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Overview: Taking Action with Tags

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    I have been tagging our recent letters at: http://del.icio.us/AndriusKulikauskas Would anybody like to join me? We can find ways to collaborate. I organize
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      I have been tagging our recent letters at:

      Would anybody like to join me? We can find ways to collaborate. I
      organize my responses below in several sections in terms of "action"
      tags. My goal is to keep returning our attention to letters that invite
      us to act boldly or think deeply.

      OfferToHelp & RequestForHelp


      I'm very excited to hear from Chief K. Masimba Biriwasha, writer and
      publisher based in Zimbabwe. I have forwarded your letter to Nikos
      Salingaros regarding the pattern languages for social housing. I also
      hope that Maria Agnese Giraudo might work with you regarding local

      Welcome to Derick Odemba who will be returning to Mbita, Kenya. We're
      very glad to hear participants from Africa. Please stay visible by
      showing us your projects that you are working on. Write letters and
      create wiki pages. As we get to know you, little by little we hope to
      find resources for working together.

      Let's all please help respond to our newcomers! Kennedy Onyango, Maria
      Agnese Giraudo, thank you for your great example of international
      networking. I'm glad that you'll be able to meet up in Kenya! We look
      forward to you bringing us together regarding a unity center and all
      manner of projects.

      Jeff and I have set up wiki pages for ICT for unity centers:
      We can start writing about the ways of integrating old and new ICT.
      Lucas wrote about 200 recyclable computers that his Linux Users Group
      has collected in the Canaries. For example, we might save on shipping
      computers by removing their cases and then the cases might be built
      locally from traditional materials as a craft and perhaps even
      exported. Or we might explore how the heavy part, the monitors, could
      be imported from India, or ultimately manufactured in Africa. This
      might encourage a build up of the hardware assembly skills that are
      important, Steffan Matteikat has ideas on creative assembly.

      Kevin Parcell asks for help to check the quality of German to English
      translation of his SunMoney essay.

      ActionRequested, ActionSuggested, ActionTaken


      Markus Petz alerts us to the persecution in China of Yang Zili for his
      Garden of Ideas and notes that our lab uses YahooGroups and that Yahoo
      is complicit with China's censors. I welcome suggestions of
      alternatives as I haven't found any so far that allow for commercial
      activity - GoogleGroups doesn't. I am most concerned, however, how we
      might take positive action and reach out to include the widest variety
      of independent thinkers in Chinese. We are assembling at:

      Welcome to Anne Wirstad and thank you to Janet Feldman for engaging us
      about organizing Global Eco-villages Network Africa and also linking
      with the refugees in Ghana.

      Thank you to Kevin Parcell for responding to Lucas' work on bird flu
      preparation by writing to your local newspaper!



      Rick Nelson writes about his work locally in London and across the UK to
      build teams to try out the SolaRoof technology and openly share what
      they learn.

      Bernard Lietaer sees the need for a global currency along with local and
      regional currencies.

      Franz Nahrada is working towards Vienna as a mothercity for global
      villages around the world (with a special role for his Hotel
      Karolinenhof! http://www.karolinenhof.at )



      Thank you to Helmut Leitner and Benoit Couture for writing drafts of The
      Open Leader Declaration. Helmut, you've prompted me to rewrite my own
      draft. They are all here:

      Benoit, let's work at our LovingGod working group
      on a plan of action that would further our investigatory questions.
      Let's welcome and engage our newcomers, learn about their key concepts
      and investigatory questions. Let's consider, How might God, as
      independent thinker, participate at our laboratory? And we might answer
      that with a Declaration, Invitation, Invocation, Blessing or such that
      states the purpose of the Loving God layer in Our Culture. Whereas this
      is distinct from our Open Leader layer so that as much as possible we
      can all freely choose how much to relate the two. However, I think it
      is important to formulate our Open Leader network's principles
      inclusively so that God might also be able to participate as an "open

      Thank you for writing about your bigger picture in life: Franz Nahrada
      (global villages might thrive in the Solomon Islands), Rick Nelson
      (working openly is key to SolaRoof), Terry Mace (our inner longing for
      community, heart, soul, source).

      Overview, Proposal


      I link to my overview of my travels in Italy and Austria. I also
      propose to organize the social entrepreneurs who will be moving in to a
      slaughtherhouse in Rome that is being renovated and dedicated to the
      Alternative Economy.



      John Rogers at our Cyfranogi working group invites us to write
      Psychology or Mechanisms or Politics at the start of our subject lines
      regarding the aspect of community currency that we are focusing on.
      Terry Mace suggests also: Spiritual Worth.


      I have tagged "kind words" by Janet Feldman, Franz Nahrada, John Rogers,
      Kevin Parcell about Samwel Kongere, Joses Sanga, Andrius Kulikauskas,
      Tom Wayburn, Bernard Lietaer, Jeff Buderer, Lucas Gonzalez Santa Cruz,
      Franz Nahrada.

      These are the beginnings of portfolios that show how truly our work is

      As more of us tag, we can coordinate ourselves regarding tag names.
      I'll get help to create simple software that will aggregate our tag
      collections however we might find useful. Our tags can serve us as
      metrics and as the basis for various online community currencies. Also,
      the tags give us visibility to the larger world, especially in the long
      run, and they grow as an asset.

      Thank you to Thomas Kalka for pointing us to http://del.icio.us


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      skype: minciusodas
      in Vienna, Austria
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