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  • Benoit Couture
    Dear Janet and all, You have me dancing, way out there in Canada, where winter is coming. That will help to stay warn! Thank you all for the inspiration! All
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      Dear Janet and all,
      You have me dancing, way out there in Canada, where winter is coming.  That will help to stay warn!  Thank you all for the inspiration!
      All blessings to us all!

      Janet Feldman <kaippg@...> wrote:
      Dear Cleophas and All,
      Delighted to hear from you, and your own work is so invaluable and exciting that we could all learn something from it, and you!!  Please tell our forums more about it, and also we will indeed include you in what we are doing collectively!   I think you saw this posting at OVF, right?  This is an excellent place for us to meet, as there are so many others doing this kind of work.
      I will send you info on KAIPPG--which I posted to Prince and others on one of the forums I moderate-- called Holistic Helping (holistichelping- subscribe@ yahoogroups. com), part of the Minciu Sodas Laboratory for Independent Thinkers (www.ms.lt).
      It's so exciting that you and Kafui have meet, and perhaps you can tell us more about the Forum when you can. It is essential that young people know about, use, and have access to ICTs, as I believe this is the best way for change to come about.
      We will all surely benefit from each other's experiences, and from your own considerable experience, Cleophas, and I say "huge bravos" for what you are doing, as well as extending blessings and best wishes to you always!
      With excitement and greatest appreciation, Janet

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      From: "KANAMUGIRE Cléophas"
      Sent: Oct 4, 2007 7:04 AM
      To: 1village@yahoogroup s.com, 'holistichelping' , 'learningfromeachot her' , 'mendenyo'
      Cc: marco.pompe@ web.de, htogba@mopgel. org, odarkwa , shifsd_ghana , "jeff@onevillagefou ndation.org" , ajsswebster@ yahoo.com, ckosei@yahoo. com, "kafui@onevillagefo undation. org" , Krishna Alluri
      Subject: [1village] Re: Greetings and Thanks to Janet/KAIPPG

      Dear Janet,
      I am happy that I can read again one your greatest emails. I wish to inform you that I met Kafui in Geneva very recently while both of us were participating in the Global Forum on Youth and ICT : and the theme was youth and ICT as tools of change.
      You are doing a great job in the rural areas and what you are doing is somehow similar to what we are doing in Rwanda so we can learn from each other.
      I wish to more about KAIPPG and KAFUI will explain me what Onevillagefoundatio n is doing, let us work togather for a common cause.
      Cleophas Kanamugire
      Executive Director, YADDI

