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Nafsi Afrika Acrobats Europe tour report.

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  • nafsiafricaacro
    Hi People, My apologies first for having missed out on so many crucial chats, and giving in minimal contribution. This has been majorly due to time
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 24, 2007
      Hi People,

      My apologies first for having missed out on so many crucial chats, and
      giving in minimal contribution.
      This has been "majorly" due to time limitation "cyberwise", and usual
      server problems.
      Otherwise, am happy to be back home, meeting again with group, family
      and friends.
      Trying to fit back into the usual Nairobi craze mainstream.
      Otherwise Nairobi is marvelous as always.

      Our overall tour was quite a success-I say it was a season with a reason.
      During our stay in Europe, we visited various Holland cities, Belgium
      and Italy (Milan, Turin, Rome and Florence)
      The experience with Circus capriool-Holland was quite a success-it
      brought us to new horizons, and challenged us towards advanced thinking.
      It is a noble idea empowering the refugee children artistically who
      are otherwise idle.
      One negative thing i noted that did not auger down well with me is;
      the Dutch government keeping the immigrants in centers in the name of
      "waiting for asylum."
      Some of this asylum seekers have been kept waiting for more than two
      decades, but ultimately they get no approval and thus deported back to
      their native countries.Quite unfortunate.

      We had a total of six performances,a sitting and a talk at the Agape
      Ecumenical Global environment and politics
      was a chance we would never wish to forget.
      We highlighted the problems facing Africa continent and responded to
      unending questions.
      We also gave topics touching on Kenyan slums e.g Kibera, and gave out
      a d.v.d with images of life in Kibera.
      The experience was full of learning, meaning, sharing, fun, and making
      friends and contacts.
      Most of the participants were very interested in knowing more about
      our forum (minciu sodas) and took links to this.
      We presume most of them will enlist and join the ever growing family
      of independent thinkers.
      Doors were flung and left open for us to participate in any future
      Agape conferences.

      We also met with prospective circus performers, yogis and festival
      We had a theatrical acrobatics piece that expressed the plight of the
      Kenyan street child.
      The 45minutes performance captured the hearts of many-particularly the
      aspect of involving different cultures(Marieke from Holland and James
      and Kennedy from Kenya).
      We anticipate to follow up on a programme of taking circus to prisons
      through Elisa Vago, organizzatrice di eventi culturali
      We are having a similar programme back here in Kenya, but ours is
      taking occassional acrobatics performances to juvenile remand homes.
      We hope to share and experience with the ongoing programme in Italy.

      Meanwhile, we are busy with rehearsals and looking forward to going
      back to Italy probably between 25th september and 10th October once
      the performance, tour, financial, and contract issues are resolved.
      After all this, i pass my appreciation to Andrius, Shasha, Janet,
      Chris and other forum members.
      Thanks to Maria who played the central role in covering most most of
      our requirements while in Italy.
      In her selfless efforts she ensured that the three of us were mostly
      comfortable, never missed a place to sleep, eat, or not getting stuck
      on the means or how to travel.

      On the 21st we will have a big yoga convection in Kibera and Sarakasi
      go down training center (Kenya).
      It will draw people from different countries to commemorate the
      international peace day.
      I am kindly requesting for your spiritual participation and possibly
      participation in person.
      Paige (www.acroyoga.org) and Bonnie (www.cheka.uk.org) are organising
      this in collaboration with Sarakasi trust (www.sarakasi.org) and Nafsi
      Afrika acrobats (www.nafsiafriacrobats.org)
      Please check out ( www.globalmala.org) or you can copy, paste and
      follow the link below;

      Nafsi is working on extending it's training, lessons and workshops to
      Koinonia (www.koinonia.org) homes in Zambia.
      This may probably be early October or early January next year.
      Thanks for our experiences with circus capriool (circus for
      development)-Holland, and association with Marjolene
      Anybody with ideas or links in Zambia?

      Now i must go for a one week's vacation.
      Tomorrow am going to Rusinga island, to catch up with family, friends,
      fun and partly business.
      Sam, i will pass through Migori to discuss the prospects of computer
      assembling project with Irma ( she is a computer technician and well
      versed in the field besides running computer business)
      Then i will visit you on Tuesday and get introduced to your amazing
      projects in Rusinga, and also get updates from you and catch up on the
      emerging new ideas like flash drive editors, computer assembling and
      "communal I.C.T"
      Also, i have a lap top that was gifted to our group while in Holland,
      it is an old compaq model and needs operating system installed in
      order for it to work.
      I will come along with it, i request you to help me in getting some
      programmes for it and if possible upgrading it.
      It can only work with "windows 2000"
      see you soon.

      Nafsi have outpouring appreciation overwhelming appreciation to the
      forum members general love, generosity, efforts and ideas.
      You certainly have big hearts.
      I highly hope Nafsi will always stay together with you in it's walk
      through performances, and development paths, and perhaps meet soon.
      I say, "see us performing/practicing together perhaps in Europe,
      America or Africa some day."
      Never know, let's pray.
      Otherwise, stay positive.

      Nafsi loves you.

      Ken Owino,
      Nafsi Africa acrobats,

      P.S;For links to our performance and project videos, check
      (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7Bp2pcfv7I) and for more uploaded
      videos on u-tube, please check
      More information on Nafsi can be found at (www.nafsiafriacrobats.org)
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