in Africa for activating an
      emergency response network.  Typically, we would work with a local church or
      organization, giving them at least $20 but offering $100 if they collect 100
      cell phone numbers from participants for the network who agree to reply to an
      SMS message.  The SMS message would have a fun test question on some topic
      like flu pandemic or AIDS or flooding, etc., and they would reply with their
      answer, primarily to ensure that the network is active.  But also this would
      encourage discussion at church or at the organization of a sensitive topic.
      And it would have a ready list of people to call in the event of an emergency
      and a growing sense of leadership by those who participate.  We could combine
      that with local information sharing and a website explaining how to set this
      up and providing the information materials needed and perhaps allowing the
      registration of participants.  But would it make sense to write a grant
      proposal for this?

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