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Re: [holistichelping] Re: UN Youth Flash, Vol. 4, No. 6, September 2007

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  • Leonard Boniface
    Hi Joseph, Thanks for your message.I hope the member of Uyoga will use the informations effectively for change by actions.In life trying is best thing,with
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 24 11:41 AM
      Hi Joseph,
      Thanks for your message.I hope the member of Uyoga will use the informations effectively for change by actions.In life trying is best thing,with real focus of succeeding in what you tr to archive!,so,every single opportunity comes and a youth think is interesting and have anergey to realize goals on it,is better to tr,apply and see how it goes.This might be in terms of funding,scholarships to attend trainings,conferences,school,or projects actitivities.
      Peace and Love,

      Josephat <ndibajosephat@...> wrote:
      Dear Leonard,the information you provided in the forum is very
      interesting, inspiring and very important to youth around the world
      especially when comes to Youth and ICT.This special service is good
      and will always keep youth informed,the THE UN YOUTH FLASH.Boniface
      you really know the situation of Tanzanian youth,Uyoga members have
      realised the need to address youth problems related to
      and others,all has to be addressed through the best use ICT

      Uyoga members appriciates the information on-UN Programme on Youth
      service-UN Youth Flash...,now lets go we learn we
      integrate,,, ,fantastic, i'm so sure that all Uyoga members will join
      you on this longest journey to address issues related to youth.

      All the best,

      Josephat Ndibalema-Uyoga member

      --- In holistichelping@ yahoogroups. com, Leonard Boniface
      <bonnylenny@ ...> wrote:
      > Vol. 4, No. 6, September 2007
      > WELCOME to the UN Youth Flash, a service of the UN Programme on
      > to
      > keep you informed about the work of the UN on youth issues. We
      > encourage
      > you to forward the UN Youth Flash to people in your network.
      > In this issue:
      > - Feature: Youth and ICT as Agents of Change
      > - Highlights from UN Headquarters
      > - Highlights from UN agencies around the world
      > - Calendar of Youth Events
      > - On the Internet
      > UN Youth Flash can be read on-line at:
      > http://www.un. org/esa/socdev/ unyin/flash. htm.
      ************ ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ***
      > FEATURE: Youth and ICT as Agents of Change
      > "Information and communications technologies have a central role to
      > play in
      > the quest for development, dignity and peace." â€" Ban Ki-moon,
      > Nations Secretary-General
      > The outcomes of the Geneva and Tunis phases of the World Summit on
      > Information Society (WSIS) have charted a clear path to a
      > people-centered
      > and a development- oriented information society. The Summit placed
      > particular emphasis on youth and ICT as agents of positive change
      > society. It recognized that young people will form the bulk of the
      > future
      > work force and are leading creators and quick adopters of ICT. They
      > must,
      > therefore, be empowered as learners, developers, contributors,
      > entrepreneurs and decision-makers.
      > In this context, the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and
      > Development
      > (UNDESA-GAID) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
      > organizing a Global Forum on Youth and ICT for Development: Youth
      > ICT
      > as Agents of Change, that will help harness the creativity and
      > that youth have in exploring and using ICT for their own benefit
      > for
      > the benefit of their communities, especially in achieving the
      > Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). From 24 â€" 26
      > young
      > people from around the world, Governments, policy makers and civil
      > society
      > organizations will meet at the International Conference Centre in
      > Geneva,
      > Switzerland to engage in an open discussion on technology’s role
      > advancing people’s lives. The Forum aims at actively engaging
      > in a
      > dialogue with other stakeholders in exploring ways to empower the
      > community
      > and to participate more fully in society through the appropriate
      > responsible use of ICT.
      > The UN Programme on Youth in conjunction with ATHGO International (
      > http://www.athgo. org/) will facilitate a preparatory session for
      > participants on the first day of the Forum.
      > At the Forum, participants will have an opportunity to showcase
      > innovations and projects or initiatives that utilize ICT. For more
      > information on GAID and to follow developments at the Forum, please
      > visit
      > http://www.un- gaid.org/ en/node/587 or contact Enrica Murmura at the
      > Global
      > Alliance for ICT and Development, tel.: 1-212-963-5913 , e-mail:
      > murmura@...
