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Meeting in Mbita (OVF-K and others too?)/Derick: welcome!

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    Dear Friends, Hello and terrific to see your affirmative postings, Maria and Sam! Jeff, Joy, Henry M (if he s here)....should or would it be possible for
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      Dear Friends,
      Hello and terrific to see your affirmative postings, Maria and Sam!  Jeff, Joy, Henry M (if he's here)....should or would it be possible for OVF-K reps to be present, and Kennedy, what do you think abt other GRASSUP NOW partners?
      Big welcome to Derick, and this sounds like a great opportunity for you to link with as well!  Is the VSO working in Kenya in the ICTs sector, do you know?  Your expertise will be invaluable re ICTs services and solutions, as this is one of the central discussion topics. ICTs training and the FOSS orientation also fits exactly with what we are discussing.
      So glad you've met Sam at Africa Source II--the conference which keeps on giving, haha!--and that you've communicated with Kennedy as well.
      Interestingly, I know some folks in MZ myself, one a youth leader addressing HIV/AIDS issues, and the other a leader in a faith-based org, who is involved in creating better understandings and relationships among religious faiths in MZ. Both have been using ICTs for bridge-building, and I think at least one would like to see ICTs used to increase income-generation capacities,esp. for people with HIV/AIDS. Where are you working exactly?  And when will you be back in Mbita?
      With all best wishes and appreciation, Janet
      From Derick:
      I hope this finds you all well.For those who do not know me, my name is Derick Odemba, a kenyan national working in Mozambique as a volunteer with VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas). Specifically I work for Ministry of Education in an ICT project that provides ICT services and solutions to the educational sector in Mozambique. I work as ICT Trainer and Adviser. Above all I am a FOSS enthusiast and I deliver training on the same.

      Back in kenya I come from mbita where Samuel comes from. I personally know Sam,whom I met at the Africa Source II in Uganda early this year.I think i have also communicated with kennedy on email once before. I believe there's so much I can offer to the proposed project in mbita in particular and the group in general. Sam and Kennedy, i hope to see you soon when I come home.

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