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regarding Africa Source

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  • Franz Nahrada
    Dear Andrius, thank you for sharing with us the events that led to the practical clash at Summer Source. I can now understand much better what happened and I
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      Dear Andrius,

      thank you for sharing with us the events that led to the practical clash
      at Summer Source. I can now understand much better what happened and I
      think in the long run these things should not be "swept under the carpet"
      but seen as a result of structural shortcomings, with positive spirit on
      both sides.

      I am conveying to our groups a call (see below) from my friends in Bamenda
      (English speaking part of Cameroon) - where we tried up years ago to set
      up the Linux email Post Office. Unfortunately, time of training was much
      too short, but they kept on being interested in Linux even though most of
      the computers we sent there (another story) are broken now!! - and when I
      told them about Africa Source they wanted to participate. In this
      particular case I find it VERY sad they were not accepted because their
      spirit is really very motivated.

      Maybe if Samwel - who was accepted and is determined to go to Africa
      Source - can get in touch with them and act as a bridge. I would be very
      happy about that - giving us all a bit more hope. Thank you Andrius for
      giving me the idea!


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      Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2005 11:57:46 Uhr
      From: Wendi Bernadette <yaahwendi2001@...>
      Subject: Re: Africa Source II January 8th - 15th 2006
      Franz Nahrada

      Dear Hinde,
      We are very sorry and are sad to find that out of our
      four applications to actively participate in AFRICA
      SCHOLARSHIP. We really needed this workshop more than
      anyone else that you might have selected but however
      we all have no choice as we are poor and marginalised
      rural women who cannot participate if a scholarship
      support is not given; So what have we to say apart
      from only waiting to hear from you the organisers;
      However, we are still very interested in participating
      in Africa Source 11 future activities after the
      workshop; D o kindly send to us a hard copy of the
      workshop report at our local postal address as we
      shall have no facilities to download fron the internet
      directly; Our postal address is ACTWID KONGADZEM. PO
      If you wish to include us all as rural women activists
      in the Development of all aspects of Africa Source 11,
      you are welcomed;
      Wendi, Njua ,Eugene,Blaise and others;

      --- Hinde ten Berge <hinde@...> wrote:

      >> Thank you for your application to attend Africa
      >> Source II. We
      >> were very pleased to have a very large number at
      >> high quality
      >> applications: we received nearly 400 applications
      >> from NGO
      >> Support Professionals and NGO Staff working at the
      >> local level
      >> across the African region. Due to the overwhelming
      >> response we
      >> were not able to conclude the selection process
      >> within the said
      >> timeframe. Please accept our apologies for any
      >> inconvience this
      >> may have caused.
      >> The applications were reviewed by a fifteen person
      >> selection
      >> committee made up of the advisory group, event
      >> supporters and
      >> the organisers and partners. The selection committee
      >> were tasked
      >> with the difficult job of not only selecting people
      >> who met
      >> the criteria of the event, but also in creating a
      >> balance of
      >> expertise and experiences across countries while we
      >> only have
      >> approximately 100 spaces available.
      >> I am very sorry to inform you that due to this and
      >> the limited
      >> number of spaces at Africa Source II, we are unable
      >> to invite
      >> you to attend the Africa Source workshop in January
      >> 2006.
      >> However, we would very much like to keep you
      >> involved. We would
      >> like to invite you to be part of a community space
      >> on non-governmental
      >> organisatons and Free & Open Source Software
      >> worldwide on
      >> http://www.foss4us.org We will also email you
      >> information about
      >> the wiki that we will set up so you can read and
      >> contribute to
      >> discussions around Africa Source II. You will be
      >> intimated when
      >> other similar events are conducted by the
      >> organisers. Please
      >> let us know if you do not want to be involved in
      >> this!
      >> We sincerely hope we will have a chance to work
      >> together in the
      >> future.
      >> Kind regards and many thanks once again for your
      >> interest in
      >> our workshop,
      >> On behalf of the Africa Source II organising team,
      >> Hinde ten Berge
      >> Tactical Tech
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