      ************ ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ***
      > >> Sixty-second session of the United Nations General Assembly
      > The 62nd session of the General Assembly opened on 18 September.
      > priorities for this session include climate change, financing for
      > development, implementation of the Counter-Terrorism Strategy,
      > management
      > reform and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Also on the
      > is
      > a five-year review of the implementation of the Children’s
      > Summit’s, as
      > well as intercultural and interfaith dialogue. At the opening
      > the
      > Secretary-General underlined the importance of Member States’
      > initiatives
      > to address key issues, saying “I truly believe that the world
      > that
      > will gather here in a few days bring with them a renewed interest
      > multilateral resolution to challenges facing the world.”. For
      > information
      > on this session of the General Assembly, please see
      > http://www.un. org/ga.
      > >> Youth delegates gearing up to address the Third Committee
      > Youth issues will be addressed from 8-10 October at the Third
      > of
      > the General Assembly, which deals with social, humanitarian and
      > cultural
      > issues. Youth representatives, included in the official
      delegations of
      > over
      > 20 countries, will present youth perspectives on a range of issues.
      > They
      > will also participate in deliberations related to UN resolutions on
      > youth,
      > as well as discuss youth documents, which include the Supplement
      to the
      > World Programme of Action for Youth and the Report of the
      > Secretary-General
      > on Goals and Targets for Monitoring the Progress of Youth in the
      > Economy. To review youth-related documents before the Third
      > and
      > to find out more about youth delegates to the 62nd session of the
      > General
      > Assembly, please visit http://www.un. org/esa/socdev/ unyin/ga62. htm.
      > >> International Youth Day commemorated at UN Headquarters
      > The audience at the event held at the Dag Hammarskjöld Library
      > Auditorium
      > at UN Headquarters on 10 August included young people from New York
      > City
      > schools, participants attending UNESCO's Intergenerational Forum
      > delegates from Children International. Presentations on youth
      > participation
      > for development were made through Friends of the UN - Young Leaders
      > Initiative that also featured the Young Professionals for
      > Cooperation (YPIC), TakingITGlobal, and the World Peace Prayer
      > Performances were organized by a local NGO, Directions for our
      > that
      > included a dynamic and outstanding demonstration by Life Sport
      > Performance
      > and a step dance by P.L.A.Y.E.R. S. (Participating in the Lives
      > Youth to Educate and Restore Society). A highlight of the event
      was the
      > Shoot Nations Photo-competition presentation organized by Plan
      > International and Shoot Experience. For more information on
      > commemoration
      > activities from around the world or to view photographs of the
      event at
      > UNHQ, please visit: http://www.un. org/esa/socdev/ unyin/iyd2007. htm.
      ************ ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ***
      ************ ***
      > >> UNESCAP: Youth Policy Seminar
      > The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the
      > Pacific
      > (UNESCAP) along with the National Council of Youth Organizations,
      > Republic
      > of Korea, held the youth policy seminar from 1-4 August 2007.
      > participants included Government delegates from 14 countries in the
      > region,
      > resource persons from various UN agencies and more than 200 young
      > people
      > from over 20 countries. The Seminar reviewed progress achieved and
      > lessons
      > learned in the implementation of the World Programme of Action for
      > Youth
      > and developed a series of youth-related recommendations. For
      > information on
      > the outcome and recommendations made, please contact roncarati@.. .
      > >> UNESCO: A regional ROADSIGN on HIV/AIDS in Africa
      > UNESCO's Youth Initiative on HIV/AIDS related stigma and
      > discrimination,
      > launched in collaboration with UNAIDS, aims to raise awareness and
      > understanding of HIV/AIDS and related discrimination. Earlier this
      > year,
      > UNESCO's Bujumbura Office organized a regional workshop for African
      > Great
      > Lake Countries on HIV/AIDS and human rights with a special focus on
      > gender.
      > The workshop has resulted in the launching of a regional network of
      > young
      > people from Burundi, Rwanda, and Democratic Republic of Congo. The
      > youth
      > network is called ROADSIGN and will develop its youth-initiated
      > plan
      > and work with UNESCO, UNICEF and UNFPA to implement activities at
      > country level. For further information, and to receive the final
      > of
      > the regional workshop (also available in French), please contact
      > Bujumbura Office: y.matuturu@. ..
