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Re: [actalive] Synnove, a worknet?

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  • Denis Kimambo
    Hello Synnove, Andrius and all Thank you all for the good words and i hope we can do another skype again i think this is a powerful way to keep in touch and
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 11, 2007
      Hello Synnove, Andrius and all
      Thank you all for the good words and i hope we can do another skype again i think this is a powerful way to keep in touch and updated on events will be intrested to know more about the theatre companies Synnove, will send you a mail later, Andrius Thank you again for sunday it was worth it.

      Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:

      Thank you for your reply! Yes, I was hoping you might participate, but I
      imagine you are busy.

      If you are interested, then one idea is that you might lead a "worknet"
      at our Minciu Sodas laboratory. That would include a discussion group
      and wiki pages. We would organize this around your deepest value in life
      and hold you accountable to keep clarifying that and openly investigate
      questions that you want to answer (such as "What is more important,
      essence or existence?" which you raised earlier.) Also, activity would
      take place openly in the Public Domain except where content explicitly
      notes otherwise. I would work as an organizer to assemble people, to
      support your endeavors - what you want to achieve, and to look for
      business opportunities that we might pursue. I would hope for your
      interest in the long term but otherwise you would participate as you are

      I am happy to set up this arrangement with others who might be
      interested and are active at our Minciu Sodas lab's groups
      http://www.ms. lt It would be great to have a "worknet" related to art,
      but especially led by someone active at ActALIVE. I share also with our
      lab's Holistic Helping group which Janet leads.

      Aside from a "worknet", if that is too much commitment, we could set up
      some wiki pages for information that you would like to share.

      It's great to hear from you!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      http://www.ms. lt
      +370 699 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania

      RE: [actalive] Thank you, Dennis Kimambo, for bridging with us!

      Sounds very interesting, I couldn't be on line on sunday because I was
      in a cremature, but I would like to know to Algirdas and his art works.
      The theme of the chat is very similar and related with the theme I
      proposed to create a MS lab when I was a member. I have some info waht
      maybe can be useful.
      Dennis, I would like to keep your dates because I know some theatre
      companies in Europe very interesting, as well as I'm personally involved
      in one teather iniciative related to the "four wall" (going beyond the
      four wall) and anti-happenings perfomances, where the target is the
      public create and participate in the theater play, like an active part,
      so maybe that might be interesting in yours projects.

      */Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...>/* escribi?:
      I am very grateful to Dennis Kimambo for engaging us today by Skype. We
      had gathered at the Europos Parkas sculpture garden to pursue sculptor
      Algirdas Zokaitis's question, How can Lithuanian artists without money
      show their work in other countries? Dennis rose to the challenge and
      talked about his own experiences as an actor, writer, director,
      organizer and activist. We were interested to learn how he integrated
      his community work, as a volunteer, and his professional work. Dennis
      talked about the immediate impact that community theater had for the
      audience to discuss real life situations regarding HIV/AIDS and reflect
      publicly, what to do? how might we behave? how do we think? I have not
      seen it but I imagine it is quite impactful. We managed to speak by
      Skype and also see some pictures. Maybe someday we can engage each
      other by video and see such community theater and perhaps learn and
      share and do likewise. I was myself intrigued to realize that although
      Dennis support himself through his professional theater work, but his
      travels are possible through his community theater work. We discussed
      amongst ourselves in Lithuanian, and I noted that when a person is
      invited for their community work, then it is like inviting the people in
      their community as well, so it is very good for networking. And that
      Algirdas's activity with the children in the neighborhood, the ceramics
      classes he leads free-of-charge, might lead to his travel. Algirdas
      sang two songs that he wrote and was very encouraged by Dennis's
      reaction. We were also provoked by the idea that we, too, might travel
      some day to Kenya and participate in community theater. I also noted
      that when we share energy with Dennis and give energy then surely that
      energy helps him give energy to those around him and that is a great joy
      for us. Dennis, thank you for reaching us and I appreciate your
      efforts! Is there a group in the European Union who we could send a
      small honorarium to in thanks for your work? Please let me know, we
      will gladly do so. Thank you!

      Dennis also spoke about the great importance of ActALIVE in sharing
      knowledge of opportunities and making international connections that
      open up the possibility of travel. I am also learning that such a voice
      from far away can have a great impact on our thinking twice about what
      is possible.

      Janet, Dennis agreed to sign up for your Holistic Helping working group
      at our Minciu Sodas laboratory. Please sign him up, or Dennis please
      send a blank message to holistichelping- subscribe@ yahoogroups. com
      <http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/actalive/ post?postID= GckNhKCCjCbsWIeL 5oIL48QxX3If0vRd GCPNSUbXx_ 5InbteUGBhh- 3Qhp9A6q2SnQCp1b khnFc9vH3IVZJ5CD KLn0WR9hvuXm09mL XlZBhF>
      all are welcome to join us. Or send me your email to ms@...
      <http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/actalive/ post?postID= qK8Z6arrcI6rgMW_ _wLJT7roRiVYTxW9 h2IDKDBJRuBrSLkf -i-mB8uUE_ sSrHc7A0Yy>


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      http://www.ms. lt <http://www.ms. lt/>
      <http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/actalive/ post?postID= gL995jPA0hZ325lH Gpjm5wPMyZoDoj5s qhlshwlXh866PjMJ YoUtEqZ59a- 46y1NK9tXKNM>
      +370 699 30003

      PO BOX 13361 20100

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