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KAIPPG-OVF-COL-CAWD-GRASSUP and More (HH address got cut off)/David (offer) and Krishna (COL list)

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  • Janet Feldman
    Krishna, this is an additional note for you: is there a list of ALL COL-related work and/or partners in Kenya? We could do networking ahead of Pam s visit if
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2007
      Krishna, this is an additional note for you:  is there a list of ALL COL-related work and/or partners in Kenya?  We could do networking ahead of Pam's visit if so.
      David, immense thanks for your offer to Eric!!  It seems the donor may not want to send the laptop to the USA after all (Eric?), but let's explore if possible. How do we find out abt your friend in OH, ie what her address is et al?
      Hello Dear All,

      This is such an amazing synchonicity!  David, I run the international branch of KAIPPG in the USA, and James and I have been good friends and colleagues now for about a decade (in fact, he is a large part of the reason I agreed to found KAIPPG

      To make the world an even smaller place, COL has been supporting the GRASSUP NOW coalition (which focuses on development of ICTs/ODL capabilities among 5 partner nonprofits in W Kenya, and addressing income-generation, nutrition and food-security, environmental education, and health issues), of which KAIPPG is now the lead administrator. And also helps CAWD, Fantsuam Foundation, and others in Nigeria, as I understand it, in addition to now working with oneVillage Foundation in Ghana.

      OVF was a central player in the birth of GRASSUP NOW (and we have discussed how to link up more closely in the current time period too).

      James, I have been e-meeting for several years within the forums of a think-tank called Minciu Sodas (www.ms.lt), which means "orchard of thoughts" in Lithuanian. I was introduced to founder, Andrius Kulikauskas, by Joy Tang of OVF. I now moderate one of the MS eforums, called Holistic Helping, which attempts to address human development in a holistic way. We have a number of members from Kenya and Africa, and I have talked often of KAIPPG and GRASSUP.

      I hope if you have time you'll join us here, as many people are eager to hear more about KAIPPG and GRASSUP from the grassroots perspective. You can join this group by sending a blank mail to holistichelping-subscribe@yahoogroups.com .

      Pam McLean has her own working group too, called Learning From Each Other, where David, myself, and a number of MS members are as well. One can subscribe to that by sending a blank mail to learningfromeachother-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

      Pam McLean is in ActALIVE, the arts coalition I founded in 2002, and Pam and David of CAWD (Nigeria-Kenya-UK), Jeff Buderer and Joy Tang of OVF, as well as myself, James, and our GRASSUP partners are all linked to Krishna Alluri, an educational specialist at COL who has been instrumental in helping all of our endeavors to come into being and to grow. Pam's assistant, Lorraine Duff, was also a volunteer for KAIPPG several years ago!

      I would also like to mention Asif Daya, a Kenyan now in the USA, who is using technology for education purposes. He has been vital to our recent Minciu Sodas related chats and online interchanges, and is working with Pam and Andrius most closely on this aspect of our collaborations.

      He has an interest in telemedicine for and in Kenya, and a project plan for which he is seeking support and funding. Perhaps we might be helpful to him in this regard. I have mentioned KAIPPG and GRASSUP--in fact just the other day, in reference to
      our radio work, abt which he is eager to learn more--and he has asked me to be on the board of Trainerspod (http://www.trainerspod.com/info),  his company, which I hope to do once I get my father settled back home.

      I think it would be marvelous if these converging lines would intersect this fall, with Pam's visit, and that discussions might take place--as well as activities such as the Webinars and joint projects on the ground--among us all!

      One of our GRASSUP partners is working with schools in Busia on environmental education and ICTs activities, this also in conjunction with the World Computer Exchange (www.worldcomputerexchange.org) and with a UK-based nonprofit called
      School Aid Network (www.schoolaidnetwork.co.uk).  

      I will cc here all relevant contacts, including Krishna Alluri of COL, Francis Anyona (Ikonzo Musanda Self-Help Group in Busia), Kennedy Onyango (CISSO, Edtec in Mbita), Jennipher Atieno (WIFIP, Kisumu), and Charles Ogada (UCRC and KenTel, Ugunja), our GRASSUP partners. Jennipher and her org have also received support for COL, for a project related to kitchen gardens. 

      Also Timothy Anderson of World Computer Exchange, and Andre Mostert of School Aid Network. Others mentioned are in the HH and LFEO forums.

      Thanks much and greatest excitement! Janet

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      >From: David mutua <davenzainga@...>
      >Sent: Aug 3, 2007 4:35 AM
      >To: kaippg@..., holistichelping@yahoogroups.com
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      >Subject: [holistichelping] Re: Eric:  the Laptop and More/David Mutua and others
      >Dear Janet, Eric, James and All,
      >I trust this finds you all well, Janet someone i know
      >is planning to travel  from the US to Kenya this
      >month, if Eric (Met at the Onet - Gulu) is willing, i
      >can request the person to assist though she leaves in
      >Ohio and have no idea how it can reach her..what do
      >you think?
      >Janet and James, do guys know each other? I know Janet
      >through online discussions and James through the
      >Commonwealth of Learning (COL) partners or links in
      >James, i am doing a project Teacher Talking - About
      >ICT's in schools and communities in rural Kenya with
      >support from Commonwealth of Learning and Pamela
      >McLean of CAWD -UK. This is a basic ICT training and
      >awareness on ICT4 Education and development, from 27th
      >- 31st August 2007, Pam and I will run a training
      >workshop that will be followed by monthly online
      >meetings for 6 months, this training will involve
      >selected teachers from all secondary schools in
      >Kangundo District.
      >Krishna from COL suggested that we explore areas of
      >common interest that can be build from the COL
      >partnerships in Kenya, i am interested in knowing what
      >we do that fits in with your work. Can we  arrange for
      >a meeting please, I am based in Nairobi. Its will be
      >nice too to invite other COL link in Kenya.....lets

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