      > >> UNESCO: First Regional Youth Forums in Africa and the Americas
      > Earlier this month, from 9-15 September, young people from 37
      > and
      > territories from North, Central, and South America and the
      > met in
      > Acapulco, Mexico to share experiences, consolidate their
      enthusiasm and
      > proposed new initiatives to tackle regional youth issues. Through
      > workshops, plenary sessions and meetings, the young leaders
      > new
      > strategies to strengthen youth participation and promote
      > amongst youth networks in the Americas. The first UNESCO African
      > Forum will take place in Burkina Faso, from 24-28 September and
      > address the theme "Young people and the Dialogue among
      > cultures and peoples". The Forum contributes to the wide range of
      > initiatives aimed at promoting African regional cooperation and the
      > implementation of the African Charter for Youth. Both regional
      > will
      > work toward preparing for the upcoming 2007 UNESCO Youth Forum. For
      > more
      > information, please contact: ucj@...
      > >> UNESCO: Strengthening youth organizations in Cameroon
      > The World Bank and l’Organisation Internationale de la
      > (OIF)
      > will join forces to strengthen the capacity of youth organizations
      > youth
      > policy and development in Cameroon. This initiative is a part of
      > current
      > efforts by the Government of Cameroon, supported by a range of
      > development
      > partners, to develop and implement an integrated national youth
      > and
      > to enhance the participation of young people in decision-making at
      > levels. As an integral part of this partnership, UNESCO proposes to
      > take
      > the lead in developing an integrated workshop programme enhancing
      > communication and cooperation between young people and different
      > stakeholders of the youth sector in Cameroon. For more information
      > please
      > contact: ucj@...
      > >> UNEP: Education Toolkit on Sustainability Communications
      > The CD-ROM "Sustainability Communications â€" A Toolkit for
      > and
      > Advertising Courses" proposes resources for educators training
      > tomorrow’s
      > marketing and communication professionals, including those in
      > field. It offers campaign analyses, exercises, web links,
      > bibliographies
      > and more than 300 downloadable documents - to encourage students
      > communication experts to think about and involve themselves in the
      > major
      > issues facing society today. It is not a “turnkey” teaching
      > syllabus but a
      > flexible, interactive tool which provides a synthesis of
      > and
      > methodological knowledge illustrated by numerous specific case
      > This CD-ROM contains both English and French versions and it is
      > downloadable from UNEP’s website at www.unep.fr/ sustain.
      > >> UNFPA: Poster contest to promote the role of men in society
      > UNFPA is sponsoring its 15th annual poster contest for young
      > This
      > year’s theme is “Men at Work for Maternal Health”. Men have
      > decision-making
      > power in their many roles as fathers, husbands, community leaders,
      > religious leaders and political leaders. Decisions that make
      > safer can save lives. The contest challenges young artists to
      > the
      > role of men in society, especially as fathers, husbands and
      > leaders. UNFPA's specific country offices will organize the
      > contest. For details, please see
      > http://www.youthpee r.net/site/ posts.php?
      page_id=3§ion_ id=3&post_ id=210
      > >> UNODC: Guide to preventing ATS use among young people
      > Amphetamine- Type Stimulants (ATS) is the group of synthetic
      > which includes substances like amphetamines, methamphetamines,
      > methylenedioxymetha mphetamine (MDMA or ecstasy), methylphenidate
      > The
      > illicit use of ATS is a serious problem in many countries and
      rising in
      > many others. In fact, world wide, more people use ATS than opiates
      > cocaine combined. Moreover, after cannabis, ATS are the most common
      > illicit
      > drugs used by young people in all the regions of the world. This
      > is
      > aimed at policymakers in the field of drug abuse prevention. It
      > concentrates on providing essential information on the reasons why
      > is
      > crucial to work to prevent ATS abuse and the most important
      > to
      > do so effectively. The guide and other resources are available at
      > http://www.unodc. org/youthnet/ ats.html.
