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Helping Fred Kayiwa help Ugandans

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    Fred, Thank you for your concern for the people of Uganda. I am glad that many in Africa are responding! Agnese will send me $50 and Ricardo is interested to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2007

      Thank you for your concern for the people of Uganda. I am glad that many in
      Africa are responding!

      Agnese will send me $50 and Ricardo is interested to send some, too. I will
      add a little bit. I encourage others to PayPal me at ms@... And so with
      this money we will hire you to work for our Minciu Sodas laboratory on relief
      for the Uganda flood victims.

      Fred, please think about connecting your work with your deepest value "always
      thinking of being helpful person to the needy and we make a better future and
      better world" and with one of your investigatory questions. You are asking
      "How one can get success in life and get rid of problems that makes him have
      no good future both on earth and heaven?" and "What should be the right
      procedures of spreading the gospel?" and you may have another question.
      Choose a question and please explain how your investigation can help with
      relief. This will help us know that you and we are growing as we try to help

      Fred, thank you for researching information on the visa for your travel to
      the COMMUNIA meeting in Torino, Italy in January, 2008. I will add the 35
      euros to the money I send. Our plan is that you will then stay with Maria
      Agnese Giraudo near Rome and perhaps Sasha will be there too, and you will
      study trashware, computer assembly.

      Fred, please start researching the cheapest flights from Uganda to Rome,
      Italy. You can assume dates of January 8 and February 5 but of course don't
      buy anything yet. We want to know which airlines fly and which are the

      We will then want you to teach others. Perhaps we can send you to Nairobi to
      teach Kennedy and the others. I also have the thought to place an order for
      200 or 300 flash drives from China for shipment to Nairobi for Nafsi Afrika
      Akrobats to sell and get money for the office. Then we can slowly start
      work. And start worrying about a shipment of computers. We will know in the
      spring how our proposals are going. In April we are thinking of inviting
      Samwel Kongere. Hopefully the COMMUNIA meeting will be in Lithuania. If we
      have money, then we will invite more people I imagine.

      Thank you all - especially Benoit - for support and prayers for Uganda's
      flood victims.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003


      Hi Andrius

      that was a good chat today. It turned up quite a few new things.

      Towards the end of the chat I was talking with Benoit about Fred Kayiwa
      needing help due to the flooding in Uganda.

      Do you know how to transfer money to him, to cope with the floods? I thought
      I'd make a small donation. I know that Paypal doesn't operate in East Africa.
      I've used Western Union before, but you need to know bank account details.

      If you are transferring any money to him, could I send the donation to you by
      Paypal, to consolidate it all together?

      Benoit said the main problem for the aid agencies isn't money, it's
      transporting goods. The roads are still unusable, so they have to use air
      transport. We can't do much about that, but at least we can support Fred

      I'll email you about the FDE etc later.

      bye for now



      To day iwent to the Embassy and picked aform of the
      visas detailes
      and it say 1- TOURIST VISA WITH
      2-TOURIST VISA WITH out inviatation
      3-bussiness visa

      But iguess mine will be tourist visa with ivitation
      were by u will send me an invitation letter showing
      that you are inviting me and you show that the
      trasport costs will be covered then the accomodation.
      then you will send me the copy and also fax one to the
      then iwill have to pay 35euro for the visa non refundable
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