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Re: [holistichelping] Safe and sound in Sweden (sss)

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    Thanks Janet, it promises to be exciting but I must add very demanding. I have already submitted two papers to be reviewed by the Professor and it is barely a
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 30, 2007
      Thanks Janet, it promises to be exciting but I must add very demanding. I have already submitted two papers to be reviewed by the Professor and it is barely a week.

      Yes, it is more of sssshh than zzzz here. The neighborhoods are so quite you would be forgiven to think no one lives in them. People are polite, no loud noise, obeying rules...a beautiful place.

      What does for me is the international exposure that the course offers. Today I had tea at 10am with a Pakistani, sat next to a Korean in class, went shopping with a South African, am sitting in the computer lab between a Cuban and a Bangladeshi...it is the height of globalization for me.

      Will definitely do with the networks.

      Be well


      Janet Feldman <kaippg@...> wrote:
      Hello Dear Eric and All,
      Fantastic news, and better "sss" than "zzz", haha!! Thanks so much for the news abt the laptop too, and this program you are attending sounds incredible!  Please keep us informed about your work and the contacts you make with others in Africa and globally. It sounds like there are great possibilities for joint work on social issues, as you point out, and we'll be eager to investigate same!
      You may be interested to link with Fred Ouko of KCYP in Kibera on his contacts and partners in Sweden (I can connect you), and I believe there is a chapter of the Kenyan Community Abroad in Sweden I can link you with too, when I find that info.
      With excitement and kindest regards, and blessings always, Janet

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      Subject: [holistichelping] Safe and sound in Sweden (sss)

      Hello Everyone,
      I am so happy to report that am now in Sweden, I have already started what promises to be an exciting course at Gothenburg University. It will offer the opportunity to learn first hand from social workers from 25 different countries in the world. This is how unique the course is. I am representing Kenya and it is good to note that Tanzania has two students and one student each from Uganda, Ethiopia, Botswana....
      I hope to share and collaborate with like minds on this forum on social issues affecting humanity.
      Kind regards,

      Janet Feldman <kaippg@earthlink. net> wrote:
      Hello Dear Pam, David, and All!
      Fantastic to hear from you, and I am so excited abt your visit to Kenya!  I would have made suggestions for linkages earlier myself, but I thought perhaps you'd have enough on your agenda (ie with Teachers Talking et al), and that--since David is there already--it might not be as pertinent as for someone without those local connections.
      But I am delighted and honored to be helpful in any way I can.  Where are you planning or hoping to go while there?  And who would you like to meet, ie people in specific fields, places in Kenya, doing ICTs-related work, other?
      David, please be in touch too about any networking or whatever else I can do, and I will try to do that Thursday or over the weekend (my father is coming home this Friday, after months in the hospital, so I've been offline a lot, but will do whatever I can).
      Is your own timeframe basically after the TT meetings, ie from the 1st through the 6th?
      Pam and David, I'd love to collaborate more closely too, so I hope we'll be in touch after your trip on this score. I'll be eager to be more involved in the chats and work at LFEO, and to explore what "holistic helping" means in the context of learning from each other (the concept and forum), ICTs, and development.
      Have a wonderful, safe, and productive trip, Pam, and know that myself and others here will be with you in spirit!!  With love and blessings always, Janet

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      From: Pamela McLean
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      Subject: Re: [holistichelping] Suggestions for what we can achieve in Africa

      Hi Janet

      This is a quick catch up. Sorry I have not been in touch for a while. (Lots of 'wahala" stealing my time....)

      I am keen to collaborate with you as much as possible. It is a week until I go to Kenya and I feel I should have discussed plans with you earlier. The best I can do now is to encourage you and David Mutua to link up, in case there is anyone/anything you think we should really try to include while I am there. I know you have so many contacts, and it would be lovely to meet people and put names to faces, but I think time will be very limited.

      David is arranging everything. The Teachers Talking course is scheduled for Mon-Fri Aug 27-31. We have various meetings in the days following and I am due home Friday Sept 7th.

      I agree with you about the right ICT balance, and need for holistic approaches. I hope to explore some thoughts with you about that when I come back - related to how we might use the opportunities of  LearnByDoing e-meetings and the session topics we might choose.


      On 27/05/07, Janet Feldman <kaippg@earthlink. net> wrote:
      Dear Jeff, Andrius, Pam, and All,

      --from the beginning of the time the Holistic Helping forum was set up--I and we in this forum have been including ICTs in our discussions and work.

       - - -  In fact, I do not think in today's world that one can help "holistically" if ICTs are not added to the mix, this if we are speaking about sustainable development (nor do I think ICTs are the end-goal, either...balance in all things, haha!).

      So I--and I'm sure "we" in HH--would appreciate people interested in these subjects signing up for HH too, the better to discuss, design, and develop integrated programs of action. This is along the lines of what you (Andrius) have discussed below: that linkages are what truly make our endeavors productive and meaningful. In that spirit, we in HH will be excited to link with all other MS forums--LFEO, BTTR, SA, Mendenyo, MI, GV--the better to increase and further strengthen our work.

      Thanks much, blessings, and wonderful conference to all! Janet



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