      > >> UNICEF: Voices of Youth join Scouts in the spirit of "One
      World, One
      > Promise"
      > Voices of Youth and Scouts from around the world got together in
      > spirit
      > of the “One world, One promise” pledge at the 21st Scout
      > 2007 held
      > from 27 July to 8 August. They showed how people can make a
      > when
      > they work together as one. UNICEF works with Scouts in several
      > countries to
      > deliver rights-based education and provide opportunities for young
      > people
      > to engage with their community to make a real difference. To find
      > more,
      > please visit
      > http://www.unicef. org/voy/takeacti on/takeaction_ 3886.html.
      > >> UNICEF: Global Education for Development Conference
      > The Education for Development Workshop (formerly called Global
      > Consultation) was held in Istanbul from 10-12 September, with field
      > trips
      > on 13-14 September. The workshop aimed to develop a framework for
      a new
      > global policy paper on Education for Development. The workshop’s
      > agenda for
      > the three days was built around the core objectives of the National
      > Committee Outreach to young people and included child rights
      > the
      > promotion of civic engagement and global solidarity, and
      > awareness-raising
      > of the work of UNICEF among young people. For more information
      > the
      > workshop, please contact Frederick Seidel (Geneva-GRO)
      > fseidel@...
      > >> WHO: Review and field test of a new Adolescent Job Aid
      > The World Health Organization (WHO) Child and Adolescent Health and
      > Development Department (CAH) has been working to develop a handy
      > desk-reference tool, the Adolescent Job Aid, to provide health
      > with
      > step-by-step guidance in dealing with adolescent patients (and any
      > accompanying adults). This tool is now ready for desk review and
      > testing before it is finalized. The first of a set of three planned
      > desk
      > reviews and field test exercises is under way in Chandigarh, India.
      > Participants in the exercise are health workers who are currently
      > providing
      > preventive and curative health services to adolescents, as well as
      > children and adults. For more information, or to contact CAH,
      > see
      > the contact information below.
      > >> WHO New publications on the role of parents in improving
      > adolescents'
      > health
      > The World Health Organization (WHO) Child and Adolescent Health and
      > Development Department (CAH) has also developed two new
      publications in
      > collaboration with the Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns
      > University. CAH conducted a review and convened a technical
      > consultation to
      > examine the evidence for specific parenting roles that programmes
      > promote and improve. This led to consensus that parents’ roles
      > be
      > organized into five dimensions, each of which has specific
      > on
      > adolescent health outcomes: connection (love), behaviour control
      > (limit),
      > respect for individuality (respect), modelling of appropriate
      > (model), and provision and protection (provide). Each of the five
      > is
      > described in the publication "Helping parents in developing
      > improve adolescents’ health”. Also outlined, where available
      > knowledge
      > exists, are its implications for programmes, including activities
      > examples of projects that address this role. "Summaries of
      projects in
      > developing countries assisting the parents of adolescents" presents
      > descriptions of 34 projects that were prepared based on interviews
      > project staff and available literature. For more information,
      > contact lawedavieso@ ... or visit
      > http://www.who. int/child- adolescent- health.
      ************ ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ***
      > >> 21 September: International Day of Peace
      > UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will welcome the United Nations
      > Messengers
      > of Peace to New York Headquarters on the International Day of
      > The
      > Messengers will participate in the annual Peace Bell Ceremony,
      > Conference and Press Conference. After the Peace Bell Ceremony,
      > dignitaries, accompanied by the 193 flag-bearers, will walk in
      > procession
      > to attend the 10th annual Student Observance. The 800 middle and
      > school students at UNHQ in New York will be connected via
      satellite to
      > young people at the UN missions in the Democratic Republic of the
      > Congo,
      > Lebanon and Sudan. For more information, please see
      > http://www.internat ionaldayofpeace. org/.
      > >> 24 - 26 September: Global Forum on Youth and ICT for Development
      > The Global Alliance for ICT and Development (GAID) is organizing a
      > Global
      > Forum on Youth and ICT for Development: Youth and ICT as Agents of
      > Change,
      > that will help harness the creativity and dynamism of youth in
      > exploring
      > and using ICT for the benefit of their communities and in
      achieving the
      > Millennium Development Goals. The Forum aims at actively engaging
      > in
      > debates and discussions with their peers, policy makers, the
      > sector
      > and technology experts in exploring ways to empower their
      > through the appropriate and responsible use of ICT. For more
      > information,
      > please visit http://www.un- gaid.org/ gfyouth.
