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The Closing of ALGAF SESSIONS conducted ThroughVideoConferencing -Topic:Evaluation and Planning

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    Dear all, As we are approaching at the end of the year 2007,today Uyoga members have participate in a very interesting event,members were William
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2007
      Dear all,
      As we are approaching at the end of the year 2007,today Uyoga members have participate in a very interesting event,members were William Wambura,Josephat Ndibalema,Primson Rugemwa,Abnel Emmanuel and Issa Bogere,the event was the ALGAF SESSION VIII closing for the year 2007,ALGAF means African Local Government Forum,this is a World Bank sponsored African joint initiative of the Municipal Development Program for eastern and southern Africa   ,the program consist of twelve modules with a duration of three hours  monthly dialogue linking about 7 African countries through video conference each first friday of the month as we used to report,country participants include Tanzania,Zimbabwe,Kenya,Ethiopia,Ghana,Uganda,Rwanda Here in Tanzania everything is organised by the Tanzania Global Development Learning Centre http://www.tgdlc.com
                  Today we had the last session for the year 2007, the topic was EVALUATION AND  PLANNING  , evaluating on the previous sessions and planning for the coming year sessions.Participants from their respective countries gave different coments as regard to the passed sessions manly highlighting on the issue of program improvements,encouraging participation for the local government officials, individual local people,civil organisations e.t.c 
      Also comments or suggesting topics for the coming session next year starting on February 2008,some suggestions come from Uyoga, topic we have  suggested includes;
      -Action Plan for the  ALGAF sessions 2007-by Josephat Ndibalema
      -How ICT can play a role in addressing Hiv/Aids pandemic-Josephat Ndibalema  
      -The Role of  ICT in Transforming Agriculture-by William Wambura
      -How can ICT be used in Reforming Education-by Issa Bogere
      The pragram will proceed next year on February 2008.
      United Youths Generation for Africa-UYOGA
      Reporter Josephat Ndibalema-Uyoga member


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