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Pam, David, All: From Collaboration to Fabrication (and Skype-ing many steps:)

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Pam, David, Asif, Ronald, and All, Thanks immensely for these exciting notes (both the ones from Pam and David in the GRASSUP context, and these posted to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2007
      Dear Pam, David, Asif, Ronald, and All,
      Thanks immensely for these exciting notes (both the ones from Pam and David in the GRASSUP context, and these posted to forums), and for the enthusiasm for collaboration!  Great minds think alike, of course :)!!!
      I don't know if I can make the chat tomorrow, as that is usually a time I am busy with my father, but if so, I will. Otherwise, if we can schedule another time--and perhaps even to talk (as we did at last year's GLD...ah, for the good old "days", haha!)--that would be great.  I mean that partly for you and I together, and partly for a "come one, come all" session, with as many friends and colleagues and forums (as well as orgs, projects, affiliations, interests) as possible.
      One thing I'd like to see us explore, esp in the context of TT, is the solar oven issue:  you said something in your note on that subject about good discussion, but no clear path to action (if I understood you right).  Could we find ways to act, as the cookers are something a lot of folks are clamoring for, and it would be great to get a project going where there is a full spectrum of start-to-finish (from education about to fabricating and distributing) activity.
      I look forward to talking--and acting!--soon, and greatest thanks to all who have responded to the call for collaboration (even better than the call of the wild, haha!!).  I'll respond soon to David's note(s), and post to the TT-Kenya forum as well.
      With blessings and appreciation, Janet
      Hi Janet and everyone,
      Thank you Janet for these introductions. 

      I am thinking how best we can all explore our various interests to find areas of overlap.  I suggest we try to get together for an on-line chat.

      If anyone is available at such sort notice, I invite you to join me tomorrow (this Thursday October 4th). Thanks to Andrius I have started holding regular e-meetings on the first Thursday in the month at the WorkNet chat room. The usual starting time is16:00 Kenya time, 14:00 London, 9:00 New York.  which I know is a bit early for some people in USA, but that time is not too late for our friends in East Africa (who have to travel to cyber cafes and may well have difficulties getting home after dark.)
      This week I am planning to look at collaboration, (initially focusing on the TT Kenya project and how we can collaborate with the participants - to everyone's benefit).  However the topic of collaboration can cover much more that TT Kenya.  We can include whatever projects are dear to the heart of people who attend - as long as we all as focus on collaboration. There will probably be people in the chat room for a couple of hours. Call in whenever suits you. We usually start off in an informal way - then get more focussed, with the help of a chairman - and finish up with more informal chat and networking opportunities. 

      Prince - ref groups and your planned work in Ghana - I hope to give you a proper reply - maybe there will be
      an opportunity in the chat room - or at the next audiographic meeting - or please contact me off list to arrange a Skype call.


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