      > >> 12 - 13 October: UNESCO Youth Forum
      > Young people from all over the world will come together at UNESCO
      > Paris
      > for the fifth UNESCO Youth Forum. Since 1999, this Forum has been
      > integral part of UNESCO’s General Conference. Every two years the
      > Forum
      > gives young people the opportunity to share their experiences,
      > common concerns and contribute to the work of UNESCO. The 2007
      > Forum
      > will examine the results and recommendations from a series of
      > UNESCO Youth Forums held in 2006 and 2007 on the theme of ‘Young
      > People and
      > the Dialogue among Civilizations, Cultures and Peoples’. For
      > information on the UNESCO Youth Forum, please contact ucj@...
      > >> 16 - 17 October: Stand Up, Speak Out!
      > The Millennium Campaign will join forces with the Global Call to
      > against Poverty (GCAP) and a wide range of global partners,
      > faith
      > based groups, local governments, youth groups, media and other key
      > actors,
      > to mobilize millions more people to “STAND UP and SPEAK OUT” to
      > break the
      > 2006 World Record. Last year, with the support of over 23.5 million
      > people,
      > a new Guinness World Record was set for the greatest number of
      > to
      > physically and symbolically “Stand Up Against Poverty and for the
      > Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)” within 24 hours. This
      > mobilization sent a clear message to decision-makers that there is
      > growing global movement of people no longer prepared to stay
      seated or
      > silent in the face of poverty and broken promises. Monitored by
      > Guinness
      > World Records the challenge will take place over 24 hours between
      > 9.00pm
      > (GMT) on October 16 and 9.00pm (GMT) October 17. Find out more at
      > www.standagainstpov erty.org.
      > >> 24 - 28 October: 2nd Conference for Young Political Leaders
      > The Asia-Europe Young Leaders Symposium is a platform to provide
      > opportunities for closer and more regular contacts and dialogue on
      > wide
      > range of issues among leaders of the next generation of Asia and
      > Europe.
      > This year, the 2nd Conference for Young Political Leaders will be
      > organised
      > in Copenhagen by the Danish Youth Council (DUF) in co-operation
      > the
      > Asia-Europe Foundation. The conference will culminate in the
      > and
      > dissemination of a report and declaration which will be submitted
      > the
      > ASEM Heads of State and Government when they meet in October 2008.
      > is
      > an informal process of dialogue and cooperation bringing together
      > 27 EU
      > Member States and the European Commission with 16 Asian countries
      > the
      > ASEAN Secretariat. For more information, or to register for the
      > Conference,
      > please see
      > http://www.asef. org/index. php?option= com_project& task=view& id=1042.
      > >> 4 - 7 December: Africa-Europe Youth Summit
      > The North-South Centre of the Council of Europe is facilitating a
      > youth-led
      > process to hold an Africa-Europe Youth Summit that will be held in
      > Lisbon.
      > The aim of the Summit is to reinforce youth work and increase youth
      > participation in Africa and Europe influencing the youth policy in
      > Euro-African Cooperation. An expected outcome of the Summit will
      be the
      > submission of a declaration by a youth delegation at the EU-Africa
      > Heads of
      > State Summit. The Youth Summit will address key areas of concern
      > had
      > been identified by young people from Europe and Africa. For more
      > information, please see
      > http://europafrica. org/2007/ 05/23/africa- europe-youth- summit.
      > >> 5 - 8 November: Peace in the Oceans Conference
      > A global interactive conference on ocean sustainability, climate
      > change,
      > women and youth will be hosted by the International Ocean Institute
      > (IOI),
      > IOC-UNESCO, and the Government of Malta. The thirty-second Pacem in
      > Maribus
      > (Peace in the Oceans) conference will bring together key
      > including influential representatives from the private sector,
      > Governments,
      > NGOs and educational institutions to assess ocean-related
      > and
      > design actionable solutions to overcome threats to our oceans and
      > promote
      > sustainable ocean governance. The conference highlights include
      > Entrepreneurs of the Ocean Summit, Youth Parliament and an
      > Film
      > Festival. For more information about the conference or to register,
      > please
      > visit www.thewavesofchang e.org.
