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My email. Helping Uganda

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  • ms@ms.lt
    Sasha, Thank you, Yes my email is always ms@ms.lt When I travel it may appear as ms@auste.elnet.lt but it is really the same mailbox and so I get the letters
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 5, 2007
      Sasha, Thank you,
      Yes my email is always ms@...
      When I travel it may appear as ms@... but it is really the same
      mailbox and so I get the letters sent to ms@...
      Michel Bauwens reported recently that his letter was returned by the spam
      rule of a spam filter which to my knowledge is on the mail server of the
      company Elneta that hosts us. I apologize! I hope that was just a temporary
      glitch and that I am receiving all letters.

      I will add Fred Kayiwa's letters from Uganda about the floods. I am very
      touched by the fact of Africans helping Africans. Surely this is a key to
      the flourishing of Africa. Let us find ways to support this. I am moved
      that Pamela McLean responded so quickly. Fred, I pray with you for help and
      endurance during the floods.

      Also, I encourage anybody who might like to send money to Fred Kayiwa by
      Western Union (typically a $25 fee for sending $100) so that he could respond
      on your and our behalf. I suggest, for example, dedicating half to Fred (he
      is looking for work) and half for relief. Fred can work part-time for $50
      per month. $100 is usually a good amount to send. If there is interest we
      can pool our money. Another alternative is to send him USB flash drives
      which he can sell. His address is: Fred Kayiwa, 3490 Kampala, Uganda and his
      email is fdkayiwa@...


      Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, ms@...

      State of Emergency in Uganda

      We have got avery bad moments in uganda to an exitent that the govt
      has announced state of emergency in the noth and easten uganda
      because of flood and the govt is seeking the help of any type to these
      the president is sleeping now in these areas its now aweek.
      its terible


      Dear Fred (then everyone)

      I do not know how to respond to your email. In some ways we have become
      close and yet in reality we are still so far apart.. I am wondering about
      your personal situation and want to ask you more - but what is the good if I
      cannot follow up with practical action.

      Everyone - More information about the floods is of course available through
      the usual news channels and a google search on "Ugandan floods state of
      emergency" provides links. It seems that all we can do is respond with
      donations through the usual channels.

      The first one that I found with a direct link to the Uganda floods was:

      It is the first time I have made a donation through the "Selfhelp"
      organisation so I do not know how effective they are. The currency they use
      is Euros. Afterward I realised they had not offered a UK gift aid option, so
      the possible additional tax rebate was lost to the gift. However they do seem
      to have good grass roots links so I hope that means they are effective.

      Fred maybe you can give us feedback about which organisations you do see on
      the ground making a difference so that in future we will know the best
      channels to use.



      Hello Dear Fred, Pam, and All,

      So very sorry to hear abt the terrible situation in parts of Uganda, Fred,
      esp as some areas are already hit by war and terrible deprivation. Pam has
      written a caring and pro-active response, in addition to asking some tough
      but important questions (and making a needed contribution, with a leap of
      faith in the outcome!).

      Our prayers, hopes for improvement, and caring are with the people of Uganda,
      and we are with you personally in spirit and with love! Janet


      Thanks Janet,Pam for the quick action
      For me right now am not affected personaly with floods
      because were am staying they are not there but they
      are now reached the cetral part of the country and
      thats were ilve so soon may bethey are coming to my
      but am affected because my many friends have lost
      their propeties.

      Pam to be honest icannot tell which organisation
      because am not affiliated to anyy but i can see the
      UN, and other NGOS here aare helping alot
      the christian churches here are also collecting any
      kind of help in money, drugs, clothes and many items
      at least this one is near me.
      and am also taking there some cloths that ihave for
      those who lost there cloths in water.

      Just fill free to ask me .

      Lets join hands and pray for Uganda.


