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Re: [mendenyo] Re: [holistichelping] Thanks Sam for Welcoming Ronald!

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  • David mutua
    Dear Janet, Sam, Ronald and All. Janet, thanks for the introduction and connecting us, i have actually met (F2F) most of the Kenyan team you mentioned below,I
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      Dear Janet, Sam, Ronald and All.
      Janet, thanks for the introduction and connecting us, i have actually met (F2F) most of the Kenyan team you mentioned below,I met Ronald,Fred and Dennis Kimambo in Uganda at the Omidyar meeting in Gulu.
      Ronald, its nice to hear from you and welcome to the team,lets explore ways of sharing ideas and developing collaboration strategies using the groups and the initiative mentioned by Sam.
      I am working on developing a project i call Community Learning, Information and Communication center (CLICC),this are ICT enabled development structures in communities that offer quality formal and informal learning/educational opportinities enabled through F2F training, Distance Learning and e-learning tools linked with Learning expertise,Institutions and education focused bodies. The CLICC also facilitates/coordinates community projects such as Educationhealth, Agriculture, water, women, Environment, volunteering and youths through local coordinating groups.



      Janet Feldman <kaippg@...> wrote:
      Dear Sam, Ronald, and All,
      Sam, thanks so much for this lovely welcome to Ronald, who has come from ActALIVE (the arts coalition I founded in 2002). Ronald and I in turn met through Omidyar.net, and he knows (via O/net) another new member of Holistic Helping, who is a good friend of mine, community activist, Dennis Kimambo (in Nakuru).
      Ronald, you might indeed want to join Sam's group!  I first met Sam when we were working together on the first World AIDS Marathon, held in Mbita, and Dennis was also in that working group. Sam came to Holistic Helping and the other groups linked with Minciu Sodas (a Laboratory for Independent Thinkers, based in Lithuania)-- including now his own working group, Mendenyo--through these mutual connections.
      Sam heads the Udogo Youth Development project, in addition to what he has mentioned below, and Sam and other members in these forums from Kenya and Tanzania started the Uyoga group, also focusing on youth development.
      Tom Ochuka of Deaf Impact Ministry in Kisumu is a friend who is doing invaluable work to help people in Kisumu who are deaf, and there is a good corps of others who I/we hope to link in here from Kisumu. Charles Aboge of the Kisumu Children's Centre--and a member of the MS forum, Globalvillages- -is one.
      Many of our efforts have been invaluably assisted by Maria Agnese Giraudo, an Italian librarian with a strong interest in the use of ICTs, publishing on demand, and education, especially as these relate to Africa.  Maria was introduced to us by Andrius Kulikauskas, founder/director of Minciu Sodas (www.ms.lt).
      Ken Owino of Nafsi Afrika Acrobats (Nairobi) was introduced to us via Maria Agnese, and David Mutua (Nairobi) is a member of several forums here, including Learning From Each Other--with a focus on ICTs and E-Learning-- whose moderator is Pam McLean of CAWD (Committee for African Welfare and Development) , who is UK-based, with its work is Nigeria.
      CAWDnet is the network of CAWD-related activities and projects, and Teachers Talking is one such project. This has been active in Nigeria, and is now branching out into Kenya. David Mutua is head of CAWD-Kenya, and he and Pam have recently been involved in organizing a "Teachers Talking" get-together in Kenya, where Pam visited.
      In any interesting linkage, CAWD and my own affiliated nonprofit in Kenya--KAIPPG Kenya in Mumias(www.kaippg.org) -- are both working with The Commonwealth of Learning, which has urged us recently to discuss ways of working together, via the Teachers Talking project and perhaps other initiatives.
      Ronald, did you get to the O/net meeting in Uganda?  You may have met Dennis there, and also Fred Kayiwa, a Ugandan student who has started his own computer club there, and is also interested in a variety of subjects, from bee-keeping to youth activism on HIV/AIDS.
      Hopefully there will be many lively discussions and projects we can work on together, and that all Kenyans (and hopefully Tanzanian and other members) will indeed have a meeting soon!
      With all best wishes and greatest blessings, Janet

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      From: samuel kongere
      Sent: Sep 30, 2007 5:52 AM
      To: holistichelping@ yahoogroups. com, Men Denyo
      Subject: Re: [holistichelping] Prince in Brussels and our team in Torino

