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Re: [mendenyo] Knowledge Based is an idea

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  • christopher macrae
    I am offline for 10 days from Aug 6 so this may be last post for a while. I would like to raise some questions about all these big words like knowledge. One of
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 2, 2007
      I am offline for 10 days from Aug 6 so this may be last post for a while.
      I would like to raise some questions about all these big words like knowledge. One of the very sad - I would call it pathetic and dismal and impoverishing - things to have happened in richer North Western hemispheres is that someone explores the life-enhancing importance of a big word, and then over the next decade or two bureaucrats, ad-agents, accountants and others who profit by powering other people's productive freedoms and diverse dignities and communal spaces turn the whole literature of that word the wrong way round. Welcome to what George Soros calls the Age of Fallibility - globally webbed it will doubtless end the sustainability of all our children unless we do what Gorden Brown wishes now  (footnoted).
      This verbal-sickness applies to the english word knowledge. If anyone actually reads what peter drucker said about knowledge (his obsession as he saw it changing the future, and he saw most big organisation's managers abusing it) , they well find his explorations systemically the exact opposite of what eg the European Union funds as Knowledge Management. I debated this with about 500 Europeans in real meetings as well as the virtual community knowlegeboard.com - in fact Andrius even presented a paper in Italy at the tail end of this debate. Before Drucker there was Gandhi. Gandhi spent 12 years 1906-1918 thinking through truth whilst he was in S Africa before spending the next 30 years system-revolting peacefully against the British Raj until India was free. My maternal grandad happened to be the British Raj judge who first imprisoned Gandhi in the 1920s and later wrote up the legalese of India's indepedence in 1940s. The seed for Gandhi's truth searching (satyagraha) that he worked through between 1906-1918 was what I call:
      but he  Gandhi called "knowledge being that which liberates us"- that is actually the motto of the educational and university system that Gandhi founded in 1920 and which exists until this day
      Although this may make knowledge sound important, it is actually experiential learning that the vast majority of youth need to apprentice in and thereby get work that is useful in the community as well as empowering its sustainability- the taddy blecher interveiw makes this abundantly clear http://www.valuetrue.com/home/gallery.cfm
      This bringhs us to a particular group of people who the late 20th C world currently asks to do exactly the wrong things with their talents: mathematicians
      - these people should look for humanity's biggest puzzles;
      * use their ability to connect what others dont see as connected in such a way to give a MAP that helps those people with a problem solve it
      (NB such mathematicians should not be too closely involved with either those trying to solve the problem or those who caused the problem) because that always biases how truly usful the map/proposed solution can be. My dad did a biography of John Von Neumann - and that was John's main lesson in life for all of us. JvN advanced the computers you used today and raised the ultimate economics questions- well we treasure map systems spinning above zero-sum human relations exchanges. Relevant because open learning is the gatesway to every above zero-sum economic map ever found. What other collaborative energiser can sustain value multipliers apart from open actionable learning? Gandhi never found any other way to dynmaise be the change and I think we'd be utterly foolishly to ignore that fact in this the centenary year of his truth searching, but then 99.999999% of the media (broadcast and virtual community philanthropic to name but 2) will help you argue against me
      I am sorry if these different aspects of learning and knowledge sound like more detail than you want. But without knowing which of these details a particular conversation is really about, all conversations on knowledge are mpossible for me to follow, and while I am not the brightest of us I doubt a lot if they are a good use of your time if you and your peers have urgent empowerment problems to map, knowhow-to-do and system change to navigate through conflicts that have historically powered over a place and the wellbeings of its communities 
      chris macrae us 301 881 1655
      verbal sickness of entrepreneur http://erworld.tv
      Gordon Brown Launches people Power at UN July 31
      So it is time to call into action the eighth of the Millennium Goals so we can meet the first seven. Let us remember Millennium Development Goal eight – to call into being, beyond governments alone, a global partnership for development, and together harness the energy, the ideas and the talents of the private sector, consumers, NGOs and faith groups, and citizens everywhere. The sum of all the individual actions working together to achieve real change. Some people call it the mobilisation of soft power…I call it people power. People power in support of the leadership of developing countries.

      samuel kongere <samkongere2004@...> wrote:
      Dear Maria,
      This is not a different project we all do, but we have to consider what caring we have for thinking about knowledge. We must have to evaluate the knowledge we have inf orm of expertise to tackle challenges. Not assuming responsibilities, this will make us capable of handling our affairs with literacy.
      Great to hear of your concern. I am only asking those in the forum to explore knowledge based  approach and mind set to grass root empowerment which is not possible without knowledge, know how, effectiveness and fluency.

      Samwel Okech kongere
      Nyamuga primary school
      P.O BOX 191,
      MBITA  040305-KENYA.
      Cell: +254 725 600 439
      Information Networking and E-learning Trainings
      UDOGO youth development/ Miniciu-Sodas Laboratories

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