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Kenya Sistahs Organizes NOV 10th Conference in Mombasa/Apply by OCT 28th

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Friends, We are inviting you, your friends/family in Kenya to our upcoming International Conference on Saturday 10 November 2007 in Mombasa. There is no
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2007
      Dear Friends,
      We are inviting you, your friends/family in Kenya to our upcoming International Conference on Saturday 10 November 2007 in Mombasa.  There is no charge for the conference. Register at the bottom of this email message.

      The Conference will be held at the Sun 'n' Sand Hotel in Mombasa from 0900 to 1700 on that day.

      You can also click on the following link for conference information.

      The group that I traveled with to Kenya in 2005 has now formed a newly created non-profit organization called the Kenya Sistahs.  We are all Boston-based African American professional women keenly interested in serving and partnering with the people of Kenya.  As a direct result of my trip in 2005, I sponsored a young man from Mombasa with a scholarship to high school.  

      Our organizational purpose is five-fold: 

      1. Engage in humanitarian work 
      2. Promote educational sponsorships 
      3. Support Kenyan women in economic development 
      4. Foster collaborative partnerships with Kenya based organizations 
      5. Encourage cross cultural understanding 

      Our organization's new website is www.KenyaSistahs.org.

      We are returning to Kenya on 1-14 November 2007 to continue our humanitarian work with family groups/children's centers that we currently support. We are also hosting an International Conference on 10 November 2007 in Mombasa, Kenya titled "Empowering the Family."  The conference is co-hosted by the five-star socially responsible hotel, the Sun n Sand Resort, where the conference will be held. The Sun n Sand website is http://www.sunnsand.info.  You can see some of their community projects at http://www.sunnsand.info/album2.htm.  I would also suggest going to this website to see what recent travelers have to say about the hotel:  

      The conference will provide a full day exchange of international, cross cultural dialogue to assess the many ways that the Kenya Sistahs, Sun n Sand, and other organizations can provide valuable support, assistance, and resources to the women, men, children, and families of Kenya. 

      Information about our November 2007 trip to Kenya can be found at my website: 

      We are expecting up to 100 conference attendees.  There will be no charge to attend this event.

      We hope that you or your friends will attend our conference.  Please email me with the names and contact information of those who can attend. Registration information is featured below.  My phone number in the US is (508) 947-5755.

      Asante Sana!

      International Conference Reservation Card
      10 November 2007
      Sun n Sand Hotel   Mombasa, Kenya
      Time:  0900 to 1700

      The Conference is FREE to all Attendees
      Complimentary Lunch Will Be Served
      Please complete the information below and email your registration to Carole@...
      Please complete ONE form for each conference guest.
      Registration Deadline:  October 28, 2007





      Address 1:

      Address 2:

      City, Region, Postal Code:



      E-mail Address:

      Dietary Restrictions If Any (Vegetarian Meal, etc):

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