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OVF Ghana Community WIRELESS NETWORK TRAINING Day 3 Progress Report

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  • jeff buderer
    Dear All, Below is a summary of recent developments in Ghana. For the HTML version please go here: http://blog.onevillage.tv/wp/?p=412. ... Overview: The OVF
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2007
      Dear All,

      Below is a summary of recent developments in Ghana. For the HTML version
      please go here: http://blog.onevillage.tv/wp/?p=412.


      Overview: The OVF Ghana team has been focused on organizing the first
      major ICT training workshop at the Winneba Open Digital Village (WODiV)
      (Aug 1-10). A highlight of this event is that the workshoppers are
      actually building the network as they participate in this workshop. This
      is the first in what we hope will be an ongoing series of emerging
      technology sessions dubbed the "Simpa Open Summits" (SOS).

      Progress Report: OVF Ghana Director Kafui Prebbie Reports from Ghana
      that so far the event is a success with 26 workshop attendees
      participating in what may be the first wireless workshop in Ghana.
      -1. Day 1 was a success with 26 students enrolling and various
      introductions of VIPs including the CEO of Arrow Networks and
      representatives from the University of Education Winneba Ghana.
      -2. Equipments have been successfully picked up by our team today from
      the Tema post office.
      -3. A video Skype session next week with the team at DIIRWB providing
      instructions on how to build a bi-quad antennae with directions and
      support from DIIRWB staff. This session will give participants first
      hand information and access to experienced trainers in the wireless

      About the Network: A local wireless network within Winneba is now being
      set up using the workshop as a way to build momentum for this effort.
      The goal is to develop an economically sustainable low cost Internet
      solution that can be replicated elsewhere. For the workshop, a temporary
      long distance wireless network was set up working with Arrow Networks
      which has also generously assisted in the training workshop. Plans are
      in place to use the University of Education's VSAT connection and an
      antennae is being set up for this purpose.

      Thanks to those whose Contributions helped make this event possible:
      . Vic Hayes made a generous donation to the effort, offered many useful
      insights and has also helped with the fundraising and promotional
      . Bjarke Nelson and the Djurslands wireless network (DIIRWB) in rural
      Denmark) for providing much needed technical assistance and also a
      shipment of wireless gear;
      . Marco Pompe of Frefunk Berlin is in Ghana to help with the
      organizational and logistics set up;
      . Prof Gideon Chonia of the University of Zurich, Switzerland for
      logistical help and advice;
      . Arrow Networks for providing training and technical assistance.

      Workshop Partners:
      . oneVillage Foundation-Ghana (OVF-Ghana)
      . University of Education, Winneba
      . Ghana Information Network for knowledge Sharing (GINKS)
      . Wireless Ghana (WG)
      . International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD)

      For more information:
      OVF News: http://news.onevillage.tv/?p=42
      SOS Website: http://www.simpasummits.net
      Email me or Kafui Prebbie WODiV/OVF Ghana Director:

      Jeff Buderer
      oneVillage Foundation
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