      Janet Feldman <kaippg@earthlink. net> wrote:
      Hello Dear Jeff, Prince, and All!
      Great to hear from you both, and delighted about Prince's report on the conference, especially your strengthened determination to address the obvious challenges you have described, not only of bringing ICTs to rural areas, but also giving those at the grassroots a proper voice at conferences on the subject in Europe and other developed countries.
      I have something to post for you, Prince, which may be of interest to everyone. It is a report about KAIPPG (the HIV/AIDS and development nonprofit in Kenya whose international branch I run in the USA) and its ICTs activities, which in particular address lack of infrastructure in rural areas, poverty, and other pertinent issues.
      You may find some of what we are doing to be informative for your own ideas and plans in Ghana, Prince, and also for others addressing these matters, as KAIPPG is based in rural western Kenya, is mainly an agricultural community where there is much poverty and lack of services, including healthcare, and where malnutrition and HIV/AIDS are perennial challenges.
      We have found ways to surmount some of the infrastructure issues, and to address the challenges I mentioned via use of ICTs--in particular for women--and we are always eager to learn as well, so look forward to hearing how others have approached these challenges too!
      On what Jeff has said below, this is a funny coincidence:   I am actually thinking of Dr Osei Darkwa of Patriensa's (Ghana) Asante Akim Multipurpose Community Telecentre, one of the first of its kind.  But Krishna Alluri of COL introduced GRASSUP NOW partners to Collins Osei of the Crops Research Institute (CGIAR-linked! ), who coincidentally is a GenARDIS award winner (a grant program focusing on women, agriculture, and technology).
      This is a note from Collins abt his work, and I am ccing him too (hi Collins!!):
      "I am interested in joining the team to write the abstract. I am a former GenARDIS grantee and has also been involved in a village project in Ghana that is trying to improve womens access to agricultural
      information via ICTs."
      That's excellent that Collins visited Winneba, and I hope that all of you will meet--including Marco (hello and thanks for the intro, Jeff!)--at or before the conference!  Marco, we're eager to hear your thoughts on the conference, e-learning, wireless, and more.
      I am now ccing Osei Darkwa, Hisenburg Togba (of MOPGEL, which provides ICTs-related and e-learning opportunities to people at the Buduburam Refugee Camp in Accra), and Jeremiah Burgess of SHIFSD (Self-Help Initiatives for Sustainable Development) , also at the Camp. I had bcc'd them before (so their addresses would not show up publicly), but I think it's time everyone knew each other's addresses. I am adding Collins, Prince, Kafui, and Jeff too (so we can hit "reply all").
      I love the idea of collaborating, Jeff and all, and hope we can do that!   I thought I'd cc Krishna too at this point, as he links us together in a special way, seeing as COL is providing support through its PROTEIN program for OVF/Winneba (Jeff, Kafui), and COL is now also a link between Pam McLean (CAWD-Nigeria and Kenya), David Mutua (CAWD-Kenya) , and John Dada (Fantsuam Foundation, Nigeria)--who work together--and the GRASSUP NOW partners in Kenya. 
      I have just introduced Pam and David to the GRASSUP partners--also mentioning OVF in that context as well (both your past and possible future involvement) --and perhaps discussions and any resulting collaboration might be a link or even a model for how to approach synergies among us in Ghana.  And vice-versa, haha!
      On that smiley and excited note will close with greatest thanks and blessings, and look forward to e-learning and growing--in Ghana and throughout the globe--together! Janet

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      From: jeff buderer
      Sent: Oct 2, 2007 8:15 AM
      To: 1village@yahoogroup s.com, 'holistichelping' , 'learningfromeachot her' , 'mendenyo'
      Cc: marco.pompe@ web.de
      Subject: RE: [1village] eLearning Africa 2008 (Ghana) Opens Call for Proposals: Submit to December 7th

      Thanks for mentioning this. I recall Kafui mentioning that he has been in communication with Osei (I am thinking you mean Dr Osei of CGIAR) and I think he visited the Winneba Open Digital Villages. I also recall that one of Prince’s colleagues also participated at the Wireless Workshop. I am ccing Marco Pompe (who came by way of Berlin via the World Summit for Free Information Infrastructures ((WSFII))) as he also had some good ideas about the Elearning Event. He helped organize the wireless workshop in august.
      My thought is that given that a common link among several of the names you mentioned is COL that would be a synergistic link to consider future collaboration such as in submitting something to the conference mentioned below.
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      From: 1village@yahoogroup s.com [mailto:1village@ yahoogroups. com] On Behalf Of Janet Feldman
      Sent: Tuesday, October 02, 2007 12:15 AM
      To: holistichelping; learningfromeachoth er; mendenyo; 1village
      Subject: [1village] eLearning Africa 2008 (Ghana) Opens Call for Proposals: Submit to December 7th
      Dear All!
      Here is exciting news, and hope a number of us will submit something!  To those among us with Ghana links--Prince, Kafui, Osei, Hisenburg, and Jeremiah--this is your chance to shine a deserved spotlight on your work!!   All best wishes, Janet
      eLearning Africa 2008 Opens Call for Proposals

      The 3rd eLearning Africa conference, which will take place from May 28
      to 30, 2008, in Ghana's capital Accra, has opened its Call for

      The event, organised by ICWE GmbH and Hoffmann & Reif, focuses on
      Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Development,
      Education and Training in Africa. Serving as a Pan-African platform,
      eLearning Africa links a network of decision makers from governments
      and administrations with universities, schools, governmental and
      private training providers, industry, and important partners in
      development cooperation.

      Suggestions for sessions, presentations, workshops and discussions can
      be submitted until December 7 via an online form at
      http://www.elearnin g-africa. com/proposals. php

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