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RE: [holistichelping] Seeking a Laptop for graduate school

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    Janet: FYI: Someone in Canada will have to look for an Ismaili to send out the laptop. I am in Florida. I ll ask around but don t count on me as I am not there
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      FYI: Someone in Canada will have to look for an Ismaili to send out the laptop. I am in Florida. I'll ask around but don't count on me as I am not there personally.
      Does it have to come from Toronto or Vancouver or??

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      Dear Asif and All,

      Thanks so much for this excellent tip!!  Perhaps the donor will do that!  We have some fantastic news: someone who saw the posting has offered to donate $100, and if myself or someone else can manage $50, then Eric has a laptop, even if not the one donated (yet).  Eric, we can start shouting for joy now!!

      Thanks too for your other note, Asif, and I look forward so much to working with you too!! Blessings and greatest appreciation (one angel to another, haha!!), Janet

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      I understand the Aga Khan is going to East Africa and thus many of his followers from Canada are going to East Africa too to get blessed. You may want to see an Ismaili or a mosque for Ismailis and advertise there or speak to someone there - they are going real soon.

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      Dear Eric and All,

      Hello and excellent follow-up!  It's great to get the clarifications, and apologies if I misunderstood abt Jon sending it to the USA.  It's great that you can get a second-hand one for around $150, and what is your thinking on this, Robert?  That would give time enough for a tourist from Toronto to be found.

      Perhaps Jon could advertise in a Toronto paper, or contact some travel agents and international nonprofits-- as well as universities- -to see who might be going to Nairobi and when, or to Sweden for that matter, as perhaps now --if you can buy a used laptop in Nairobi--the one from Jon could be brought directly to Sweden by a tourist.

      Very interesting program and/or idea Jon has, and I support it!

      Hope among us and with the help of other friends, you can buy something for $150. You have 3-4 weeks now, I think, so let's keep in touch and hope we can be of help!

      With thanks and greatest blessings, Janet

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      Subject: [holistichelping] Seeking a Laptop for graduate school

      Thanks Janet for the overwhelming support and making my concerns known to all.

      Indeed a laptop is a key requirement for graduate school and am keen to having one before departing for Gothenburg.

      I was granted a full scholarship to pursue the Masters degree in Social Work and I consider this gesture as a gift for my community. I am positive that after the studies, I will be able to make bigger and better things happen with the Kenyan youth that am working with. I also look forward to going back to Sudan someday and working with the Nasir community to better their livelihoods.

      There has been a delay in processing the student permit for the reason that I did not submit an insurance cover. The Embassy made an assumption that I would not require a cover considering the scholarship but the Swedish Immigration board in Stockholm insisted on one. I have since acquired the cover but this will delay my departure by 2 – 3 weeks.

      The laptop in question was donated by Jon Alexander of Toronto, Canada. He is involved in projects in Kenya where he sends used laptops to be used by non profit making organizations. He is not in a financial position to send it via courier because he argues that the total cost is enough to get me a second hand laptop in Kenya anyway.

      He uses a model called “not just a tourist” to send laptops to Kenya. This means talking to tourists and having them deliver the laptops as they travel. Should we find a tourist traveling from Toronto to Nairobi in the next 3 weeks, I will be sure of receiving the laptop from him. He is not for the idea of sending it even to USA because it is costly.

      I have been fund raising for an air ticket and saving for my pocket money and insurance cover, this has drained my financial resources.  I might need a little help in getting a laptop, with slightly above US $ 150; I believe I can obtain a good second hand laptop. I am sending an appeal to members to help me meet this requirement.

      Kind Regards,



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