      Thanks Ronald,
      You are really welcomed here in MS lab online list, Your are a great person. I know you are living near Kisumu and coming from the same place with Tom Ochuka of Deaf Impact. I come from the opposite side of lake Victoria South Nyanza--Suba District. I will  be very happy to invite you to join mendenyo@yahoogroup s.com where we discuss Technology at it's best; including community wireless connection. I am the information Coordinator and Trainer at Tom Mboya Community Technology Learning Center (TM-CTLC).
      I am a community researcher and love online Communication. we have a real regional network in East Africa with Members of Uyoga In Tanzania, Fred in Kampala, Tom Ochuka In Kisumu, Ken Owino of Nafsi Afrika Acrobats, David Mutua of TT Kenya, and Udogo members in Mbita.We are exploring the possibility of having a WiFi connection in Ruisinga Island. As the movement and integration of the region advancing we are going to focus on having an annual meeting for members.

      ronald omondi <obobo2002@yahoo. com> wrote:
      Hi to all
      My names are Ronald Omondi from the Western part of Kenya. I work with and within a community based in Nyando District.
      I would like to be included in the mailing list and my areas of interest are Technology,Economic s and Citienship.
      Just joined the group from actalive
      Bless you all

      ms@... wrote:
      I share Prince's letter with Steve Bosserman's working group Social
      Agriculture http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/socialagri culture/
      Greetings from Torino where Maria Agnese Giraudo, Sasha Mrkailo, Paolo
      Pumilia and I had a successful day at the COMMUNIA meeting for the European
      Union's thematic network for the Public Domain. We are planning on inviting
      Samwel Kongere to join us for the January meeting in Torino. We will also be
      able to invite other Africans or future workshops. We need participants in
      five areas of the Public Domain: Education, Libraries, Technology,
      Economics, Citizenship. Please speak up if you would like to participate in
      the email working groups. I especially encourage our Africans and Indians
      because this will give us an opportunity to bring you to a meeting in Europe.
      We have also proposed to host the April meeting in Lithuania. Andrius
      Kulikauskas, http://www.ms. lt, ms@...

      Data , "Prince Obiri-Mainoo" Ra�yta:
      > The 3rd. Annual EuroAfrica ICT meeting ended yesterday at European
      Commission building # 25 in Brussels, Belgium. As expected, there was a
      strong European presence with a disproportionally less African participation.
      I was the only Ghanaian and participant from the United States there with
      Kenya dominating with four representatives, about three coming from South
      Africa, and one Tanzanian based in South Africa who actually gave the keynote
      address. The other speaker coming from Ghana, Kwame O. Boateng from the Kwame
      Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi was not given a visa -
      so unfortunate! .
      > The conference itself highlighted on the numerous problems of Sub- Sahara
      Africa and how Europe through the European Union, could intervene through its
      ongoing ICT initiatives. At the end of the meeting, my conviction of going
      back to Africa to undertake a major computer initiative had been
      substantiated. That greater percentage of Africa�s economy depends on its
      rural population of about 70% who till the land. Unfortunately, most of these
      are either semi or outright illiterates. To help improve the situation, ICT,
      through elearning and other computing education outlets would be needed to
      make the rural folks educated and connected to the rest of the world through
      the Internet. Getting to know what is going on elsewhere among other people
      who also live on the land would be a big motivation and economic booster
      towards a more productive agricultural and other economic ventures. Thank you
      all for reading!
      >Prince M. Obiri-Mainoo
      >M. Ed. (Technology in Education)
      >Executive Director
      >National Africa Foundation
      >http://www.national africafoundation .org
      >P. O. Box 30237
      > Worcester, MA 01602-0237
      >U. S. A.
      >Tel: + 1 508-425-4614
      > Fax: +1 (508) 949-3222
      >E-mail: nationalafrica@ yahoo.com
      >Your gifts and abilities could become lasting legacies for generations to
      come. Use them now to bless humanity!
      >�Only the best is good enough for Africa� Rev. Dr. James E. Kwegyir Aggrey
      (1875-1927) -An eminent Ghanaian clergy, missionary, educationist and
      >------------ --------- --------- ---
      >Pinpoint customers who are looking for what you sell.

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    • Prince Obiri-Mainoo
      Hello Janet and Others, Here in the U.S. I moderate a yahoo teachers forum of 65 members called Technology Teachers Forum. It s main objective is to promote
      Message 2 of 3 , Oct 2 9:52 AM

        Hello Janet and Others,
        Here in the U.S. I moderate a yahoo teachers' forum of 65 members called Technology Teachers' Forum. It's main objective is to promote technology intergration among K-12 teachers. You can visit us at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/technoteachersforum/.
        Looking at the fact that I am going to be in Ghana for a longer duration and would bw working with teachers to introduce and promote some eLearning programs to them, I think that your Talking with Teachers forum might also be a good fit, if not better for my Ghanaian audience.
        Please, let me know what you think and if possible send me a link to join. Thanks!

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