      > >> 5 December: International Volunteer Day
      > International Volunteer Day (IVD) offers an opportunity for
      > organizations and individuals to make visible their contributions -
      > local, national and international levels - to the achievement of
      > Millennium Development Goals. Over the years, rallies, parades,
      > community
      > volunteering projects, environmental awareness, free medical care
      > advocacy campaigns have all featured prominently on IVD. For more
      > information, please visit
      > http://www.worldvol unteerweb. org/int-l- volunteer- day.html.
      > >> 11 - 14 December: Asia-Pacific Humanitarian Affairs Conference
      > An NGO driven initiative, the Asia-Pacific Humanitarian Affairs
      > Conference
      > will be held at the UN Conference Centre in Bangkok. It aims to
      > and
      > create greater awareness and understanding among the young people
      on a
      > range of socio-economic issues in the Asia-Pacific region. The
      > Conference
      > will highlight the plight of the street children, slum dwellers
      and the
      > problem of child trafficking, issues deeply rooted in poverty. At
      > Conference, young people from around the world will have the
      > opportunity to
      > dialogue, propose and develop projects to help people in
      > poverty-stricken
      > countries. For more information, please visit
      > http://www.humanita rianaffairs. org/conference. html.
      > >> 10 - 21 August 2008: 4th World Youth Congress on Youth and
      > Development
      > Regeneration 2008 - Quebec City, the 4th World Youth Congress,
      > to
      > promote and celebrate youth-led development, will bring together
      > young
      > people from over 100 countries to Québec City in August 2008. It
      > shine
      > a spotlight on the most effective projects done by young people in
      > effort to achieve the MDGs. A series of events have been planned
      > part
      > of the build up to the 4th World Youth Congress. The Youth Action
      > Festival
      > will serve as a basis for the selection of delegates to the
      > Find
      > out more and be part of this worldwide Youth Action Event! If you
      > an
      > active young person (15 â€" 30), also passionate about making
      > history
      > in a sustainable way, register to participate at
      > http://www.wyc2008. qc.ca
      > by 31 October.
      > ************ ********* ********* ********* *******
      > >> UNICEF 18 @ 18 Online Art Exhibit
      > This fall, the Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC) is
      > celebrating
      > its 18th Anniversary, and as part of the activities to commemorate
      > historic event Voices of Youth (VOY) will create an online art
      > Entries should be received by 20 November 2007. For more
      > please visit
      http://www.unicef. org/voy/takeacti on/takeaction_ 3866.html
      > or
      > email voy@...
      > >> Youth Tax Justice Network
      > The aim of this network is to help teach young people about tax
      > issues, but also importantly, give them access to information and
      > solidarity to enrich their social justice advocacy and research.
      > has
      > just released their first newsletter, "Our Voices" that is
      > for
      > download at http://ytjn- ourvoices. blogspot. com/.
      > >> MDG Data updated on the web
      > Visit the official data website that presents definitions,
      > methodologies
      > and sources for the 48 indicators to measure progress towards
      > the
      > Millennium Development Goals. Also available are the official
      > reports and documents. The site was recently updated with more
      than 70
      > series of the Millennium Development Goals. Please see
      > http://millenniumin dicators. un.org/unsd/ mdg/default. aspx.
      > >> Poster Competition to build AIDS awareness among young people
      > The 2007 ARCHIVE Institute Poster Competition encourages artists
      > the
      > age of 18 from around the world to design and submit a poster that
      > responds
      > to the widespread AIDS epidemic and its influence on people’s
      > The
      > competition launched this year will result in an online
      presentation as
      > well as a travelling exhibition of selected entries. Six 6 regional
      > finalists will be chosen by the selection committee, of which there
      > will be
      > three winners. To sign up, please visit
      > http://www.archivei nstitute. org/POSTERCOMPET ITION2007/ .

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