      Pam am not sure if i answered your questions did i?
      am happy for all of you for the care you have to our country

      Maria igot your massage and thanks alot
      keep praying please


      --As i talk now, the President HE Yoweri Museven is leading the
      carity walk on the sreets sencoded by children christian fund, red
      cross and many others
      icannot join them because am going to schooll
      but it is taking place the Aim the president is showing the entire
      community that we indeed have danger in the flooded area
    • Kennedy Owino
      Hi Fred and all, Am writing this in response to Fred’s recent posting on the Uganda’s calamity. I feel a tinge of guilt that am learning this problem
      Message 2 of 2 , Oct 9, 2007
        Hi Fred and all,
        Am writing this in response to Fred’s recent  posting on the  Uganda’s calamity.
        I feel a tinge of guilt that am learning this problem facing Ugandans through  the forum yet they are our  immediate neighbors.
        For a disaster to be declared a state of emergency means interventions is urgently necessary.
        This is not just a moment of grieving but  also being charitable.
        Am wondering and imagining how I could be helpful.
        Fred, I believe we can also spark help from within our own communities/countries.
        People are blessed with the ability to change their environments and situations to suit their likings.we all in various ways exercise that power and make the world a better place.Together, we can make a real improvement in our societies.
        Fred, I have an idea you can borrow a leaf from;
        One suggestion is to sensitize C.B.O’s to organize drives to raise shoes, clothes, food and other necessities to the affected.
        What are C.B.O’s meant for other than being the eyes of a given community and also vehicles of addressing societal problems and bringing positive social change?
        They can reach out to people with lot’s of shoes and clothes in their closets that they don’t wear- these are too good to throw away but for whatever reasons they don’t make on our feet.
        These gifts and abilities could become lasting legacies.
        Me and my group (Nafsi Africa acrobats) are currently on a similar initiative, with a goal of raising over 10,000 pairs of shoes for the Kenyan slums.
        We plan to extend this touching cause to address poverty in other countries of Africa.
        We thought of coming up with a project . “The Nafsi Afrika Acrobats Viatu (shoes in Kiswahili) Initiative.”
        Our aims are;
        * Create a community of purpose driven individuals with a passion forming social change, and a difference in others lives.
        *      Integrate our professionalism (acrobatics, arts, music and dance) with community work, by identifying correct tools then setting social trends -a rebellion where the society abandons it’s apathy.
        *      Spread awareness of poverty and need to eradicate it globally by connecting people of upper class  and lower class thus unleashing a civic spirit.
        *      Build a structure to nurture talent and social awareness programmes that may allow artists to be increasingly aware and involved with their communities.
        We hope to achieve these by first creating a show-repertoire- called “viatu”.
        “Viatu” means shoes in the local East African language-Kiswahili.
        “Viatu” has a storyline revolving around a shoe that intergrates, harmonises, gives hope, motivates and empowers a certain community.
        The story (which also depicts urban slum life) employs the use of strong acrobatics skills blended with yoga poses(asanas), contemporary and ethnic African dance styles, theatre and nature sound.
        Getting along to getting things done, we will exhibit this show first in Nairobi mid December.
        The exhibition will be a  benefit to fight poverty where live music, photos and paintings exhibition, huge shoes and arts auction will be used to raise money towards a fund.
        Just a pair of shoes will be the admission price to watch the show.
        We will also solicit for shoes from companies, schools, and churches.
        The shoes would later be donated to selected slum schools and to street children in yet other events.
        Later we will build networks in slums and form bare foot clubs that would sustain the idea.
        Also create a traveling exhibit, traveling to physical locations (Kenya and beyond), and also visibly online, with the same purpose.
        Every change begins with an idea, then a vision, and finally a decision to take action. This new concept of fund raising has been brewing in the back of our minds.
        The returns we seek are not for profit but in advances towards education, healthcare, children empowerment and poverty alleviation.
        Fred, I believe there are social entrepreneurs, activist, academics, founders, businesspeople, journalists e.t.c who spend time looking for people, places or opportunities to influence a course of events towards social change.
        Up to that point, I share this with you just as a tip.
        Otherwise I keep you Fred, my brothers, sisters and families in Uganda in my prayers and encourage others to give suggestions, and/or assistance towards this touching cause.
        Don’t keep excess at the expense of lacking,  Don’t give until it hurts, give until it helps. Please give,
        Peace and love,
        Ken Owino,
        Nafsi Afrika Acrobats
        Nairobi, Kenya


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