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MOPGEL at Buduburam Refugee Camp (Ghana): Needs ICTs and Advice

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  • kaippg@earthlink.net
    Dear Friends, Please read below abt MOPGEL, a wonderful ICTs-related organization operating at the Buduburam Refugee Camp, near Accra, Ghana. MOPGEL is in dire
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 23, 2006
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      Dear Friends,

      Please read below abt MOPGEL, a wonderful ICTs-related organization
      operating at the Buduburam Refugee Camp, near Accra, Ghana. MOPGEL is in
      dire need of computers, as well as some training on repairs, and they have
      also been offered computer donations, without the ability or funds to
      transport them.

      I have written to two programs some airlines have which transport donated
      goods, and am wondering if anyone has other shipping suggestions.
      Alternatively, is anyone able to donate computers--or do you have a lead on
      same--and also ship them? It would be great if there is an in-country
      (Ghana) source or connection, but anyone and everyone is welcome to help!

      Also, are there any suggestions for places where funds to ship the offered
      computers (from Computer Aid International, and a non-profit in Spain)
      might be sourced? Estimates of amount needed (depending on the number of
      machines) is $1500-3000.

      Immense thanks and very best wishes,
      Janet Feldman, kaippg@...

      MOPGEL is working on multiple fronts to address a range of issues related
      to health, education, income-generation, youth and women's development, and
      ICTs training and access, and is seeking volunteers and support to aid
      their efforts.

      MOPGEL--Movement for the Promotion of Gender Equality--was formed by two
      Liberian journalists, Mr. Hisenburg Q. Togba and the late John Q. Worjloh,
      in the year 2000, working from the premise that cultural and traditional
      practices denied girls and women access to training and education, thus
      curtailing their ability to improve livelihoods, literacy, and to make a
      better quality of life for themselves and their families.

      The founders decided to form a non-governmental organization--with the
      motto "Equality for Development"-- in order to break the conspiracy of
      silence surrounding discrimination against women, to promote gender
      equality, and at the same time to empower women, people with disabilities,
      and youth.

      Exiled to Ghana following unrest and persecution in Liberia, Hisenburg and
      MOPGEL are currently involved in a number of projects at the Buduburam
      Refugee Settlement, among these ICTs training, income-generation and skills
      building, education of women and youth, and environmental clean-up.

      The address and contact information for MOPGEL is: Buduburam Refugee
      Camp-Ghana, Box 46 State House-Accra, tel: + 233 244 808 178, email:
      info@... and mopgel@..., and see website: www.mopgel.org.

      MOPGEL is a registered nonprofit and non-governmental organization,
      established to join other equality movements around the world, with the
      mission to help ease and erase discrimination and violence against women,
      people with disabilities, and youth. A full 90% of Liberia's population is
      not literate in terms of ICTs, and--after 14 years of civil unrest--many
      lack basic vocational training and the skills needed for employment, which
      leaves about 80% of the Liberian people below the poverty line, and 85%
      unemployed. Therefore, programs which emphasize training, education, and
      development of human and material resources are imperative, and this is
      where MOPGEL aims to provide support and services.

      ICTs are a powerful tool, capable of serving both men and women, and are
      vital for those seeking gender equality and the empowerment of women.
      Liberia is one of the countries that is yet to embrace ICTs, so MOPGEL has
      as a major goal the provision of equipment and training to use it, and also
      the teaching of general computer literacy, to a large number of Liberians
      at the Buduburam Refugee Camp. To that end, MOPGEL has also joined
      ACTIndia-ICT Education and Digital Campaign, which seeks to bring ICTs
      equipment and training to rural and underserved areas globally. MOPGEL
      hopes to carry out ACTIndia Campaign goals with Liberian refugees in Ghana.

      MOPGEL is working towards the goal of someday establishing and managing
      training centers in Liberia, and in the near term, has set up a
      computer-equipped learning center at Buduburam, meant to support a wide
      array of activities and focal points for the organization, among these
      being micro-credit lending and small-business training, vocational training
      for income-generation, peace-building, HIV/AIDS education, adult literacy,
      environmental and sanitation programs, a media program, and a reproductive
      health program.

      To effectively carry out its vital mission and range of programs, computers
      and ICTs volunteers (to help with training, repairs, and other aspects of
      program set-up) are of immense importance and very much-needed, especially
      at the present time, when the equipment being used is no longer working nor
      able to be repaired, due to age and lack of parts or expertise. Therefore,
      any help which organizations can offer--in equipment donations, technical
      expertise, volunteers to support, design, and maintain programs--is deeply
      welcome and greatly appreciated.

      Read accounts of the Buduburam Camp and some of the successful programs
      which are operational there, at the websites of Unite for Sight and SHIFSD,
      or "Self-Help Initiatives for Sustainable Development"
      (www.uniteforsight.org and www.shifsd.org). SHIFSD is also located at
      Buduburam, working on sustainable development endeavors, and can be reached
      via Jeremiah Burgess (director), at shifsd_ghana@.... The specific
      url at UFS is http://www.uniteforsight.org/intl_programs.php.

      Please also read an article by Andy Carvin about his visit to MOPGEL/SHIFSD
      and Buduburam in July 2005:

      PEP-LA (Peer Education Project, Los Angeles) has been at the camp for
      HIV/AIDS trainings, and gives glowing accounts of the work being done
      there, as well as harrowing descriptions of the deprivations and challenges
      faced daily by the people who live in the camp, and of refugee life in
      general. See www.pepla.org for more information.
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