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I hope I had shared this?

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  • samuel kongere
    Ok Chris, I thought I had communicated this and this is why you were happy to donate for our ICT team. I can give you an overview and you can keep the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2007
            Ok Chris,
      I thought I had communicated this and this is why you were happy to   donate for our ICT team. I can give you an overview and you can keep the information in your own format as I will send you more about this women training programme and others
         Initially we were planning to have a youth resource center but the fund is not forth coming.  Along the way, many of us were interested in doing something in ICT and asked where we could send information, for resources for the center, Materials books, etc. to help out.  After taking a while to process the experience, Dan Otedo and I felt strongly about trying training women who are left behind in ICT development in this era. The Community technology center is on going with training of women to curb the situation in entrepreneurship and lack of information. The Center has fewer computers as the number of women trainees is growing day by day the area in which we live is dejected from the other parts of the country and such learning centers for information can help the women reach through information.  We feel that to truly make an impact on extreme poverty, efforts, we must be focused on improving the access to education and information. 
      The resource center is run by Dan Otedo and me, local community pioneers, who has dedicated their lives to getting kids in the area back in school.  Many of those kids have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS.  We rounds up wherever they are; sometimes on the beaches searching for food, in tattered clothes, only speaking the local tribal dialect and unable to speak the native language of Swahili because they have never been in school or made trips away from this locality.  We are looking for sponsors and have often used our meager income on minimal scale to make sure community enlighten programmes takes place in and out, books and uniforms are paid for, and some families hardly get sufficient food for themselves.  I have videotaped many of the children who have returned to school through these efforts, and invariably, when we would watch the emotional stories, the children would explain how proud they were to return to school.
      Children and adolescents that we meet desperately desired to go to school, because education is held with such high regard in Kenya; like now the government is offering free primary education but no hope for employment.  I remember watching two young boys flip through well-worn school textbooks studying next to a single kerosene lamp in a tin-shack fishing hotel surrounded by darkness.  In the dim light they looked exhausted, but as I headed to bed in a local beach center, they were still up; determined to make the grade that would allow them into advanced university courses later in life. 
      If you have an interest in to help improve the education facilities of this area of Kenya, please inform us and collaborate. We need more computers for the center as our target in training is 3000 women for three years, training books we would like to purchase and the effects we feels it would have in the area.  Our organization is a non-profit organization in Kenya and has partnered with Africa Center for Women on Information and Communication Technology (ACWICT) who support our efforts on the basis of how hard it works to specifically get young women back in ICT.  Any donation would be greatly appreciated, and would be going to support a very worthwhile cause.     
           If you have any old laptop computers, and would like to donate them, they would be greatly appreciated as well.  Mbita has no computer center that is used for computer courses and internet purposes and this can help save the situation of information gap, but if the Community Resource Center was able to have several computers, then the residents in the area could gain valuable skills that would propel them away from the fishing industry in the area; an industry intricately linked to the high levels of HIV in the Suba District.  Eyeglasses would be another donation that would make a great impact in the area, especially for the students who read in dim light without the additional visual assistance.   Eventually, we would like to set up a donation method, but at this time, if you would be willing and interested, please send any donations, monetary, or otherwise to me.
      Finally and this is a somewhat different sort of request. I ask you to pick a spot for your next vacation that you wouldn’t normally expect yourself going.  Get off the beaten path and find an area to volunteer your time….You never know how much it can change your outlook, or where it might lead you. 

      Samwel Okech kongere
      Nyamuga primary school
      P.O BOX 191,
      MBITA  040305-KENYA.
      Cell: +254 725 600 439
      Information Networking and E-learning Trainings
      UDOGO youth development/Miniciu-Sodas Laboratories

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